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07-20-2011, 10:46 AM
Going to St Louis for about 2 days........what do you suggest doing, and where do you suggest we stay. It will be DH, ME, DD15, DS5.

For sure willd do the arch.......maybe the brewery. Would love to know what you think are the top things to do with our limited time. Budget is always in mind too.

Look forward to hearing your responses.

ready to relax
07-20-2011, 11:04 AM
We have LOTS of fun things to do...first is the zoo and it is amazing, there is a penguin house, we just had a new baby elephant that was born, and it is FREE to get in (parking is free on the street, but an arm and a leg in the lot)...may I recommend getting a wrist band for the childrens zoo and railroad, BUT if you are an early bird, the 1st hour EVERYTHING (including parking) is free. Then there is the science center, again free! The City museum is a GIANT playland with lots to climb on (dont waste your money on the aquatic part though)...Union Station has this amazing fudge place that sings while they make your fudge called the fudgery...mmm mmmm! Since we are on food, and if you like thin crust pizza, Imos is where its at! They have fried raviolli too...but another place not to miss is Gus Pretzel (near the brewery) there is also a food place near the brewery called Hodacks and their chicken is the best! There is also this pizza place called incredible pizza that my kids LOVE...it is a pizza place and amusement park in one with go carts and machines to play. pizza is NOT the best but the fun makes up for that...If you dont mind coming over to the illinois side, there is a lock and damn in Alton Illinois that would teach your kids (and maybe you) how products go up and down the river! near the lock and damn in alton there is a road called the "great river road" FULL of history and beauty and you can take a ferry (again not sure if you have ever experienced one, and again FREE!) there is also a bird that you will see on the bluffs called the Piasa Bird...I can share the story or you can look it up! Alton is rich in HAUNTED history and the home of the first penitenury (or however you spell it) that no longer stands but if you believe stories, the beginning of the haunted history...I could go ON and ON...there is Grants Farm, again FREE, but you pay for parking, a marienette theatre, wax museum, city park (kinda like an outdoor water sprinkler park, beware sometimes to people watch there is more amuzing that getting wet)...let me know if you need any more info, hopefully I was able to give you a couple of new ideas...:hippie:

ready to relax
07-20-2011, 11:17 AM
ALSO forgot to mention the Magic House...and there are coupons for buy one get one...and some fridays are free...popcorn::

Gr8t Fan
07-20-2011, 11:48 AM
We visited St. Louis over Memorial Day Weekend and went to the Arch (we didn't go up in the Arch, just walked around below it because DS (3) was terrified of it -- no idea why), the free courthouse museum behind the arch and the park just outside of it, Six Flags St. Louis (we have passes for Six Flags here), and the Orlando Science Center. We hoped to hit the zoo but didn't have time. It was a blast! We're planning to visit again in the Fall.

We stayed at the Wingate Inn in Maryland Heights which was a very nice hotel and a short drive to everything. We got the rooms on Hotwire for $39 a night and wouldn't hesitate to stay there again in the future. Even included a free deluxe continental breakfast.

07-20-2011, 12:34 PM
If you like live theater there is also the Muny, prices are reasonable but they do have free seats as well. We love to picnic in Forest Park before taking in the show. Additionally, there are free live concerts by local bands depending on the day of the week. Faust park has free concerts on Tues (weather pending), the Butterfly House (search for discounts) and the Carousel from the 1904 World's Fair. Saturdays Florissant has free concerts, and I think Friday is St. Charles all of these localities are within 20-30 minutes of the City.