View Full Version : Is the Dining Res site screwed up (again)...or should i panic??

10-26-2011, 11:01 AM
So, I log on to the Disney site today, to cancel one ADR and make another for our trip in January. I look for an ADR for 1900 Park Faire breakfast, and just to be sure, i check the dining plans accepted (which i always do), and it shows that in 2012, the DDP is not accepted at 1900, just the DxDP and above. So i try Ohana breakfast, and I get the same result, only now I freak a bit, because it shows that in 2012, Ohana does not take the DDP for dinner either. We have an ADR at Ohana!! So i proceed to check, and every single one of my ADR's...Ohana, R&C, CM, Yachtsman, and CP show that they don't take the DDP in 2012, only DxDp and above!!

Now, the rational side of me is saying...don't panic, it's likely an error, especially since the brochure shows all these restaurants as being on the DDP, but the not so rational, worry wort in me is saying WTH?!?!?!?! I spent alot of time planning these ADR's, etc...I can't be back at step one...can I??

TDC Nala
10-26-2011, 11:04 AM
Those are all Disney operated restaurants. They will take DDP in 2012. Use the brochures, not the website. The brochures for Disney-operated restaurants are already out.