View Full Version : SSR - Wireless is working! and other observations

11-11-2011, 08:52 AM
We are at SSR this weekend and are very excited that wireless internet is available and seems to be working well - at least where we are in Congress Park, high floor. Great connection that didn't drop us overnight - makes the use of the iPod Touches easy for connectivity.

When we checked in, we noticed the Welcome Home packet is half the size of what it was in September - I commented to the CM at check-in about it and she said that's a recent change - I like it being smaller - less waste!

Our unit is in relatively good repair - the sofa looks a bit worn where it pulls out to sleep on (we don't have anyone sleeping on it - just noticed behind the cushions) and the toilet doesn't flush the first time. We'll make a list of things that need attention in the villa before we leave so they can have someone look at them. The kitchen was fully stocked and even had a new kind of plastic serving bowl that's perfect for our fresh fruit to sit in!

The weather is "made to order" this weekend!

11-11-2011, 11:30 AM
Well it sounds as if you're off to a great start! We love Congress Park too, especially the DTD view. I wish I were there now! The weather is beautiful, as Floridians we look forward to the cooler temps. of fall! Thanks for the TR.

Enjoy the rest of your time at WDW!