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10-16-2011, 01:37 PM
Disneytopia - the perfect, Disney vacation.

So, last year I used the word Disneytopia to describe the perfect Disney vacation and record tips of what worked and didn't work for me to remember to make this year's trip even better.

Here is last year's trip report. 10 years, 10 trips, 20,000 miles ... almost Disneytopia (http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2698127)

This year, I continue toward that goal. Perhaps the realization will be when I win the lottery and live in WDW. But until that time, I present this year's trip report - Disneytopia: The Phantom Menace of Park Capacity :wizard:

10-16-2011, 01:38 PM
Please let me introduce my family.

DW and I on our honeymoon 11 years ago.


DW and I last week. The last renovation made those tea cups a lot smaller for me. My hair grew a lot as well.


Our two dds. They are the ones in the middle.


The 50' kitty moved Cinderella's castle over to Epcot.


10-16-2011, 02:06 PM
I am in...

Love the Monorail, Castle and Spaceship Earth.

Next year, I am just going to vacation at your place.

10-16-2011, 02:14 PM
As the children are in school Friday, I load the van, including the kitchen sink. They arrive home from the bus around 2:30 and we are on the road at 3:00 PM ct. The only traffic we hit is Nashville.

Phantom Menace I hate traffic. Next year, we need to be on the road sooner somehow :sick: so we can get to Nashville before the 4:00 PM.

We have no other travel delays and arrive to Bay Lake Towers at 6:00 AM et.


We get some coffee while we wait for 7:05 AM ADR at Chef Mickey.


CM is better for breakfast than for dinner. My favorite part of the meal was the kids breakfast pizza with bacon, egg, and cheese. I do get some biscuits n gravy, but certainly lacking as they are not from KY.


Children left to wait find fun ways to entertain themselves.


The characters are always fun.


10-16-2011, 02:18 PM
Since it rained all day Saturday, we rode some Disney transportation.


The five legged goat at CR.


We usually do not plan a park day on our arrival as we drive all night and are tired. We headed to DTD where I did some pin shopping. A BLT pin.


I could only get the BLT pin in a DVC collection that included Aulani and THV. So, it looks there are 2 future destinations we will just have to go.


10-16-2011, 02:24 PM
After some shopping, we get our text message that the room is ready. Yeah!

The view from out room. 8025 at BLT Lake View.


I thought the kitchen design area was brilliant. It completely seperates the kitchen and bathroom from the sleeping area. All the space savers were so cool.


10-16-2011, 02:26 PM
I am in...

Love the Monorail, Castle and Spaceship Earth.

Next year, I am just going to vacation at your place.

What, the 50' kitty doesn't scare you? I think I am going for the train and pirate ship next year.

10-16-2011, 02:31 PM
What, the 50' kitty doesn't scare you? I think I am going for the train and pirate ship next year.

Scared.... never.. I assume you have a BBQ Grill outside... right? :rotfl2: :lmao: :rotfl2:

10-16-2011, 02:35 PM
We take showers (don't have pictures - I know you're disappointed) and go to Mass at Mary, Queen of the Universe. This will be our only other driving time for the rest of the trip.

When we return, we meet up with some friends, parents of our godchildren, at 1900 Park Fare for dinner.

Phantom Menace We could only get an 8:00 PM last minute reservation for a party of 8. And, since it was so late, as families were paying their bills and leaving to go watch Wishes, the characters were pulled out of their rotation to take pictures. It took 45 minutes before we found 1 at our table. I talked with Disney Photo guy about this, and it is just their policy that if people have paid their ticket and are leaving, then they get photos with the characters. I don't know if the other people knew and planned this to get to see Wishes, or ...

Nonetheless, the step-sisters put on a great show.


My two dds with goddaughter.


Our godson acted like a dork and woudn't pose for a picture. I got him anyway and told him I emailed his teacher.


Back to the room. We get to see the water electrical parade. View from our room.


10-16-2011, 02:42 PM
So, it is raining. I have been watching weather report and am :scared1:. But, let's do it.


Why is the hat the only one without a ride or dining inside?

It was a long bus ride from BLT. We get there and RD has already occurred. We walk to TSM to get FP. The stand-by line is an hour. So, we grab the FP and onto RRNC.


There is no line at RRNC. Now, My youngest has never been on before and is 7. She liked it so much that she rode it 3 times in a row. Thankfully, the weather was bad so everyone else was inside somewhere so we waited 10 minutes and rode it, waited 15 minutes and rode it, waited 20 minutes and rode it. I love coasters as well.

Over to TOT.


It finally stopped raining.


10-16-2011, 02:57 PM
It was almost 11:30 and time for the first Belle Show. Our trick last year and again this year was to grab lunch, eat and watch the Belle show. This way, we get our rest in and the dds eat as they stare. :happytv:


I split a cheesburger with dd9 at Rosie's.


DW and dd 7 each get hot dogs at Fairfax.


Now that we are fed and watered, let's go do some TSM with FP.


The single staircase to the right at FP station is for parties of 2 only. Again, only 1 TSM ride today. I only managed 127,000. Getting too old to be quickly pulling on that trigger .....

10-16-2011, 02:58 PM
We did the muppets. (insert joke here) History of Walt Disney.


So, I knew that Star Tours had been renovated, but was thinking, what was the big deal? It can wait. - WRONG!!! But, I didn't know it. We saw the one with the Millenium Falcon. It was ok.






Great American Movie Ride.


Early dinner at Sci-fi.



10-16-2011, 03:12 PM
While waiting for dds in the bathroom, I run up to get a picture I really liked on ABC TV show row. Love the picture. Hated the show.


So, maybe we should ride Star Tours again. It is close by.

It's nice that they updated it with C3PO, R2 in front, and that cool video in the front.


Nope, this time there are StormTroopers.


Walked around and still here. What are they waiting for?


Of course, their cue for Darth Vader.


10-16-2011, 03:21 PM
So, we continue and ride it again. This time, we get a different show. It is the one where Vader comes out, uses the force to stop the shuttle, uses the light saber against the ship lasers ..... :faint: :jumping1: WOW!

Of course, we get these shots.



It made the day and put Star Tours back ahead of TSM in my book.


10-16-2011, 03:26 PM
Youngest dd wanted the Ariel Show. Had to do that. I would have kept riding Star Tours.


As we took our pictures with Frozone and Mr. Incredible ...


... found the oscars. I thought it was cool.


The only ones I wanted to do today but missed was the backlot tour and Indiana Jones show. But, part of that was due to weather and multiple rides in the AM and other was just bad timing. After the first Fantasmic show, we snuck out right at the end to beat the rush and made it on the first bus back to BLT. Then, up to TOTWL to watch Wishes. A super terrific day.

10-16-2011, 03:44 PM
So, slept in late and heading to MNSSHP tonight.

We headed over to Poly for some Tonga Toast.


I need to start taking pictures of the food. Sorry.

Got dressed for that party. If you haven't noticed, I'm a pirate. Specifically, I am Captain Jack on vacation. You decide if it is Sparrow or Skellington.


The top is a wig but that is my real beard. I grew it out for a few months, DW braided it, wrapped it, and then those are WDW beads hung at the end of it.

http://i947.photobucket.com/albums/ad314/AirGoofy/2011%20BLT/296238_1567000352877_1771483241_800765_1639749151_ n1.jpg

Waiting outide the ticket line. We only do MNSSHP ticket and not a TP ticket this day.


10-16-2011, 03:45 PM
So, here we are at the party. My youngest is Princess Tiana. Her choice last year at BBB. My oldest is disco Minnie. That was her dance recital outfit this year along with bling Minnie ears.


Did stop long enough for the first Dole Whip of the trip. I like pineapple/vanilla swirl.


Is this form of discipline frowned upon? Can I get these shipped to my house?


At the Haunted Mansion. Obvious joke about Capt Jack to bring Capt Morgan next time through the line.




I really like the spider on the side of Space Mountain.


Phantom Menace: Our digital camera battery died and my phone does not take great pictures at night.

So, that's all I have for you here. We did all the Mountains, AstroOrbitor, Peter Pan, IASW, POTC, etc. My candy bag somehow didn't stay filled with candy. I also ate some pretzels. Hallo-Wishes is even a better show than Wishes. We are debating doing 2 MNSSHP next year.

10-16-2011, 04:40 PM
So, it is Tuesday. We sleep in really late after the MNSSHP last night. There is no park planned for today. We went swimming at the pool today. It was a great, relaxing day. BLT has shuffleboard and bocce ball. We played shuffleboard as I thought the other may still be too wet. The community hall is small, but does have foosball, coloring, and craft stuff. The dds did the pool games by the side of the pool. After a nice long day of relaxing and sun-tanning, we showered and went to Narcoosee's for dinner.


We all dressed up for the signature dining. I had a golf shirt and shorts on, but that counts. People were even wearing t-shirts there.


Everywhere we went at MK, GF, and Poly, we kept searching for our hotel.


I had the lobster dinner. It was amazing. Sorry, forgot to take pictures. It was a maine lobster. DW had the chocolate Godiva martini, which was good. I was surprised it wasn't Ghiradhelli, but it was still good. Once the sunset, it was REALLY dark inside.

Phantom Menace Don't go to Narcoossee that late. The fireworks may be nice, but I can't eat when it is that dark.

After a great dinner, we returned to BLT and watched Hallo-Wishes from the TOTWL. That is a terrific view. Then, right downstairs to bed as tomorrow is the MK day.

10-16-2011, 04:48 PM
So, up early and stroll over to MK. It is really nice to be able to walk to MK and sleep in later. Normally, we do Welcome Home Wednesday as I enjoy the show and "free" snacks and hat. But, this was DW's birthday and she wanted MK.

We have a 8:05 AM ADR at CRT breakfast. Walking up an empty main street is wonderful.


Another one...


I grab a picture of the show times for easy reference. If only I knew then ...


The five princesses. Cinderella only in the lobby.


Snow White.








Now, I have never thought about why CRT was so good for breakfast, other than the castle and empty main street.

But, DW tells me to order the stuffed french toast. Wow! Again, sorry, no pictures. It was even better than Tonga Toast. And, it is served with BACON. CRT breakfast has become a must do!!!!!!!!!

10-16-2011, 04:58 PM
We walk out of CRT and head into Fantasyland. I'm sure some of you would have run for SM, but we decided to just keep it easy. Walked over to Peter Pan with no line and grabbed a FP before we got on the ride. And, a special birthday present ...


So, 2 FPs. One for Peter Pan and one for PhilHarmagic. I always hoard FPs for later in the day, and now I have a second one. :laughing: :cloud9:

I enjoy IASW and even the song. I got a picture of my favorite girls.

it's a world of laughter, a world or tears
its a world of hopes, its a world of fear
theres so much that we share
that its time we're aware
its a small world after all

Now, it's stuck in your head. :stir:


The Dumbo ride gives you a great view of the construction.





We continued thru Fantasy Land except for PhilHarmagic, and we would return later.

The Pooh renovations is really cool with games for the children to play while waiting in line as well as the large honey drip screens.


10-16-2011, 05:17 PM
We continue over to Tomorrowland and ride the rides we missed during MNSSHP.

We went over to ride Space Mountain. Exited and grabbed a FP. Then, another family gave us 2 FPs and said they did not want them and did not plan to ride again. I think they looked a little green. I told them they could use them anytime that same day (full disclosure), but was happy to receive them. I am thinking this is such a special, magical, birthday for my wonderful DW.

Tomorrowland Speedway.


Buzz Lightyear. One of my regular pics.


From 2008.


Did the Laugh Floor this year and had a joke used that DW texted in from the dds. They read their names and that was cool.

What side of a duck has the most feathers? .......
The outside.

10-16-2011, 05:25 PM
It was close to lunch time, and while not all that hungry, thought it would be good to get a snack. So, we decided to go get pic with Rapunzel, as MK is the only place you can find her. We found the line - 45 minute wait!!! Huh? There had been no wait at all. We moved thru Fantasy and Tomorrow land in 2.5 hours and did everything except Stitch ride. A 45 minute wait? Well, I guess she's worth it.


We plan to use her in one of our Christmas cards this year - Wishing you a 'hairy' Merry Christmas and a Magical New Year!

DW went and got ice cream for all us and we waited in the sun at the walkway at the castle. Rapunzel is in the Belle storytime area at the MK and the line wrapped close to the castle on the walkway to the backside (close to CRT). Thankfully, DW packed sunscreen and I juiced up everyone. An hour + later, we had the pictures.

We noticed it was more crowded, but figured it was a lunch rush. We did the philharMagic to escape the heat and headed over for Hall of Presidents. In 11 trips, I had never done this show. I enjoyed the show, and now since my oldest is in 4th grade, she talked about it a great deal.

We left the show and had a 4:15 ADR at Liberty Tree. So, we figured we would just hang out there and watch the parade and get a pic with Tiana. We noticed it was just busier and busier. The lines were packed for the parade route like I had never seen, especially in that location. Then, a loud speaker voice that MK was going to remain open an extra hour today and another electric parade or something had been added. Hmmmm.... what's going on?

So, the parade didn't get there until 3:30. We had a seat on the rock wall over in front of Liberty Tree. It took that long to get there? Hmmmm.... what's going on?


Alice and Wendy.




After the parade, we walked right over behind the Christmas store to get a picture with Tiana. We were the last family as we just beat the rope closing behind us for the last picture of the day. I was so happy as Tiana was not at the MNSSHP and that was my youngest dd's choice.


We plan to use her in our other Christmas card this year - Wishing you a "froggy' Merry Christmas and a Magical New Year!

An idiot threw a fit behind us. He was shouting at the CM that Disney is about money and how they made his children cry by not letting her have a picture with Tiana. Really? Of course his child started crying them. Sad.

10-16-2011, 06:07 PM
After the picture, over to Liberty Tree to eat. I do try to arrange touring plans by not having to walk as much. While waiting for the parade, DW had walked over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to grab a FP.


It was a good meal.

Over to ride Big Thunder Mountain to use the FP. Avoided a 50 minute wait.


Then, onto the train. I enjoy the steam engine and want them to add that at SSR (our 1st home resort) to travel around the resort. I digress. The train takes on water over at the closed tomorrowland station, so you can see the construction and watch it take on water. I had never noticed that before. Exited at Main Street station.


When we walk out of the station, we see people sitting and waiting for the electrical parade at 8:00 PM. What is going on?

Phantom Menace So, what we found out from CMs that day and the next, apparently, the park hit capacity. While that number is not released, the entrance was closed to guests. When 2 guests arrived, 2 more guests could enter. And, there was still a line. So, what was the perfect storm?

Wednesday is the only non-MNSSHP weekday (other than Friday), touring groups were re-routed from Sunday's deluge to Wednesday, there was rain on the coasts of FL, and 500+ families checked in from the Disney Cruise. Pecos Bill ran out of food. The park was opened at an extra hour. There were not enough CMs on duty. DW heard one end of a conversation where a bus driver, at the parks with his family, was being called into work. He said, "I don't have my uniform" and they said they would have it ready for him. :scared1: :scared1: :scared1: :scared1: :eek: :eek: :eek: :scared1: :eek:

We debated adding a Park Hopper and getting out of there. But, decided to use our hoarded FPs and make the best of it. So, we used our earlier SM FPs, Peter Pan FP, and just made the best of it. It was getting dark so no more pictures. Plus, with the craziness, I might .....

Here is a shot of the electrical parade.


At the end of the parade, it was curb to curb people on Main Street - literally. It was around 8:30 PM at the end of the parade, and we caught it at the first snack place there in Liberty Square. If took us 15 minutes to get outside the theme park out Main Street from there. People were standing in the walkways. People were standing from the castle to the entrance down main street, with CMs trying to keep walkways clear. We made it back to BLT and up to TOTWL just as the fireworks started. Downstairs and to bed. What a day.

10-16-2011, 06:26 PM
So, a non-park day and time to rest, especially after MK's craziness from yesterday. Today is the Spirit of Aloha Luau dinner. I have never done this show and am really excited.

Now, since we are leaving tomorrow, I have to drink up all the alcohol. So, I have been pacing myself all week with a few beers a day. So, I have 2 left to drink and enjoy them for lunch. I bought DW a large bottle of Margarita (tequila added) drink, and she had not been drinking very much all week. So, I drank 3 large glasses to help expedite that. I'm headed to SOA for more drinking. :drinking1:

We swim, relax, do some shopping, pool party. It's a nice day. I really enjoy the downtime.

Time for SOA.

Of course, you stop for a picture (not included) and the flowers. We were sat front row center (Category 1).


It is a very good story. Some narrative, drinks, character introduction, ...


salad (mango-poppy seed dressing is delicious), character story, food, then the main performance. We were there for 2 + hours I think. I had 5 beers (included in the price).


Now, keep in mind my camera battery died so I took these with my phone. I hope they do the show justice.

Audience involvement. All the children were brought up for a dance lesson.


DW in the back row for her birthday.


Announced time for couples celebrating anniversaries or "in love" to come up and dance. DW and I took advantage of that. (No pictures). Then, more audience participation with a few people.

Dessert. Chocolate mousse with pineapple and raspberry sauces. The pineapple sauce was too strong. Only part of the meal that was not great.


Really cool show time.


New outfit. Fast hip shaking.


Guys do dancing parts as well.


Fire dancer was truly amazing. I hope these turnout.




The food is excellent. Pineapple glaze pork ribs, Chicken, rice, and vegetables. Even my dds ate the food without going kids menu - YEAH!!!!!! :thumbsup2

This truly was a great dinner show, and not just for the beer. I liked it even more than HDDR. First, the food at SOA is way super plus better than the food at HDDR. As for the show, HDDR does not have as much audience participation, but certainly has the humor. And, it has the slapstick that the children and I enjoy, and the jokes that are over their heads. I liked HDDR, but would take SOA over it. I liked the food way better, eating outdoors under pavillion was enjoyable, the hula dancing was fun to watch, and the fire dancing was incredible.

10-16-2011, 06:43 PM
Packed up the van and ended the trip with a return trip to DTD. We rode the motorcoach over and picked up some long sleeve shirts for dds for winter. My oldest was looking for an Alice in Wonderland dress, but they were out. Also had to get some mismatched socks. I don't get it.

Lego land is cool.


Fire breathing dragon.


Bay Lake Lochness dragon?


7 dwarfs.


Snow White and Dopey.


Buzz and Woody.


We finished up some shopping and headed over to Fulton's for lunch.


Normally, Fulton's is a must do every trip. But, lunch was awful. We got sat near the bathrooms, service was terrible (Charles Barkley terrible), and food was terrible. We will never eat at lunch at Fulton's again. We will give dinner another try, as that was one of our favorite restaurants on our honeymoon and during return trips. So, if you ever had Fulton's for lunch and thought it was wretched, you are correct. As great as Narcoossee's and SOA were, Fulton's was the opposite bad. Let's hope next year's dinner is better.

After Fulton's, we did Characters of Flight. This was our first time.




At 400 feet in the air, that center hole does not look as close to the ground.


Epcot. But, you can see all 4 Theme Parks from the air, but you can't see the castle. You can see CR, Big Thunder Mountain peak, EE, Epcot Ball, and TOT. A nice relaxing ride to end the day.


Had to get the pin for our first trip.


We grabbed an ice cream and headed back to Marketplace bus stop. It is nice to end with a walk before getting in the car for 12 plus hours. And, it gives them time to eat their ice cream. Normally, we get ice cream at Ghiradhelli, but didn't want to add the extra wait time.

Rode the bus back to MK. Bathroom and time to look at the view one more time. We left at 3:00 PM et and had absolutely no traffic. We timed it to get out of Orlando before the traffic, through Atlanta after the traffic, and then cruisin the rest of the way. We got home at 2:30 AM ct and slept. It was laundry day.

An absolutely great trip. We are moving closer to Disneytopia. :cloud9:

10-16-2011, 06:48 PM
Wow, a whole trip report in one afternoon.

Well done. :thumbsup2

10-16-2011, 06:58 PM
This trip gets us one step closer to Disneytopia.

The Phantom Menace struck, but we used all our tips from the last time and picked up some more. I will try to book again at BLT for next year. We own there and have the 11 month window, so that shouldn't be the problem. It will depend on the view and how many points we use at Spring Break. We are heading to HHI then to check out that resort. We then will have been to all the WDW and 2 Atlantic resorts except for BCV. Of course, now that we have the pins, we will have to try THV and Aulani.

So, it's never too early to plan for next year's trip at BLT.

Saturday - Arrive. Park Fare Breakfast. DTD. Mass. Fulton's dinner.
Sunday - Pool day. Citricos dinner.
Monday - Epcot. 8:00 AM Akershus Princess Breakfast. San Angel dinner.
Tuesday - MNSSHP
Wednesday - Welcome Home Wednesday. ESPN Club dinner. Boardwalk fun.
Thursday - No MNSSHP. MK Ticket only. CRT Breakfast. Cali Grill Dinner.
Friday - DTD maybe. Rainforest at AK Lunch. Leave 3:00 PM.

10-16-2011, 07:00 PM
Wow, a whole trip report in one afternoon.

Well done. :thumbsup2

Thanks. I am for efficiency. Plus, I got to play in my WDW room with the kids, watch football, and type the report. It's all good. I think I need some posters for my room. Time to go shopping ....................................... later!

10-16-2011, 09:13 PM
Wow that was the fastest trip report ever. You didn't even leave time for Barry to drop by and wow you with some puns. (maybe thats a good thing.)

We plan to use her in one of our Christmas cards this year - Wishing you a 'hairy' Merry Christmas and a Magical New Year!

And the puns have arrived.

An idiot threw a fit behind us. He was shouting at the CM that Disney is about money and how they made his children cry by not letting her have a picture with Tiana. Really? Of course his child started crying them. Sad.
Boo for angry parents.

The pictures of the castle on CRT morning were great. I really like the one with the partners statue.

It was really interesting to hear about the TWOTL. I hadn't heard about that before. Sounds like there is a huge perk for staying at BLT.

10-16-2011, 09:33 PM
Wow that was the fastest trip report ever. You didn't even leave time for Barry to drop by and wow you with some puns. (maybe thats a good thing.)

It was really interesting to hear about the TWOTL. I hadn't heard about that before. Sounds like there is a huge perk for staying at BLT.

I'm sure Barry will had his $.02 worth of puns. Yeah, and you just don't realize how close you are at BLT until you stay there. A 5 minute walk to MK. I think the dds went up in pajamas one night.

10-17-2011, 11:07 AM
CM is better for breakfast than for dinner. My favorite part of the meal was the kids breakfast pizza with bacon, egg, and cheese. I do get some biscuits n gravy, but certainly lacking as they are not from KY.

Might have to give that breakfast pizza a try myself. We're making our first visit to CM this tirp and settled on breakfast... mostly just because it's a little bit cheaper, but glad to see that you prefer it to the dinner. :lmao:

So, we continue and ride it again. This time, we get a different show. It is the one where Vader comes out, uses the force to stop the shuttle, uses the light saber against the ship lasers ..... :faint: :jumping1: WOW!

I can't wait to see the new ride. Pure awesomeness.:thumbsup2

Sorry about the park capacity day. It looks like you did a good job planning and working around it. :thumbsup2

Nice job on the prompt TR. You could teach a few Dad's (Don) a thing or 2 about how to actually finish a TR.:rotfl2:

10-18-2011, 10:07 AM
Nice job on the report, Norm! Looks like it was a great time, even with the crazy MK day. You made me really jealous over the Characters In Flight Balloon--I really want to do that someday.

10-18-2011, 08:49 PM
Nice job on the report, Norm! Looks like it was a great time, even with the crazy MK day. You made me really jealous over the Characters In Flight Balloon--I really want to do that someday.

It was pricey but worth it. DW didn't do it as she was afraid of heights. I'm not sure I'd do it again, but definitely worth it at least once.

10-18-2011, 09:16 PM
:thumbsup2 great pics and adrs!! we just missed each other by about 2 hours. we had to of passed each other on i4. :lmao: that rain was something else. going north on sat., it stopped just before we got to jacksonville.

10-18-2011, 10:14 PM
:thumbsup2 great pics and adrs!! we just missed each other by about 2 hours. we had to of passed each other on i4. :lmao: that rain was something else. going north on sat., it stopped just before we got to jacksonville.

We go the Turnpike, but still passed along the way.

10-21-2011, 09:24 PM
You did a great job! <3 U

11-11-2011, 08:31 AM
Great trip report. You flew through it. I wish I had the time and motivation to finish them that quickly. Cant wait for the next one!

11-11-2011, 08:37 AM
Great trip report. You flew through it. I wish I had the time and motivation to finish them that quickly. Cant wait for the next one!

Thanks. We all know the day you leave WDW is the worst. And, since we drive, we get home around midnight (or after) and wake up the next day to laundry, cleaning out the van, and putting the new loot together. So, in between laundry loads, I add to my TR and make it a fun day. Plus, I figure there is little hope in catching all my zerphonic-isms, so I can just blame it on the lack of sleep.