View Full Version : How do my Resssies look?

09-26-2011, 11:23 AM
Planned a total last minute trip & we leave this Wednesday. It will be me, DD9, DS7, and DS 4. DH will be joining us for 3 days and we are staying at the Swan so we are paying OOP.

Wed- arrive at 5. Go to hotel. Relax & eat at Boardwalk Pizza or ESPN.

Thurs- Epcot & MK
Tutto Italia at 1:15
CRT at 8:25

Fri- MK.
Counter service only as we have family meeting us.
Maybe dinner at Capn Jacks.

Sat-DHS & Epcot
Pizza Planet for early lunch
Lecellier at 4:10pm

Sun- MK
Crystal Palace at 12:50pm
Ohana at 7:50pm

Mon- Not sure which park.
Departure day. Cape May at 9:40 am. Counter service for late lunch. Depart at 7:40pm.

Would love any input.