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08-21-2011, 09:29 PM
Hi everyone. Just got back from 11 days. Cast of Characters. Me (DH) 37, DW (37) and DS (7). Stayed 3 nights at HGVC at Seaworld, and the rest of the trip at SSR.

1st. Started our trip from Manchester NH to Orlando on Southwest. Plane was a little late taking off, but no real problems on the flight down. Able to fit everything into 2 suitcases this time. WOOHOO. Got into Airport and right over to DOLLAR rental car. Make sure you use Dollar express. Well worth it. Only rental car company I use. Got our brand new Ford Taurus and we were off. Got over to HGVC no problems. Heres were the fun begins. I wasnt in the lobby more than 5 minutes, and I am already being asked to take a tour at the new HGVC Parc Soleil. I havent even checked in yet. I say no. " But sir, it is worth 120 dollar gift card". Again no, let me just check in. Get all set and check in. Did not get the Fireworks view room we requested, but no prob. Get to room. 1 bedroom very clean (i mean very clean) nice and large, screened in balcony ( NICE!!!!). Got a great deal on room. 109.00 per night. My son loves SW, so we said why not. Could not complain about room one bit. EXCEPT::::: Its just not DISNEY. It had no feel. No pizzazz. Couldnt really walk around resort. Oh well. right next door to SW was still a good thing. In the room for about 1 hour, phone rings. After small talk, it HGVC trying to set a time up for me to see HGVC at PS. Again NO, LEAVE ME ALONE, i am on vaca. Our goal is to see SW for a few days and then goto SSR.
After about a few hours, my wife states she does not feel good. Get back to this later. Day 1 is at SW. Been there 100 times, and still love it. If you have to eat lunch, try to make ressies at SHARKS UNDERWATER GRILL. A little expensive, but really neat to eat right next to all the sharks. My sons favorite place to eat. Did SW not really much has changed.
Day 2: Wife still not feeling well. I take my son to GATORLAND. This place is awesome. My son and I had a blast. He got to sit on a live alligator and hold a 8 foot snake. For a 7 year old, this was heaven. It is only a half day park, but really worh the take if your looking to do something other than the big parks. Get back to the room about 3pm. Phone is blinking. Another message from HGVC about a tour. DELETE!!!!!!!!. My wife is at pool. Go down to see her. She dont look to good. I finally say lets goto the hospital. She says YES. Thats how I know she really is sick. I go to CentreCare over by the Crossroads, but there is a 2 hour wait. The nurse was very helpful and gave us directions to another center. I called ahead and made a RESSIE. Got there, filled out forms, saw doctor , got medicine (strep throat) and on our way home all in 45 minutes. PLUS they took our health insurance. Only had to pay COPAY. I thought I was in for a big bill.
DAY 3: Wife feels better and off to SW for the day after check out. Dont have to tell you what I get asked in the lobby AGAIN!!!!. Check out no problems. Dont get me wrong. HGVC was a very nice and clean place to stay, its just not DISNEY. There was no magic or anything special about the place. Cant wait to get too SSR. Head over to SW for the afternoon. Another fun day, cant get enough of this place. At lunch at the Spice Mill. One note here. It cost me 80 dollars at the Underwater Grill and 54 Dollars at the fast food Spice Mill. I would rather have spent 26 more dollars and had better food and view. You only live once.
Head over to SSR. Rooms allset. Paddock Section, overlooking pond, next to new pool, 3rd floor. SWEEEEEEETTTTT!!!!!!. Walk into room and it smells like an ASHTRAY. Not the whole room, its coming from the balcony below us. ( this is after I opened the slider). It looked like a war cloud coming up. And it was a real nasty smelling cigar. I call the front desk. I really didnt want to complain, but this smell was nasty. Plus I didnt want our room to smell like smoke and me to get the fine for it. The CM tells me they will come over and take care of it, and note it on our file. Felt bad for doing it, but hey its my vacation too.
Day 4: Guess what I woke up too. YEPPPP!!!! Cigar smoke coming in our room. Called front desk again. Now I am a little mad. These people are just rude. CM takes all info and tells me she will personally speak to manager. I hear someone come over. Again felt bad. CM comes to our room and explains everything should be all set. They were fined 500 dollars for violating the no smoking policy twice. (there was a language barrier, so they might have taken the charges off, dont know). They ended up checking out anyways the next day. Oh yeah, one last thing. They used the coffee pot as the ashtray the CM said. YUCK!!!!
Anyways head over to EPCOT for the day. Now our son is really easy going, but he has been a bear for the last few days. Cant figure out what it is. We are just about ready to head back to the room when my wife notices a nice happy family with there two kids singing and laughing in there nice comfy STROLLER. AAAARGH. This is the first trip with our son (6th trip total with him) to WDW in August without a stroller. The kid was fried. We felt so bad. 100 degrees outside. 100% humidity, and we are asking him to walk EPCOT. I rush over and get a stroller for him. He hops in and you think he won the lottery. We end up having a great day at EPCOT. Do some rides and walk the countries. He is happy as a clam. We eat at Garden Grill with Chip and Dale. Very nice meal with the characters. Food was excellant, but it felt really crowded.
Will continue tomorow. Any questions feel free to ask. Sorry about me hopping around. Trying to remember everything and then type it is really hard. Ive read some excellant TR before, mine is at the bottom of the barrel. Again I will answer any questions is you have them.

08-21-2011, 09:58 PM
I beg to differ - your TR is NOT at the bottom of the barrel, it's great! Thank you for posting it. :thumbsup2:thumbsup2

So sorry to hear that your DW wasn't feeling well and had strep throat no less. I hope no one else in the family got it!

That's crazy about the cigar-smoking family - perhaps there was a language barrier. And the coffee pot as the ashtray - blek!

Like you, I would have been a little torn about calling the front desk but it's good to know the CMs worked on your behalf.

I just bought some points at SSR - can't wait to hear more about it.

Keep up the good work on the TR. Poor little guy without the stroller! I don't blame him - I've often wished someone would push me around in one, too. Especially one with a nice shade on it.

08-22-2011, 07:35 AM
we were in Paddock 6412 until 8/19 and there was someone to the right and below us smoking a stinky cigar! Were you in that building? It was pretty raunchy!

08-22-2011, 08:42 AM
Thank you for the report. I can't wait to read more.

08-22-2011, 03:35 PM
we were in building 5 of the paddock section, on the third floor. Sorry to hear you had a smoker as well. I hope they change the coffe pot On Day 5 we decided to hang out by the new pool at the paddock. The pool area is beautiful. Zero entry pool and water slide that was real fun. It was nice to relax for a while. The new kiddie pool was really fun also for out little guy. He will be too big for it next year , but this year was nice because we ( I) did not have to be in the water with him the whole time. The Paddock Grille was also a nice touch. good not having to walk all the way over to the Main House to get some grub. SIDE NOTE in case I forget later. Went to DHS and got a souvenier mug for 4 dollars, CM stated you could use this mug at any resort refill station. The mug looked like the rest of the mugs, except that had DHS themes on it. Bought it and no one ever questioned me at the refill station. Saved a ton of dough. We will see how long that one last. Disney will catch on. Anyways back to the pool. I only found 1 flaw in the pool area. At the kiddie pool there is a water barrel that fills up and dumps on you (so much fun). The barrel is tied to a bell, as the barrel spins it keeps ringing the bell. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. From 10am to 10pm. I really felt bad for anyone who overlooked the pool and had to listen to that bell for 12 hours a day. I actually want to cut the rope, but thought better of it.
Day 6: DHS. First time for my son to goto DHS. He really wanted to do Star Tours. Walked in, got STROLLLLLLEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!! and headed to Toys Story Mania for either some fastpasses or hop in line. Both lines were almost an hour long. (930 am by the way). Skipped that and went to ST. 5 minute wait, Wife did not ride. A little nervous that my little guy might not like it. WOW was I wrong. Went right back on , no wait. They really did a great job redoing this ride. the 3D was excellant, and the way the story can have so many combinations really makes this one of the best rides at WDW. Headed over to Muppets. I havent seen this show in years. My son was laughing so hard I thought he was gonna puke! My wife and I really enjoyed it also. Classic. As we exited Muppets, who do we see. PHINEAS and FERB. We had to wait in line, no matter how long. All three of us are fans. About 100 degress outside, but who cares, this is P&F. After waiting in line for about a half hour and really close to the front, they do a outside skit were they pretend to make a movie. My son was picked to be in it. He had a blast, we took 100 pics, and CMs also took pics and hand you a piece of paper (almost like photopass) to check out before you leave that day. Had our pics with P&F and went for lunch. Got ressie that morning for 50s prime time. Food was awesome as always. Nice to get out of the heat. We head over to TSM. 80 minute wait. We decide to stick it out. Well it really was 80 minutes. 3 things to report. 1. I saw alot of people cutting in line. Now I dont know if they were really trying to get to there party, it just seemed like an awful lot of people. 2. I saw a boy pull his pants down and pee in a bottle his mother was holding. This boy was about 6 or 7. Right in line. Again , language barrier. ( nothing more to say) 3. After waiting 80 minutes, we get on the ride AND.......It was just OK. We had fun, but even my son said it wasnt worth the wait. I know alot of people love this ride, but it just didnt do it for us. Would I wait 10 minutes, YEA!!!. Any longer. Nah.

Day7 SIL, BIL and niece and freind fly in for a vacation also. They are staying the Waldorf Astoria.( I will get to that later) We decide to meet them at IOA for the day. Cost 270 for the three of us to get in. No prob. We get in and meet them near the hulk. 60 minute wait. Skip that, lets check out Spiderman. 75 minute wait, Skip that. Dudley do Right. 60 minute wait. See the pattern. I go and by the Quick Express. Another 180 plus tax. I am amost at 500 dollars for the day and havent been on one ride yet. My sister in lay buys the 2 park QE. What the later did not inform her was that is was good only for that day, and that US was closing early that night. I do remember that even my SIL having some choice words at the customer service area. They did make it all right, but still. It seemed kinda of low bid. Anyhoo. Son loved spiderman and Blutos barge, and all of Dr Suess land. The quick pass came in handy and was worth it overall. Waited for 75 minutes to ride Harry Potter and would do it again in a second. Really excellant ride. The whole Harry Potter land was really done well, just way to busy. Wall to wall with people. Ate at Mythos( really good and well priced). Storms started to move in and they were shutting down rides left and right. Time to go. Made it back to SSR as storms were moving in. Sat on balcony for the evening watching one heck of a storm come right through. And no cigar smoke. Be back soon..........

08-22-2011, 06:01 PM
Great TR! Looking forward to more...

08-22-2011, 08:09 PM
Still loving the TR. So glad I went to IOA last December with few waits at all. 500 bucks for the day - yowza!

Could you post a picture or two [or more :D] of the Phineas and Ferb mini-show? That sounds really cute.

Keep going.....we're still reading....