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11-02-2011, 09:31 PM
I stayed at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek from last Wednesday to this past Sunday. Here are my thoughts!

I booked with Ken and Denise Price in August. They were great to deal with! They returned e-mails right away, were very helpful in answering all of my questions, and were upfront about pricing. I booked a 2-bedroom unit for $120/night. As it got closer to check-in, they were able to rebook our stay at a lower price, which saved me about $40.

I tried to add a second 2-bedroom unit with Ken and Denise at the beginning of October so that the rest of the family could stay at the WBC, but they didn’t have any availability. I did some research on this board and found Paul at Utopia World Vacations, and I put my family in contact with him. Paul had an existing reservation for my family’s dates that was one night too long, but they took it anyway since it was still a better deal than anywhere else. Plus, they liked being at the same property as us.

Check-in and parking pass desk
We arrived at the resort at around 8:45 pm on Wednesday. Check-in was very smooth. I had put in a request for Tower 4 or 5 with a fireworks view, and my request was granted. We ended up with Tower 4 on the 12th floor. The parking pass process was pretty simple. Because of the advice in this thread, I knew to circle the lowest income on the information sheet. The woman at the parking pass desk tried to get me to go to a presentation, but I declined. My dad was standing with me, and she tried to convince him to go, but I had prepped him in advance so he knew to say no. Plus, he is still fuming about the Holiday Inn presentation attended on our trip 2 years ago!

Checking out the room
We were in room 1278, which is the last room on the left side of the building if you’re facing the lake. We dumped our things in the entryway and went straight out to the balcony to watch Wishes. After Wishes, we came back in the room to check out everything. The first thing we noticed were spots on the couch and chair. Because we were still kind of in the dark (we barely turned on the lights when we came in!), my mom thought the spots were part of the fabric pattern. When we finally turned on the lights, we noticed that the pleather had pieces missing from it. We were disappointed with this first impression of the living room.

My mom and I both thought that the master bedroom was kind of small with a really large bathroom. She would have preferred to have a bigger bedroom than a big bathroom because she’s not a bath person, and I agree. She would have liked to have more room to maneuver and have their suitcases out.

The plan was for me to share the 2nd bedroom with my teenage cousins (girl 15 and boy 13) who were arriving the next night. The 2 double beds in the room seemed fine, but the room was not cool at all. I adjusted the thermostat, but it didn’t seem to help. There’s no way I could have lived with that so I decided to call the front desk. On my way back to the kitchen, I checked out the 2nd bedroom. I noticed that it had an ADA roll-in shower. I stayed in an ADA room at ASMu last year, and I had no problem adjusting to a roll-in shower, but I wasn’t used to not having a shower curtain. And I don’t remember my ASMu bathroom not having a shower curtain so this was new to me. I knew that there would be times in the morning when someone would need to be in the shower while someone else was brushing their teeth so I don’t think the no shower curtain thing would have worked out with my cousins.

I called maintenance about the A/C, and they sent up someone right away. He adjusted the direction of the vent slats in the 2nd bedroom, but it didn’t seem to get much cooler to me. We also pointed out the couch issues, and he seemed surprised that they looked like that. He said that some of the rooms are being refurbed, and that management usually leaves a note in the room stating that. The temperature still wasn’t comfortable so we ended up just asking to be moved, and they moved us to 1376. The maintenance man helped us move some of our things using the staff elevator and was very nice. The furnishings in 1376 looked much better. He closed some of the vent slats in the master bedroom and adjusted the slats in the 2nd bedroom, and the temperature was much more comfortable. When I went back to 1278 to get the rest of our bags, I finally noticed the management note about the furniture on the coffee table. The note acknowledged that there were problems with the fabric on the furniture, and that they were having problems with the vendor getting it fixed. I wondered why they just didn’t take that room out of commission instead of assigning it to guests. It wasn’t a dealbreaker like the A/C, but it looked pretty crappy.

More to follow...

11-02-2011, 10:10 PM
Here are a few pics. The first one is of the chair. I don't have one of the couch but it had similar fabric chunks missing.


View from balcony

View from balcony

View of DTD from balcony

View from the kitchen

11-02-2011, 10:13 PM
Tip about A/C
Thereís a sign near the thermostat that says the A/C will not operate if the balcony door is open. I found the door a little hard to completely close so I ended up having to mess with it a lot of the time. You know when youíve got it closed right because the A/C will turn right back on.

The room was a little tight for 3 people and their clothes and bags, but we had no major complaints. A full-length mirror would have been a welcome addition to the room. We had to go to the master bedroom in order to get a full-length view. All of the TVs in the unit were flat panel TVs with cable. The only channel that didnít work in my room was SoapNet, which was kind of a bummer because I wanted to catch up on Young & the Restless at night! The TV in the living room worked fine all weekend up until the last morning when all of the channels were fuzzy. Iím not sure what happened with the reception.

The 2nd bathroom was clean and spacious. I especially liked that the bathroom had a fan. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Downtown Disney for part of our trip last year, and the lack of a bathroom fan there drove me nuts - the bathroom stayed steamy forever after someone took a shower. I would have liked 1 more towel rack, but aside from that, I had no complaints.

We loved having a full kitchen in the room! The only meal we ate in the room was breakfast, but it was very convenient being able to store our leftovers in a full-size fridge and having juice and cold bottles of water available all the time. My parents loved having a real coffee maker in the room, and my cousins liked being able to toast Pop-Tarts in the morning. The one thing we didnít understand was why the garbage can and recycling bin were stored in the closet, but I guess that was so they didnít take up space underneath the kitchen sink?

We had a great view of Epcot and the Magic Kingdom from both bedrooms. We watched Wishes and Illuminations from balcony on the first 2 nights. We also had a great view of DTD, and we were able to watch Characters in Flight.

There were some young guys a couple of floors above us closer to the center of the building that were apparently having a party. They were singing and dancing on the balcony and yelling ďFlorida!!!Ē, but they werenít overly obnoxious. As soon as the fireworks were over, they went right back into their room, and we never saw or heard from them again. We didnít hear much noise from our neighbors. On 2 mornings, I could hear the baby crying in the next room, but I didnít hear a peep out of the family aside from that.

I donít know what the smoking rules are at WBC, but there was a guy smoking on his balcony a few rooms over from us and about 1 floor up. We arenít smokers, and it didnít bother us, but it might bother other people especially if you are downwind from a smoker.

Parking and Unloading
We had no problems finding parking while we were at the hotel. I only got a surface parking lot spot once, but that was OK because the garage is very convenient. We were able to park either on the ramp going up to the second floor or on the second floor.

We felt that the circle in front of the buildings was too small and way too congested. It seemed like every time we trying to load, unload, or pick someone up, there were so many other cars in the circle, and it was hard to maneuver. For the number of units in these buildings, they need to make this area bigger. It was especially tough when there was a shuttle van parked there, which is what happened to us on the morning we went to Epcot. We went to building 5 to pick up my aunt, and there was a traffic jam in front of the building.

We didnít eat at any of the restaurants so I canít comment on the food or prices.

Pool and Grounds
No one in our group used the pools so I can't comment about the crowds, towels, etc. My mom said she sat by the pool reading a magazine one afternoon, and she didnít have any issues. My parents walked to the main building a few times, and they seemed to enjoy the grounds.

There was a cockroach on the balcony while we were watching the fireworks on our 2nd night. I called it a night right after that. :lmao: I know that bugs are a way of life in Florida, and I lived in Miami, but I couldnít help but get freaked out.

My mom called me after we got home on Sunday and told me that there was a big cockroach on the master bathroom counter when she got up one morning. She killed it and never saw another one after that. She said that she purposely waited until after the trip to tell me because she knew how I would react. How sneaky!

11-02-2011, 10:19 PM
Last thoughts

Next time, I would get a bigger unit (3- or 4- bedroom) or go for 2 1-bedroom units. I would choose the same building and view that we had this time.
I have to agree with some people in the main thread who said that the hallways in the building are very warm. I noticed it every time we left the room. I donít know what thatís all about.
My aunt took a stroll to Building 6 and said that building looked really nice. Iíd like to try one of the Presidential units some day.

Overall, I liked the resort and would definitely stay there again. WBC is a good option if youíre staying with a larger group. The Bonnet Creek area was very convenient. We were surprised at how quickly we got to and from Epcot. It was also nice being right by the highway.

My sister and her husband got a good deal on Last Minute Travel for the Waldorf so they were down the street from us. They loved it! I will probably try the Waldorf next time, and I have a few more Disney hotels on my list that Iíd like to try, but I would return to WBC in the future.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

11-03-2011, 11:16 AM
Thank you for your trip report. We also booked through Denise and Ken and are very happy with their fast emails and very helpful information. We are traveling with my son and his family and young children. Do you know if the pools or lazy river is heated? We go in early December and the pools are a big draw for the kids. Also, how did you request which building you wanted? We are still trying to make up our minds which building. Any suggestions for family with 3 children?
Thank you,

11-03-2011, 11:43 AM
Hi Karen,
I'm not sure about the pools. My cousins wanted to go swimming but there just wasn't enough time. I would suggest Building 4 - it's possible to get a fireworks view, the pool is close by, and the parking garage is convenient. Have a great stay!

Lumiere's Mom
11-04-2011, 07:44 AM
valree - Thanks for the great trip report. I can't believe the condition of the furniture, did they do anything about it? Seriously, as an owner, unacceptable!

disnemimi - You can call Bonnet Creek yourself and request a room. No guarantee, but doesn't hurt to ask. All of the pools (and lazy river) are heated.

11-04-2011, 08:53 AM
Thanks! We will be there in 8 days!!

Lumiere's Mom
11-05-2011, 07:05 AM
Please check and see if they have replaced the couch and chair.

Have a great time.

11-05-2011, 04:49 PM
valree - Thanks for the great trip report. I can't believe the condition of the furniture, did they do anything about it? Seriously, as an owner, unacceptable!

disnemimi - You can call Bonnet Creek yourself and request a room. No guarantee, but doesn't hurt to ask. All of the pools (and lazy river) are heated.

Hi Lumiere's Mom, I don't know if they eventually replaced the chairs since we moved because of the a/c. I thought it was arrange that they would assign that room with the chairs in that condition. Maybe they figured that someone would get the room and not mind it.

11-05-2011, 10:07 PM
Thanks for the detailed report!