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09-05-2011, 10:44 PM
From Toronto and love this amazing site. Heres my families situation.

We fly out of Buffalo with Southwest on Oct 13th. Need hotel (and 3 disney passes for Oct 14th) for 13th and 14th. Disney hotels/food plans???????

We are on Disney cruise out of Cape Canaveral Saturday the 15th.

Back in Orlando on the 22nd. Need hotel (no Disney) for the 22nd. Flight back to Buffalo Sunday the 23rd.

Crazy situation but Im new at this and really need help. Ive read and read and read and Im no closer to knowing what to do.

Thank you

09-06-2011, 06:50 AM
Hi there ilovetoronto, I know the planning can be a bit overwelming but you are on the right site for all and any info you will need. how many are in your family and what ages as this can factor into the planning? Also money wise, do you wish to stay at a value moderate or deluxe? I have cruised and have stayed both before and after cruise at disney.Are you doing just 1 park or are you planning to do a park hopper? I have stayed at the caribbean beach a number of times and love it there it would be a great family resort. Food court is very good lots of choices and food is very good as well, pool area is awesome never had any problems with the bus service and houskeeping has always been great. The resort is beautiful ! I am back there again september 29th with my sister and a co worker. I have also stayed at the yacht club and really love it there as well , the only downside to that resort is that there is no food court I really missed not having it when we have stayed there. the market place in the beach club is very limited as far as food choices which is where most go to when staying at the yacht club for a quick meal. I have also stayed at the poly tahiti longhouse , we hads a lagoon view on the 3rd floor, it was great to see the castle from our room and watch the fireworks at night from our balcony. I missed not having a hot tub at the poly though as both the yacht club and the caribbean beach have them. Having the momo rail at the poly is a plus as far as getting to epcot and the magic kingdom.I have never stayed at a value resort although my daughter and her family has, they stayed at the movies reort and really liked it there.I think all in all I would say the caribbean beach would be my first pick then the yacht club would be my next choice,you will save alot of money staying at a moderate and Im sure you would find it an awesome resort the same as I do. If you would like to ask any more questions feel free I would love to help you with your planning and if you like you can pm me. Have fun in the planning as its all part of the disney addiction!:thumbsup2

09-06-2011, 07:02 AM
Sorry I just realized you stated 3 in your family as far as the dining plan goes it really depends on how big of an eater each in your family is, they give huge portions at disney so you may or may not find the dining plan of value to your situation. As far as having a resort after the cruise for the 1 night that depends on what time your flight is the next day to come back home, Perhaps just staying at the hyatt airport hotel would be a good option, if you are not going to do the parks then you may just as well stay at the airport hotel and just lounge around and enjoy the pool and it would be an easy way to just relax before having to check in for the return flight. Have you cruised with disney before? We have been twice on the magic and are booked on the fantasy for august 18th 2012!:cool1:

09-06-2011, 07:30 AM
there is a canadian room only discount now available so you should check it out on the disney website you will save some money !:thumbsup2

09-09-2011, 02:32 PM
Thanks for the help boundfordisney.

Like most families we are on a strict budget. Im looking at getting a disney hotel for the 2 days/nights. And 1 day Disney Park tickets. Looking at dining package also.

And when the cruise returns we'll do the 1 day/night at the airport Hyatt like you said to.

Cheers and thanks a lot

09-09-2011, 06:17 PM
Hi Ilovetoronto, I think the all starr movies resort would be a good option for you, my daughter and her family really liked it there and she and her hubby are booked there the end of october for a 4 night no kids stay.As far as the dining plan goes it really isnt that much of a savings anymore , you could do without it and maybe even save a little more then you would have spent on it. If your not big eaters then you can always do a breakfast on your room muffins cold cereal that kind of thing, you could even bring a few small cereal boxes with you down on the trip.Then I would recomend doing a late lunch as a sit down meal then a counter service meal for dinner. I have done that in the past and it seems to work out well, have you thought about where you would like to eat? If you like I can give you some more info with the places I have eaten at. have fun planning!:cool1:

09-15-2011, 12:13 AM
We're easy going people. Not fussy at all. I wasnt sure if the meal plans were good deals or not.

We are looking at the All Star budget options. They seem good. Is it worth it to upgrade to a moderate??

Thanks again

09-15-2011, 07:05 AM
hi Ilovetoronto, Im sure the all star resorts would be good although we love the caribbean beach for the amount of time you would actually be there Id say save the money and use it elsewhere, and stay at the value resort. I dont think you really need the dining plan in my opinion. have you done any dining reservations?:cool1:

09-15-2011, 08:37 AM
IMO don't discount the deluxe resort based on price. Your time is worth money too, especially since you only have one day at the parks it might be nice to be near the park you are visiting. I have found that staying nearer to the parks to be nice since the travel time is less.

If you think you may need to return to your hotel room during the day it is much nicer to hop on the monorail, boat or take a short walk back. With the room only discount you can save a bit that way. Plus you do get more amenities with the deluxe resorts.

For the Hilton you should check this thread (http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2655175) to get a deal there.