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will be renting a house in August and would love some ideas of things I can do for free or little cost, I will be with a 5 year old and 10 year old, thanks

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There is a wonderful expensive children's toy store and book store right downtown. However, we always spend at least an hour between the 2 looking around, reading books, exploring toys. No cost at all. There is also an excellent bike path/walking trail that runs right along the beach. Right downtown again. The Library downtown is big, new, and nice. We've gone before on a rainy day and played in the playhouse and read books.

If you're willing to drive to Hyannis, the Cape Cod potato chip factory is there. They have a free "tour" M-F. It's not really a tour, you just peek in the windows and see the chips being made but my boys like it. You get free samples at the end.

You can walk around downtown Hyannis as well and window shop. There is a little candy shop called the Kandy Korner with "penny" candy. But you can get out for under a dollar with a few pieces of candy.

Mashpee commons is nice to browse in and there is another toy shop there that is fun to explore. It is pricey though. The Mashpee public Library is brand new and they have a bunch of board games in the children's department they encourage you to play while there. They also have free concerts etc during the week. The Falmouth Library sometimes does too.

I do not recommend the Zooquarium.

There is always mini golf. We make it affordable by having just the kids play and we watch.

06-22-2011, 08:23 PM
What is wrong with the zooaquarium, I was thinking of taking 5 year old there.

06-22-2011, 09:43 PM
What is wrong with the zooaquarium, I was thinking of taking 5 year old there.

Very very cheesy, not worth the $$$$

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What is wrong with the zooaquarium, I was thinking of taking 5 year old there.

Personally I think your 5 yo will love it. It's made for that age group.

06-23-2011, 12:17 AM
The Woods Hole Aquarium is free. It is small but there is a seal tank with a few seals in a tank in front of the aquarium. They have a touch tank and lots of aquarium tanks with fish. Woods Hole is also a nice place to walk around. Parking is a nightmare in the summer. There are meters on the street so you'll have to have quarters. I would much rather go here than Zooquarium.

Coonamessett farm is a cool place to go. They have some animals and you can pick your own veggies and berries (if in season) They have a small store, and an ice cream stand. You can get breakfast or lunch and sit on their outside deck and eat. Kids love it here. It's $8.00 per person for a day pass. If you would like to go I have 4 free passes I can send you. www.coonamessettfarm.com

In Sandwich there is a fish hatchery that is free. They have the gumball type machines that have fish food in them. It's a quarter. Kids like to feed the fish.

The Sandwich Glass Museum in Sandwich is $5.00 for adults, $1.25 for kids 6-14. They have glass blowing demonstrations and a movie on the history of glassmaking in Sandwich. At the front des they have a paper that they give kids for a scavenger hunt. They have to look through the glass displays and find certain items. If they bring it back and they find all of the items they get a few marbles. http://www.sandwichglassmuseum.org/index.php

The Sandwich Boardwalk is fun. You can walk the boardwalk to a (rocky) ocean beach. There are little coves where the kids can play in shallow water before you get to the beach. It is beautiful. I think it is $10.00 a day to park. Lots of teenagers jump off the boardwalk during high tide. There is a horrible rip current. Grownups fight their way back to the ladder sometimes.

If you are going to Hyannis there is a chip factory that is free. (Cape Cod Potato Chip factory) It is nothing spectacular. The whole process from potatoes in boxes to bagged chips can be seen from a hallway about 50 feet. You are empted out into a small gift shop. Each person does get to take 2 small bags of chips for free.

The Knob in Falmouth is a nice walk. It's on the way to Woods Hole. You walk through woodsy paths and end up at a giant rock that you climb. (stairs) It's right on the water and the view is spectacular! The walk there is short.

Get a copy of Friday's Cape Cod Times. They have a pull out section of everything going on during the week. There is usually a lot going on in August.

06-23-2011, 05:15 AM
You may want to also check out 365 things to do on Cape Cod / (http://www.365thingscapecod.com/) it has some free things to do.

Have fun Falmouth is a great little town on the Cape

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Thanks for the post so far, good idea about getting a copy of the newspaper to see what will be going on the week I am there.