View Full Version : Alaskan cruise route

07-14-2011, 01:27 PM
I've been tracking the Alaskan sailings on marinetraffic.com since the first sailing. Once the ship gets to Aristazabal Island it disappears until it's cutting over to sail over near Bella Bella. I'm trying to map out what happens in between. Once the ship gets into Catham Strait to go towards Tracy Arm, it's pretty obvious where the ship has to go. Here's my question to anyone who has already sailed through the Inside Passage this year:

After passing Aristazabal Island to the east does it continue north to go just to the west of Campania Island and then between Banks Island and Pitt Island? Or does it head right out into Hecate Strait into more open waters?

Sorry, if this seems silly to even care about, but my type A personality must know!!!! Thanks in advance!:rolleyes1