View Full Version : Settled on resort...what are my chances 7 months out?

11-18-2011, 08:57 AM
Never stayed DVC before. We are using an uncles points (bless him!). DH and I would love LOVE to stay in a studio at BLT MK view and Kidani/Jambo Savannah view. We're doing a mid-September trip in 2012. Since neither of those our Uncle Awesome's home resort, what are our chances of securing those rooms at that time of year?

11-18-2011, 09:01 AM
Your chances are better at AKV than at BLT just because of the number of rooms. You'll have some chance at both, depending on exactly when in September. School will have started for most kids by the 1st or 2nd week in September, which drives down the summer demand. Don't wait until too late in September, though, because the Food & Wine Festival starts on September 28, 2012. DVC rooms are in high demand during that.

You should still book now at your uncle's home resort, to ensure you have a guaranteed place to stay. Then at the 7-month mark, switch the reservation to the resort you really want.

11-18-2011, 09:19 AM
I wouldn't bank on the MK or Standard View at BLT, or the Concierge or Value rooms at AKV. But I suspect other views at BLT and AKV will be readily available at 7 months. As long as you're a few days removed from Labor Day it is a VERY low demand time of the year for DVC accommodations.

11-18-2011, 09:46 AM
Points aren't a problem. Uncles got 200ish banked, so we won't need to worry about standard/value rooms being a necessity. We're really more interested in the resorts themselves than any particular "view" and would be okay taking whatever was available. Of course if those rooms are available that'd be great! The split stay we're planning will really revolve around what's available. Can't book until February, so that's KILLING me1

11-18-2011, 10:19 AM
I think you have a good chance at getting a villa at either resort. We often stay at BLT and if you get a lake view I would add a request for an even number room (on the outside of the "C" shaped building) and a high floor. That give you a chance for a good view and possibly one of the few lake views on the north end that have views of Magic Kingdom including the castle.

This thread by work2play shows the views of BLT villas. http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2257082

And at AKV go for a Savanna view. We prefer Kidani village because we can request a room on the 2nd or 3rd floor which gives you a closer view of the animals. And in a 1 or 2 BR you get an extra bathroom. Some prefer to stay at Jambo House because Kidani Village does not have a true quick service restaurant, but there is a shuttle between the two resorts and it's only a 10 minute walk.

Good luck!

BTW, to make sure you have a reservation, your uncle could make a reservation at one of his home resorts (if they are at WDW) and then at the 7 month mark, switch the reservation to another resort. That way you have a room too fall back on if everything is booked at your desired resorts.

11-18-2011, 11:07 AM
Hi OP. I have commented on your previous posts on the resort boards about this so I will say the same here. For September, you have about the best shot you are going to get. I recommended to you that you book now at SSR and will recommend that again, unless you don't want to go if you would have to stay there. Being that you said you normally stay value I would think SSR would be ok. This ensures you a room.

At the day the 7 month window opens, have him call first thing to see about switching resorts. Have your first, second, and third ready for him. A standard view at BLT, probably not going to happen, a MK view is a maybe, and a lake view is a probably. For AKV, most likely you will have no trouble, especially if you are open to either Kidani or Jambo. You can also wait list if they're not available as well. Good luck!

11-18-2011, 11:26 AM
Unless Saratoga Springs is option #3, I wouldn't bother booking. Chances are OP will find some availability at every DVC resort at 7 months in mid-September. Just make sure the call is made right at 7 months. Every day waited means options lost.