View Full Version : Chances of Tusker House Dec 1st or 2nd without a reservation

11-09-2011, 05:07 PM
I reserved Tusker House and removed it a while back due to too many reservations. Now...second thoughts have kicked in and I want to reserve breakfast around 9am there on Dec 1st or 2nd. There have been no openings for a week now and am curious as to how difficult it may be to get seated as a walk-in around 9am or so. Obviously we are flexible with the time, as long as its breakfast.

I have only tried that twice in all my visits at other restaurants and both times was denied.

Forever Fairy
11-10-2011, 08:00 AM
I think that might be tough. You could walk up and see but I'd suggest a backup plan in the event you can't get in. Since it's a character breakfast, I will bet that it will be full.

11-10-2011, 08:47 AM
I agree with PP. We had an 8am breakfast there in September, which is low crowds, and by the time we were leaving at 9am all the tables were full and there was quite the line of people checking in and waiting to be seated. It's definitely worth a try though, you never know!

11-10-2011, 11:15 AM
Thank you both for the responses! I think I will check every now and then for reservations, and if there are none, just show up and see. Worst case scenario, we can run over to Rainforest Cafe. :)

11-10-2011, 11:21 AM
Get there as soon as the park opens and see

TDC Nala
11-10-2011, 11:21 AM
There's really no way to know what your chances are. Totally depends on how busy they get and how many don't show up for their reservations.