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10-05-2011, 09:19 AM
Hey guys, I went through and made all our ADRs a few months ago for end of Nov/Start of Dec for the 4 of us. Well, FIL and Step MIL wanna go now. Sigh. I've called every day this week, and no luck bumping them yet. I also search for our party of six, then a party of 2, and a party of 1 to try and make additional reservations with them. No luck.

So, we've decided that if when the time comes we've still had no luck, we will show up early and see if there is anyway they can accommodate additional people due to cancellations, and then if they can't get in, we will trade off who takes the kids in and who doesn't. Not ideal, but I don't want to lose our 1900 PF dinner reservations!

My biggest concern is out CP reservations we have before park opening our first morning there. (Ideal!!!) it's only for four, and we will just arrive early and see if they can seat us all, and if not, we will just either have 4 people go in and have bagels or something packed for the others. But my question is, will they let Myself, DH, DD, Infant DS, MIL, and FIL into the park early for a reservation of only 4 if we tell them we are trying to get two in on 'standby?'

Sigh. What a mess. I know there is still time to fix it, but of course I'm stressing. We are also having to change our room reservations and such, blah. I'm hoping that MIL is such a late riser, she won't care if we go eat breakfast before she is out of bed and such, and then we are fine.

Any idea on the CP thing?

Thanks, and so sorry it's so long!

TDC Nala
10-05-2011, 09:27 AM
From what I have heard if your CP reservation is before park opening they won't let you bring extra people into the park with you. Others may have heard differently.

10-05-2011, 09:47 AM
Boo, but thank you! If I cannot get a reservation for them, I will just be honest and tell them this is one we are not missing.

If I can find a reservation for 2, and can book it... Do I just call and ask to have them merged? How does that work?

10-05-2011, 10:00 AM
I also doubt they will let you bring two extra people into the park before its opened to see if they can be seated.

I would try to make a reservation for two around the same time for MIL and FIL. But you may not be able to get that this late in the game. Just keep trying and I usually find about two weeks before the trip lots of times start opening up for places I was trying to get into. I guess people really confirm at that time and need to make their cancellations. So anyway I would try to make the reservation for two and have them list in a note they are with your party. And at check in mention this also to the cm that you would like to be seated together if possible.

I had this sort of things happen several years ago, a BIL family decides to come after reservations were made. I was able to change some, but others I could not get additional and explained to them they were on their own for some meals as the reservations had been planned months ago. Such a pain...