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05-06-2001, 11:49 AM
Hello Everyone,

This is my first time posting a trip report so forgive me if it is all over the place. We arrived at the pbh at about 9:00 am Sunday morning. I booked a butler concierge for us (just hubby and myself). We pulled around to entrance of hotel we were greeted by valet (he was very nice)The hotel is beautiful and does look like a italian village. We proceeded to check in only to find out that we were not booked for a butler concierge. Problem was taken care of after speaking with guest services manager Steve Walsh who by the way is a man that gets things done if you ever experience any problems go directly to him. Check in is at 3:00pm but our room was ready by 2:00. Our room was what i believe to be a deluxe pool view room. The view was superb we could see the rollercoaster at IOA. I joined Lowes First thanks to these boards and our milk and cookies were already in the room along with a bottle of white wine. I would like to say now that we always stay at the Grand Floridian main building concierge so throughout this trip report i will be making comparisons between the two. Our room had two large queen beds (a king was not available), large marble bathroom seperate shower, cd player, vcr, tv, table two chairs and a very large comfortable chair. The room was absolutely spotless and quite beautiful. Now the downside I found the shower to be quite small and the room itself was smaller than the GF.I also did not care for check in at the GF you are met by a concerge host and taken to the concierge level to check in you do not have to wait in line. About 15 min. later the butler came and explained his duties and left us a packed with phone numbers and other minute details. We had tickets for cirque du soleil that evening so i called the butler and asked that our evening hor durves(ok so i never won a spelling bee.)be delivered to the room while we were out. We took a nap. These are some of the most comfortable beds we have slept in, in a hotel. We headed for downtown disney for cirque (this is our second time). The show was magnificent. We headed back to our room and our shrimp cocktail was waiting for us, by the way your choices are shrimp cocktail or a fruit and cheese platter. It was good. Later on we had dinner at Charleys steak house on international drive food was good. Oh forgot to mention we had pizza earlier from the restaurant at the hotel cant remember the name. It was mediocre at best in my opinion. GF concierge food ,better assortment more creative. Next report WHY WE FIRED THE BUTLER.


05-07-2001, 11:30 AM
Hi TOOKEE, we'll be going to Portofino this coming weekend. Can't wait! Please to read
your report. How were the lines? Any recommendations for restaurants in Portofino itself?
Thanks!:bounce: :pinkbounc :bounce:

05-07-2001, 11:49 AM
Hi Sneezy123,

I cant recomend any restaurant at the pbh cause we didnt eat at any other than the pizza. There was virtually no wait time in line max 15 min. without FOTL. with fotl max wait 3-5min. I believe you will enjoy yourself as the pbh is a beautiful hotel i will be posting the next part of my trip report later today.If you have anymore questions let me know.


05-07-2001, 12:22 PM
I want to eat at Bob Marley's...did you get a chance to eat there?...Also did you have to make reservations for lunch, or could you just walk up without too much of a wait for such restaurants as Mythos, B Marleys, or any restaurants in Citywalk..?

05-07-2001, 01:36 PM

We ate at Hardrock, Nascar, Jimmy Buffets all for lunch except hardrock no wait whatsoever. I will post my reviews of these restaurants in the next part of my trip report. Anymore questions let me know.No reservations at any of the restaurants.


05-09-2001, 03:36 PM

When are you going to post the next part of your trip report? I am dying to find out why you fired the butler. It sounds better than my soap opera.:p

05-09-2001, 09:55 PM
Hello Lovelyk68,

Sorry its taking me so long unforturnately returning to the daily grind has got the best of me i promise part 2 WHY WE FIRED THE BUTLER will be posted sometime tomorrow so as they say in tv land tune in tomorrow.


05-10-2001, 10:27 AM
Before I begin i mentioned in the first report that we did not eat a sit down meal at the pbh however i forgot we ate breakfast at La Trat. the buffet is decent they have made to order omlettes at the buffet which were excellent it is a bit pricey at 15.25 per person. I found spoodles at the Boardwalk to be much better however the buffet was decent.Ok let me begin later sunday evening we decided to have dinner at the Hardrock Cafe.When we arrived it was busy but there was no wait. This place is huge it has wonderful memorabillia everywhere. Our waiter was a guy named Vegas what a funny man. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and hubby had burger and fries. Now i gotta tell you we are from north carolina and when you talk about pulled pork that is done here with a vinegar base and hot red pepper so i was not prepared for this sandwich to be rather sweet. Now dont get me wrong i realize that there are many of you that swear by this sandwich and many more who will love it but it just was not my cup of tea. Vegas noticed that my movement was slow in eating the sandwich and asked me if there was a problem i told him i really didnt care for it well he asked would i like something else so i had the burger and fries. Burger and fries were good. But i gotta tell you that i swear this is the same burger you get in the parks for 5 or 6 dollars versus the 9 bucks or so you pay there. Anyway we did a little shopping and decided we would turn in for the evening so we could get up early and head for IOA.I called the butler in the morning and asked that he arrange for us to get our tickets for the parks he promptly told me that i could call concierge and arrange that myself ( I swear this what he told me) now either i missed something or i am going crazy but i thought the butler was supposed to do anything you ask within their power. He rather reluctantly said but i can do it for you if you like. I told him i would come down and pick them up at about 10am.He said everything would be arranged. We decided against the continental breakfast that comes with butler service to much pastry for us. We proceeded to concierge to pick up the tickets well GUESS WHAT THE BUTLER IS USUALLY THE ONE THAT DID IT WELL NOT THIS TIME THE BUTLER DIDNT DO IT.LOL. I ASKED THE CONCIERGE HOST FOR OUR PASSES AND WAS TOLD THAT NO ONE HAD CALLED FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!She then asked who was supposed to have called them in i told her the butler . Her reply was oh gosh the butler. She proceeded to call the butler and ask about it . James said oh yes and had all the info but he just hadnt got around to calling it in. You just gotta laugh at this one. Anyway we got our tickets and by the way the concierge hosts who where working during our stay were excellent actually better than the butler. We headed to IOA gotta tell you guys and i know you have heard it before but FOTL access is incredible we road hulk first no wait spiderman jurassic park dueling dragons nearly everything we like road twice no wait. We decided to have lunch about 1:30 we went to jimmy buffetts and of course no wait. We ordered conch fritters for appetizer and we both had talipia sandwiches. The fish sandwiches were good conch fritters were not. We decided to head back to the hotel to relax a bit. I was not really sleepy and decided i would watch a movie while my hubby snored. I put my tape in and the vcr did not work. I called the butler to get someone to fix it he said he would take care of it said he had to get in touch with the engineer. Well over two ours later no engineer. Went to guest services he gets in touch with engineer. Well GUESS WHAT THE BUTLER DIDNT DO IT AGAIN. Engineering said no one had put in a request. Yikesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good Grief what is with this guy. Anyway the matter was taken care of by guest services. Once again here is another service that is available to you with out you having to pay extra. My hubby who had been quiet through both of the situations said stop complaining about him and just Fire Him. Well that is exactly what i did i went to the guest services manager and told him sternly I WANT TO FIRE THE BUTLER.LOL. He said no problem but i must ask why I told him he seems to have a problem doing the 2 simple request that we had and that we were not going to pay for something and virtually not get anything for it.He apologized and quickly handled the matter and took 100 a day off our tab. Seeing as i dont have a butler in my day to day life gotta figure i can survive without one on vacation. Next: OUR VACATION SAILS ALONG SMOOTHLY OR DOES IT????????

05-10-2001, 10:24 PM
I don't blame you for firing that butler. At least the PBH gave you a refund. Thanks for a very enjoyable report!!