View Full Version : Charter Fishing suggestions???

wild papayas
11-05-2011, 08:20 PM
Hello! We are taking a trip to WDW in a few weeks with my parents. My dad is not a huge Disney fan :eek: (doesn't like lines), and my dh and I want to schedule a charter fishing trip to get him out of the parks for a day - or part of a day. Does anyone have any suggestions for charter companies - either ocean or area lakes? My first choice would be a an ocean charter that will transport them from Beach Club Villas to fishing and back... TIA! :wizard:

11-06-2011, 04:43 PM
How about fishing AT WDW? Couldn't be any closer :laughing:


Or if that doesn't appeal and you still want something close for them, you might try here:


(FYI need to add $75 R/T for roundtrip transportation from your hotel).

They also offer ocean charter fishing, for more $$$.

But you need to keep in mind with any salt water fishing excursion they'll need to spend about one hour traveling each way just to get to the ocean - so you need to figure two hours of their day for transportation.

Too bad they won't have a car, they could drive over to New Smyrna Beach and jump on the Pastime Princess and go out and fish all day for $75 ea: