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05-06-2001, 08:24 PM
Hi everyone,
Hoping I can get some help with a Southwest question. I usually fly USAirways out of Philadelphia, but I got caught up in the Hershey promotion and now have Southwest coupons for $500.00. I called Southwest and have a reservation on 24 hour hold leaving BWI on 9/19 to MCO and returning 9/28 for $208.00/per person. I'm not familiar with Southwest, so is this a good rate and should I book it or hold out for a better rate (need 4 seats)....the price for USAirways from PHL is $187.00/per person ....very much don't know what to do.....thanks a bunch


05-06-2001, 08:28 PM
I think you should book it. The only way that fare will come down is if an Internet-only special becomes available and you cannot use your Hershey coupons for an Internet-only fare.

05-06-2001, 08:59 PM

Thanks for such a quick reply. I'll be going to the travel agent tomorrow. I've been calling Southwest everyday and it will be nice to have the airfare taken care of.
Thanks again,