View Full Version : looking for a good deal on the Disney Rewards card

saving our pennies
07-25-2011, 12:05 PM
We are considering getting the Disney Rewards card to use for our trip to WDW. What prompted this was my MIL (a current card holder) was sent an offer of "open an account and get a $200 Disney gift card". She is already a card holder, so she passed it to me. I called and was told the offer was only good for her. Doesn't make sense that she would be able to take advanatge of this offer seeing as how she is already a card holder, but okay.....I ask what incentives would be avaliable to me as a new card holder? I can't get a straight answer.

We have all the money saved up to pay for the vacation now, but I am very interested in charging it to a card to get a nice gift card offer (then paying it off fully, so as not to hold a balance).

Does anyone have any thoughts, tips or advice?

07-25-2011, 12:42 PM
The offers are sent randomly, so there isn't really anything you can do to get one.

We got a $150 one that was addressed to the "Maiden Name" Family. Like you, we were unable to use it because it was only good for someone with a matching name and address. :rolleyes:

There is usually an offer that's available to the general public, but it's never anything huge-- right now it's $25.

We use our Disney Visa to pay for almost everything (gas, groceries, etc) and then pay it off each month. You earn the Disney Rewards Dollars at a rate of 1% so it can add up depending on how much you use the card.