View Full Version : Anyone attend Disney's Summer Sizzling Sale?

07-24-2011, 12:19 AM
Got in line around 12 am...only one person in front of me. Nice lady...actually let her skip me because she had already been waiting but in the wrong spot. Stayed up all night and discussed the coming day with everyone around us. They made us move from the front of World of Disney (Orlando) and told us we could only wait in the parking lot...so we did. Once it was 4 we were moved back into the real line in front. At 5 am they checked our credentials and handed out maps for the discounts. 6 am on the dot, opened doors and mad dash to the vinylmations! Meant to grab a tray but a lot of people ran in front of me. I wasn't that crazy about getting them so I dashed to grab other things. Got a lot of good stuff.

Anyone else attend?
What time did you guys get there and what did you grab??