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05-07-2001, 09:44 AM
I've reserved a car using my EA membership in July. Over the weekend, DH also joined EA. My question is, does anyone know whether we'll be charged the additional $5/day for a second driver if we BOTH have EA memberships?

JandD Mom
05-07-2001, 09:49 AM

Yes, you are correct, spouses now incur an additional fee at National. THeir new policy is a little ambiguous. It says additional EC members are free but seems to say only for business purposes.

I wrote National and explained that my DH and I both have EC memberships and asked if I would have to pay if he drove my car. The answer is no. Here is the response, which I plan to print out and bring with me:

"I am in receipt of your email regarding additional driver charges. Yes this
policy has changed but not for Emerald Club members. You do not incur any
additional charges if either of you drive a car that the other has rented."

Bottom line to everyone is It is currently free to join National's Emerald Club. Therefore, even if one spouse will never use EC for any other purpose, I suggest both join. Also, if you are taking any other adult over the age of 25 with you, have them join as well. You never know when someone else will need to take the car.

05-07-2001, 10:58 AM
Thanks, JandD Mom!

If it wasn't for the people on these boards, our trips to WDW would certainly cost us a great deal more than they do...

05-07-2001, 12:06 PM
Is this policy just for spouses? My daughter and her husband live in my household, and I would like to be able to have all three of us drive without paying extra for it.

JandD Mom
05-07-2001, 01:46 PM

I suggest you go on their web site and take a look at National's new policy. I just says that other EC members can drive the car, or a business associate can drive it. No longer a mention of spouses. That combined with the email I got says to me that anyone who is has EC membership is eligible to drive a car you rent as long as they have your permission.

I would say that as long as your daughter and her husband meet EC eligibility requirements (ie, they are old enough, valid license, and whatever else) then they should be able to drive your car after they become members. What I would do is go on the National web site and email customer service about it to get confirmation.