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Shop Till I drop
05-05-2001, 08:26 PM
Just wanted to let everyone know that beenzdragon is a sure thing, Got our disney dollars today, after just waiting about 1 week.:bounce:

LI Debbie
05-05-2001, 08:42 PM
I just ordered from beenzdragon today. The site said 28 days. If you got yours in about a week, that's fantastic!!

05-05-2001, 08:45 PM
I ordered mine on April 18 and have still not received them. Oh I hope nothing is wrong! Is anyone else waiting from mid April? I know they said 28 days, but if people are getting them after only one week!!


05-05-2001, 08:58 PM
I also ordered mine on the 18th of April and have not received them yet. :(