View Full Version : A couple recs please....

11-02-2011, 07:05 PM
Booked our trip and now making our ADR's for March 4-9. So far this is what I have....

Ok, revised a bit....

4- 1900 Park Fare @7pm
5- Chef Mickey's @8:50am
6- Via Napoli @5:45pm
7- The Crystal Palace @7:45pm
8- 50's Prime Time Cafe @5:50pm

We are not doing Park Hoppers so obviously the 6th is our Epcot day, 7th is a MK day and the 8th is a HS day. Not sure what day we will hit AK, and of course MK will probably be ALL the other days as that's our favorite!!! I would LOVE some recommendations for the last day...probably a breakfast somewhere.