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05-25-2011, 05:11 PM
Hey everybody! :wave: We are home from our trip and I have to say it was a great one! To review, we were in the World from 5/15 to 5/22 at Saratoga Springs Resort. We stayed in a 2BRV, it was DH and I, His Mom, His sister and Her DH and His Dad. My Dad also joined us on the trip and he stayed in a Studio Villa that luckily was right next door. The link to my PTR and my TR from last year are in my Sig if anyone needs more details or a recap. The weather and crowds were much better than last year at least the 1st part of the week, it got close to what it was last year for the last few days. We accomplished most of what we planned to do and had some really great meals.

Day 1 Sunday May 15th.

We had a lot of last minute packing to do Saturday night, which was exactly what I wanted to avoid but what could I do? We had a nice visit also with my friends from Phila who came up Wednesday and left Sunday morning when we left for the airport. My Dad, who drove down, left at about 4:30am on Saturday and got to Jacksonville at about 6p that night. There was a Mass at 9:30a for DH's Dad (it had been a year since he passed away on the 14th) so we headed there shortly after 9. We left the church at about 10:30a and headed to the airport. We made very good time and got to the parking lot, parked and unloaded the car, just after that a shuttle bus came so we didn't have to wait long for that, thank goodness because it was raining. The flight coming in before us (the plane we were going to be on) was late. It also turned out to be an Honor Flight, which if you've never heard of it before, is a group that takes the Veterans to see the monuments in DC. They are from all branches of service and from all wars, etc, these were mostly all WWII vets, there may have been one or two from Korea. They announce everyone coming off the plane and they had an Army Colonel and a local Assemblyman there to greet them. We saw one when DH and I went to WDW last year. It was very moving and my MIL was very glad to have been able to see it. I did get a couple pics:

The Honor Guard waiting


The back of the shirts read: "We can't all be heroes, some of get to stand on the curb and clap as they go by"




Our flight left about 45 minutes late, my dad was already in the Orlando area. I spoke to him on the phone just as the Honor Flight was coming out. He was at Walmart getting our groceries for the week. When we landed after a fairly smooth flight, he was in his room. we didn't have to wait too long for the ME Bus. It was a regular yellow Mears bus but it did have the cute little movie playing. Here is the only pic I could get of the entrance Gate:


My Dad waiting for us at the front of the Resort.


He took out carryons in his car to the room and MIL and I drove the 2 scooters that we rented for the week (the 2nd one was for BIL's Dad). MIL trying hers out:


The Lobby:


Our Room









My Dad's Door


Up Next Dinner at the Turf CLub

05-26-2011, 10:21 AM
We drove the scooters to our room, in Congress Park, which was like the 2nd closest to the main building but was not an easy route to get there with scooters, we did find a slightly easier route eventually but the way we were told had us going in the street along the curb with no sidewalk for a small stretch. We then followed my dad in his car to where our room was and somehow lost track of Tim, so we had to search for him for a while. I don’t know what’s in his head sometimes -my dad eventually found him sitting on a bench in front of the next building. Why he would go there when he was let out in front of our building I’ll never know…:confused3

We took some time to get settled and unpack the groceries that my Dad had picked up for us, mostly breakfast items, bottled water and other drinks. Our luggage hadn’t gotten there yet but Amy, Dave and Raymond’s did. Our ADR at the Turf Club was for 7:35p but we headed over there at about 6:45 or so to try to get in early. I never did time the walk but it must have been 10-15 minutes.


We waited in the bar area maybe 15 minutes and then they called us to our table. We had a nice one by the window looking out onto the water (Is it the Sasagoula River?) Our Waitress came to take our drink order then our regular orders. She was nice and friendly but needed some prompting for refills, etc. and she wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. The food was good, at least most of it was, my Dad wasn’t thrilled with his meal, he had prime rib, ordered medium well and came out pretty rare and it was not warm, even the potatoes or whatever it came with were cold. I told him to send it back but he wouldn’t. He didn’t want to hold everyone else up. Everything else was good and I think he liked the dessert. Here are pics of some of the food:

My salmon ( it is served on mashed cauliflower that was yummy, I wished there was more of it)


Tim’s prime rib (well done)


Amy and my Dad got the chocolate Torte


And I got the cheesecake (I think it was banana nut)


After dinner Tim, Rose Anne, my Dad and I went to the Studios to see Fantasmic! Nobody else wanted to go, they were too tired so we got on the bus at the Springs, which is across from the main buildings and headed out. It was crowded but not horrible. We saw the 10:30 show. I was glad to see it, this was the only night it was possible to fit it in with the schedule and our ADR’s and I wanted to make sure I saw it this time since we missed it last year. Pictures of this never come out right for me so I only took a few but I will post them anyway.






There were 2 whole sections of the arena that were empty at the far end and ˝ of the dinner package section that was empty. We were in the wheelchair section in the center with Rose Anne in her scooter and there was a family that pulled their stroller right into a wheelchair spot next to her. We kept looking at the lady but she didn’t care and nobody ever did say anything to them, I guess because there were other wheelchair spots open and it wasn’t crowded. Rose Anne did say she was obnoxious, though. After a pit stop, we headed out to our bus stop and back to SSR.

I will say the bus situation wasn’t too bad this week, even with 2 scooters, we were usually early in line at the bus stops so didn’t feel too guilty about being loaded first, and there were actually not too many times (in the earlier part of the week at least) where there were many standing. Most of the time the guys (even my Dad at 70, and Raymond who was in one of the scooters) gave up their seats anyway, which was good (and rare nowadays).

When we got back to the room everyone else was sleeping so we went in our room (we had the king bed room) and I wanted to try out the tub for my poor feet (I had gotten 2 blisters on Friday before we even left walking around at the Lilac festival, so they were bothering me) It was really nice.
Not the easiest to get back out of, especially when you drain the water out first:rolleyes1

I took a picture of this before we took it off the bed


Next up: Day 2 EPCOT

05-26-2011, 10:50 AM
Great start to your TR! Love SSR, have they finish the new pool section yet.

05-26-2011, 11:27 PM
Great start to your TR! Love SSR, have they finish the new pool section yet.

I overheard someone say it was done but didn't see it for myself.

SSR was a beautiful resort but it is very spread out. Our room was in a good location if you don't count the distance from the main buildings/store/restaurant. We were reasonably close to both the pool and the bus stop.

05-27-2011, 02:20 PM
I am in. Enjoying your report. Nice that you got to do Fantasmic. Can't wait to hear the rest.

05-28-2011, 10:59 PM
I am in. Enjoying your report. Nice that you got to do Fantasmic. Can't wait to hear the rest.

Thanks for reading! I hope to have an update later tonight or tomorrow.

05-30-2011, 10:11 PM
I am finally back to update with our Day 2, the first official park day.

We got a late start this day which was not really planned on. We had all been talking for weeks before the trip about how we were going to get out the door and going early for AM EMH’s or at least close to rope drop.:rolleyes1 Well, that didn’t happen. Everyone seemed to get up early but Dave had last minute programming projects to grade (he is a college professor) and Raymond had his heart set on seeing the shuttle launch, he had actually made the trip to Florida a couple weeks ago when it was supposed to launch to see it live and it was rescheduled. He did ask around about getting to the Cape that morning but the only way was in a cab and that was $$$ so he settled for seeing it on TV. So, we didn’t get going until late and got onto Epcot at around 11am :scared1:

We took a few pictures in the front of the park, where the F&G topiaries and signage were surprisingly still on display (it had ended the day before).






After the pics, we headed to The Living Seas (sorry, I still have to call it that) or should I say “The Seas with Nemo and Friends”. After a very short wait, can I just say that the cue area is VERY dark? MIL’s scooter had a headlight on the front and she had to use it to be able to see to navigate. The little ride is cute and it’s great that they re-themed the area, but the nostalgic part of misses the movie they played, (and it rained, and rained, and rained…) I think my Dad and I were the only ones on the trip who had seen it the old way. I got quite a few pics of the sea life there, some are a little dark but I will post them anyway. We spent about a ˝ hour looking at the different displays, there were a few sightings of a dolphin and a giant sea Turtle.


Mine! Mine! Mine!








We tried to see Turtle talk with Crush when we first got there but they were having “technical difficulties”. They were back up before we left but there were a lot of people in line and we would have had to wait for the next show or maybe even the one after that.

Next up: The Land

05-31-2011, 12:42 AM
After we were done at The Seas we headed next door to The Land. I do have to say that this day (Monday the 16th) was a REALLY nice day and not too crowded, lines weren’t that long at all. We went right to Soarin’ and the stand-by line had just changed from 45 to 50 minutes. It was about 1145-12n at this point and I think the Fastpass return was maybe 2:30 or 3pm. We got in the Stand by line and my Dad wasn’t too happy but he kept quiet, He thought we should have gotten FP’s and then did the LWTL boat ride, the Behind the Seeds tour (MIL Rose Anne and I really wanted to do this), have Lunch and by then the FP time would be up but he didn’t say anything until we were well into the line. I had thought that too but I was so glad to see a Soarin’ stand-by time at noon that was less than 2 hours I just jumped right in! LOL Well, I told him to speak up next time. The line ended up being only about 30 minutes, anyway. We were in the last row and Rose Anne said it was funny when she noticed all the feet dangling, this was one thing she did get to see on her trip in March but she was in the front row that time.
After a bathroom break (there were many of these BTW ;) ) we had lunch, it was really good, I had the chicken with potatoes and BBQ beans (different beans like lima beans and kidney beans but in a BBQ like sauce) and I couldn’t pass up the Strawberry Shortcake (that is soo good!). Rose Anne got the chicken, too but she had rice and the Chocolate cake, I think. Tim and my dad had the chicken caesar salad and a cup of Chicken Tortilla soup (I tried this, it was yummy). I forget what everyone else had and I don’t have any pics from this meal but here is a pic of the strawberry shortcake from last year.


I really wanted to try something new but I just couldn’t pass up that Strawberry Shortcake!

Next we went to the LWTL Boat ride. Nobody else wanted to do the Behind the Seeds besides me and Rose so we didn’t do it, we just did the boat ride. Here we are on the boat:



And a few in the greenhouses:







I love these Sunflowers:






Day 2 Cont'd next post...

05-31-2011, 01:19 AM
After LWTL, we headed over to Spaceship Earth and this Topiary was over that way somewhere, I forget if this was before or after SSE.


This is SIL Amy and her Mom (Rose Anne)


Me and Rose Anne


After SSE (I rode with Rose Anne and Tim and my Dad were in the next car, don’t know why they didn’t get in the same one… :confused3) most of us went to Test Track-all but Amy and Rose Anne, we all did the single rider line, my dad wasn’t going to go, he went to the bathroom, but then after I came off he came out, he got in the single rider line not long after. I love that single rider line, we were all on and off within about 15 minutes total, maybe less. I had a hard time with my seatbelt and the lady sitting next to me had to help me :blush: . I took a pic of the ride pic just a minute too late for it to be clear, I forgot to get the photopass card from Rose.


Then we did Mission Space stand by, that line wasn’t bad either, maybe 5-10 minutes for the green and 10-15 for the Orange. Dave did the Orange and I went with my Dad and Raymond to the Green. I kind of wanted to do Orange but I was a little apprehensive because I had never been so I did green, If/when I go on it again I will do the Orange. Tim wouldn’t go for some reason, but after riding it, I think he really would have liked it.

We then headed over to World Showcase, we planned to take the boat to Morocco then go over to the American Adventure as Dave and Amy wanted to see the Voices of Liberty and their last show was 5pm or something like that. We had a Photopass pic done and then took other random pics on the way to the boat, lots of the F&G stuff was still out, and most of it was for the whole week.

I think this is the first group picture I have posted (or that we have really taken besides the LWTL pic) so I will identify everyone—Raymond is on the Left, Dave and Amy (in yellow) are next, then Rose Anne and Me both in pink, my DH Tim is behind/between us and my Dad is behind Me.


I like this pic of SSE with the fountain


Some Winnie the Pooh and Friends topiaries




Other F&G pics:




In Morocco










Next post- Voices of Liberty:


05-31-2011, 01:22 AM
When we got to the American Adventure, there was about 10-15 minutes or so before The Voices of Liberty were coming on so we waited in the a/c, we waited downstairs at first, then Rose Anne and my Dad and I went upstairs to be able to go into the show for the wheelchair access (elevator), the rest waited downstairs and then went in the regular way, we met up outside. Dave really wanted to see the Voices, he has a real love for music of any kind, he is a choral director at church and he is a member and director of a Barbershop quartet and chorus so he was in his element for this.

Here are a couple videos

http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab48/rndmr2/WDW%202011/th_WDWtripMay2011108.jpg (http://s848.photobucket.com/albums/ab48/rndmr2/WDW%202011/?action=view&current=WDWtripMay2011108.mp4)

http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab48/rndmr2/WDW%202011/th_WDWtripMay2011107.jpg (http://s848.photobucket.com/albums/ab48/rndmr2/WDW%202011/?action=view&current=WDWtripMay2011107.mp4)

After the American Adventure show, I love that show by the way, it is so moving, I get teary every time, Rose Anne said she really liked it, too, we headed back to Japan to see the drummers, we caught the end of a performance earlier and everyone wanted to see the whole thing, they are cool, it was actually a different show, but that was good.

More pics along the way, this is the “Tangled” tower, I don’t know if this is F & G related or not…



The train Village, there were a couple trains going, I think at least one of them was related to the Kim Possible missions:




And I finally made it here:


They were doing up a new batch of these babies:


I used a snack credit for one, it was yummy, I wanted to try more things but it was getting close to our dinner time and it was warm out and I was afraid it would melt, too.

Here are a couple more goodies



I didn’t get any food pics at the Biergarten but here are a couple of the band, the food here was really good, though, they had a cauliflower soup that was really good with those pretzel rolls



One last pic from Epcot…


After dinner, we went out to the lagoon just in front of Germany to watch Illuminations, it was a pretty good spot, I didn’t take any pics as they never turn out for me so I just sat back at watched the show. We went back to the room, it was kind of a far walk to the bus stop for SSR and we had to wait for the next bus because they already had a scooter on it and we had 2 to load. We could have split up but we just all waited. We all went in the pool and hot tub for about an hour before turning in.

Next up: Day 3, Hollywood Studios

05-31-2011, 02:32 AM
Great trip report so far! Can't wait to read more!

I *think* I will be taking a family trip with my mom, dad, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousin sometime next year (probably January). Did you like the 2 bedroom villa? Did it work out well with 6 adults?

05-31-2011, 11:50 AM
Great trip report so far! Can't wait to read more!

I *think* I will be taking a family trip with my mom, dad, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousin sometime next year (probably January). Did you like the 2 bedroom villa? Did it work out well with 6 adults?

Welcome and thanks for reading! The 2 bedroom Villa worked out pretty well for us. It might be a little tight for 7 or 8, which is what they sleep but that is assuming everyone will be sharing beds. DH Tim and I had the master BR with the king bed, BIL's Dad Raymond slept on the couch and Amy and Dave had the second BR with Rose Anne, there were 2 beds in there, I think they were queen. I don't think I got any pictures in that part of the room. When my dad and Raymond joined us, we tried to get a 3 bedroom or a treehouse villa but they were all booked.

05-31-2011, 12:28 PM
sorry duplicate post, had a computer issue

05-31-2011, 12:57 PM
i'm subbing.

My parents took my grandmothers - gosh maybe ten years ago - and they both had their Disney scooters. They had a great time zipping around Epcot and MGM. They even would race each other! My parents could hardly keep up with their moms and started to think they were worse then us kids.

your TR reminds me of their stories from that trip.

05-31-2011, 06:14 PM
i'm subbing.

My parents took my grandmothers - gosh maybe ten years ago - and they both had their Disney scooters. They had a great time zipping around Epcot and MGM. They even would race each other! My parents could hardly keep up with their moms and started to think they were worse then us kids.

your TR reminds me of their stories from that trip.

Yeah it was quite the experience with 2 scooters! It became a running joke/competition to see who could get onto the bus the quickest without crashing into anything ! LOL:)

Looks like you have a trip coming up soon, I bet you are excited!

05-31-2011, 11:28 PM
Day 3, Tues 5/17 Hollywood Studios

We got an earlier start today but we had just missed a bus to DHS so we had to wait a while for the next one. Amy and Dave were taking it easy this morning and were going to meet us later at the park. We arrived at the gate at about 10:30 or so and headed right to TSM. Here are a couple pics on the way there:



It was still early enough (and not too crowded) that the line wasn’t too bad, we were routed through the Fast pass line due to the scooters and went right to the gate where they detour to the ramp to avoid the stairs. We waited about 15 minutes or so, mostly because we had to wait for certain cars to be routed over to that section. I rode with my Dad in a one bench car (it was the wheelchair accessible one) and Tim rode with his Mom in the next car with Raymond behind them. Here are a couple pics, they didn’t turn out too well but I will post them anyway.


I was on the left and my Dad was the right


We then headed over to The Little Mermaid show, We were ushered right in and were near the door with the scooters but they had started a show recently so we waited about 15 minutes or so for the next one, it was nice to be in the a/c though. Rose Anne heard from Amy while we were waiting and they were getting off the bus so they would meet us at the exit for the show.

I took a couple videos but I guess I didn’t upload them on photobucket, when I find them I will post them later. We met Amy and Dave outside the show and after a little pit stop we headed back to TSM so they could ride it. They went with Raymond and were a little ahead and just went right into the standby line, when we got there the CM there put us in the fast pass line, we tried to get them to join us but they were already too far in. I never did get the reasoning why they would put us in the FP line sometimes and the reg line the next, I guess it is the CM’s call at the entry. We did see them go through the line and they were about ˝ way through the room while we were still on the ramp.

We waited a while on that ramp but when we got to the front, there was a couple where the woman couldn’t transfer from her chair and got to see how the accessible car worked, it was kind of neat to see them do it. The seat in the accessible car is about a 60/40 split and the open the back door and fold it down like a ramp and pull out the “60” part of the bench and roll the chair in that spot. Rose Anne and I rode together on this one and Tim rode behind us. (My Dad stayed out for this one, he wanted to get some coffee).

We waited for a while for Amy, Dave and Ray to come out. While we waited there were some green army men out and we could see Woody and Buzz through the window of the Pixar M&G building. I walked around a little and looked at the stuff in one of the kiosks, they had a Lotso bear there, he was real soft and cuddly but I guess they wanted him to be like the one in the movie because he had areas on him that were supposed to be dirt. I had also seen a video TR on here that had footage of the Pixar Lamp that was really cute and danced around to the music, I had assumed it was there at DHS but I never did find it, not sure where it is or even if is still there.

After leaving Pixar Place, Dave and Ray wanted to go to RnRC and TOT, the rest of us were fine with missing those so we went to the Great Movie Ride. I really like this ride, it does need an update or 2 but it is still a good attraction. Rose Anne really enjoyed it. We came out and Amy called Dave and they had ridden one and were getting ready to get on the other, not sure which one they did first. We agreed to meet for lunch at the Sunset Market, after lunch we planned to see the Beauty and the Beast show. Dave and Amy were really disappointed to learn that “Four for a Dollar” were no longer there.

Here are a couple pics of the “Citizens of Hollywood” performers that we saw on the way to lunch:




I had the cheese pizza and Caesar salad combo with carrot cake, Rose Anne and Ray had the Italian sandwich, Amy had a veggie burger and everyone else had the deluxe burger. Everyone liked their meals and that carrot cake was pretty good.

We went in to the Beauty and the Beast show, the guy at the entrance asked us if we wanted to be at the top or the bottom, which was where the wheelchair accessible seats were. We chose the bottom which was in the second row, we ended up on the far left. I took few pics:






After the show I headed to Starring Rolls, I had told everyone that I was using a snack credit there today and I would bag it up to take back to the room, since there was no way I would be able to eat it then.
Here are some pics of the goodies:




My dad came in to see the goodies too but didn’t get anything. The one girl said there may be a box to take it in but the one at the register said the only one they had was not the right shape for a cupcake. I’ll leave it to guess which one I got, there will be pics later when I actually cut into it…

After I got my treat, there were more “Citizens” performing then the parade was about to start so we waited for that. I usually don’t take the time for the parades, not that I don’t enjoy them, I just usually would rather do other things but at this point we were planning to leave after this anyway so we waited toe 10-15 minutes until it came, I’m glad we did, it was a fun parade, I was singing the song by the end. I had a decent spot but my pics don’t look that way, I’m not the best photographer.





I was sad I missed getting a good pic of Dug, I like him


I love Carl, he is so funny with that cane with the Tennis Balls!






Next Post: Muppets and a couple critter encounters…

05-31-2011, 11:32 PM
I had really wanted to see the Muppets all day. After the parade, everyone really was getting ready to leave but Tim and my dad said if I really wanted to see the Muppets we would go, we asked Amy, Dave and Ray and Ray said he loved the Muppets and would like to see it too, so that’s where we went. We waited for about 15 minutes or so outside and then inside in the a/c for the pre-show, I really loved that pre-show. We got our own little pre show outside, though…



A video

http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab48/rndmr2/WDW%202011/th_WDWtripMay2011183.jpg (http://s848.photobucket.com/albums/ab4

It was so funny! This is the second thing he did, first he took a french fry then this second thing was a chicken nugget. The Muppets were funny as usual. They were closed when we came last year, I think they were giving the theater a face lift so I haven’t seen this since 2004 and I was glad I was able to.

This sign was over in that area, I guess it is open now from what I have seen here on the DIS


There also looked like they were doing a soft opening for Star Tours that day too, This was Tuesday, it may have been for AP holders or DVC members but I wasn’t sure, I really should have asked and I regret that now because we never did get a chance to come back here during the trip so I won’t be able to see it until the next trip and who knows when that will be?

Everyone had ice cream on the way out, I didn’t, I had used my snack already and wasn’t really wanting anything at the time.

We saw this cute little family:


We had a couple photopass pics taken on the way out, this was with my camera


We waited a long time for the bus this day, luckily there was a bench nearby, because my feet were pretty achy. It was about 30 minutes.

This little friend was in our room when we got back:


Most of us went down to the pool when we got back except Rose Anne and I. We actually sat and plotted out an itinerary for the rest of the week and a basic plan for each day.

Next post: Dinner at Teppan Edo, end of Day 3

06-01-2011, 01:17 AM
Here’s another pic of our little friend


And here is my cupcake, did anyone guess?



It was yummy but I could only eat half of it, I could have done with a little less icing, although the icing was tasty. Tim actually ended up finishing it up on our last day.

Our dinner ADR was at Teppan Edo at 8:10. We planned to be at the bus stop by 6 but didn’t get there till about 6:30-6:45p. We were on the bus at 7 and on our way to Epcot, once there we High Tailed it all the way across the park to Japan.

Here is a pic I took along the way, the F&G stuff was Still out:


We had to wait a few minutes for our table but we were right in one of the first rooms, it may have been the first one. We were seated with a nice young couple, Tim and I were at the opposite end of the table from them but My Dad and Rose Anne spent most of the time talking to them, I think they were from NYC.

Our chef was Ken, he was ok, it was entertaining but he was kind of messy, spilled the sauces and missed Tim’s plate with his noodles. The food was good, I hate onions, though so it was a job picking them all out of the noodles, then when he did the chicken he mixed mushrooms in them so I had to take those out, Amy ate those, though. I considered getting the scallops but got the chicken and shrimp instead, if they had a scallop and chicken combo I would have gotten that. Most of us got salads, Dave got a sushi sampler and his dad had some of that too, it surprised me that he got that, I didn’t know he liked it, I certainly don’t. :sick:

Here are some pics from the dinner, sorry if they are a little blurry:




Iced Green Tea, Rose Anne liked it, Ray said it tasted like “Swamp water” just goes to show how tastes and opinions are different.





My noodles and veggies


The sauces, I have no idea what they were but they were good



Chocolate Ginger cake


The food was good and the portions were good sized too. My Dad worried that there wouldn't be a lot of food, as the last time he ate there the portion sizes were really small but he said it was better this time. Amy and Dave go to a Japanese steakhouse in their area that they said is a lot more entertaining but it was good, our guy was definitely better than another table I saw, the chef was not very personable, at least our guy attempted to interact with us. we weren't finished until about 9:30 or 9:45p so the park was fairly deserted as we made our way out to the bus.

Another topiary on the way out, I took other pics but they were all too dark.


Next Post, Day 4, Animal Kingdom, would I FINALLY get on Everest??

06-01-2011, 01:21 AM
The Honor Flight is really cool, my SO's grandpa (WWII vet) recently went on it to Washington D.C.

I'm jealous you went to Teppan Edo, it looks great!

06-01-2011, 08:50 AM
The Honor Flight is really cool, my SO's grandpa (WWII vet) recently went on it to Washington D.C.

I'm jealous you went to Teppan Edo, it looks great!

Thanks for reading! I was so moved by the Honor Flight, my MIL and I both were getting teary. My Dad is a Vietnam Vet and was in the Army for 20 years so a lot of the military and patriotic stuff gets me like that. I really wished we could have gone to see the Flag Retreat at MK but we never got to it (I had hoped to have him take part but we got into MK too late that day)

Teppan Edo was a fun dinner!

06-04-2011, 06:43 AM
Great TR so far!!! My cupcake guess would have been the Red Velvet Cheesecake...I don't know why, but that one is calling out to me this morning! :laughing: Although the Butterfinger one does look good too :goodvibes

06-06-2011, 11:09 PM
Great pics from HS!

The cupcake looks delicious, though I agree about too much icing. I usually take off some icing from most cupcakes, especially ones that rich.

Teppan Edo sounds fun, too. I have never eaten there, but have been to Benihanas. Too bad your chef was a little messy.

06-07-2011, 07:35 PM
Great TR so far!!! My cupcake guess would have been the Red Velvet Cheesecake...I don't know why, but that one is calling out to me this morning! :laughing: Although the Butterfinger one does look good too :goodvibes

Welcome, thanks for reading! :)

That Red Velvet one was under consideration, too! I have been anticipating that Butterfinger cupcake for a Long time! Although my new dream is one I saw on the food pics thread recently over at the Contempo Cafe - a strawberry cupcake! :love:

Great pics from HS!

The cupcake looks delicious, though I agree about too much icing. I usually take off some icing from most cupcakes, especially ones that rich.

Teppan Edo sounds fun, too. I have never eaten there, but have been to Benihanas. Too bad your chef was a little messy.

The cupcake was really good.

I was pleasantly surprised about Teppan, although I would have liked more variety in the veggies, it was basically the onions and zucchini with a few mushrooms, I would have liked some broccoli or something like that with it. Although I will say that the girl across from my was vegitarian and he made her the veggie option and that had broccoli and carrots in hers.

06-07-2011, 11:10 PM
Day 4 Wednesday

We got an earlier start today than we have all week so far. :yay: We got on the bus and at about 9:15 arrived here:


We headed straight for Everest, I was really looking forward to riding this. The standby line was only about 10 minutes. We really should have sent someone to get FP's for the Safari while we rode this but didn't think of it until too late.


I took these in line and on the ride



Dave and Raymond sat behind me



This was a cool ride! Scary and a lot faster than I though it would be. It was fun and I'm glad I did it. I don't know that I will feel a really big urge to go on it multiple times, though... :scared1:

My Dad staked out the front of the ride with his camera and took pics of a few of the cars and showed me them later in the day (zoomed in) and he did get our car! He put his pics on snapfish but not that one, I will have to get him to email it to me and I will post it.

Here is the ride pic of Dave and Ray:


I missed the one of me, I took one I thought was me but it wasn't.

I'm actually glad I didn't talk Tim into this one, he really would NOT have liked it. He is not really a "thrill ride" kind of guy. HATES Space Mountain, Tolerates BTM, Likes Splash and Test Track, won't go near ToT or RnR.

Next we made our way over to the Safari, the line for this was about 40 minutes, we were eventually routed over into the accessible line where they had the accessible cars and loading area. It was a good safari, We had a funny driver/guide, her name was Joy. She actually stopped a few times for us to take pictures and I didn't remember seeing that before. Saw lots of animals but I didn't get too many good pictures, they all came out really blurry and the real good animals seemed to be on the other side of the jeep. Here are a few of the better ones:





a baby





After the Safari We had a bathroom break and Rose Anne and I wanted to go to the Pangani Trail to see the Gorillas but we were overruled unfortunately. We did catch a glimpse of someone special:


I think my Dad and I were the only ones who had ever seen her, everyone really thought she was neat.

We saw ITTBAB next: walked right in to this one (I love it when the wait time is basically how long it takes to walk the cue area


Here are a few carvings:






It's tough to be a bug was fun as always and everyone got a kick out of it.

next post: Day 4 continued - Lunch and FOTLK

06-08-2011, 01:36 AM
Fun day at AK! I love EE and the Safari! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your day!

06-08-2011, 06:16 AM


Hmm...that looks like one ginormous giraffe!! :laughing:



Eeeeeeeee!!!! How adorable!!! This is exactly the reason I would contemplate having a pet elephant...luckily I have DBF around to kibosh those whims. :rotfl:

06-08-2011, 06:34 PM
Day 4 cont'd

We checked our park maps and had a discussion on where to have lunch. Pizzafari was appealing if only because of the a/c but the Flame Tree Beckoned, I just loved it there when we went last year. Everyone else seemed to like it too. Rose Anne, Amy and I had the BBQ grilled chicken salad, I think we all got the Key Lime Mousse, too. Tim had the pulled pork sandwich and chocolate mousse. I can't remember what everyone else had, my Dad may have gotten the pulled pork and I'm pretty sure someone got ribs but I forget, we were at 2 tables. I didn't get any food pics, but I love that salad. I thought the Key Lime Mousse was pretty good, too.

Got a couple random pics on the way over to the Lion King show.




an attempted pic of the 2 of us...


My dad got in line with us and waited in the heat for the 15 or so minutes it took to get us into the building and then left, he said he would meet us outside. I don't understand why he doesn't like that show, oh well... I got a few pics but they didn't come out too well. We were in the Warthog section on the floor, not in the risers due to the scooters.








After the show we came outside and there was a huge crowd outside, there was a band playing. I called my Dad on his cell and found where he was. He told me that he just saw a lady on his bowling team about 10 minutes before, he was surprised to see her there, he knew she was coming to Fla to visit her family but she hadn't been planning to come to any parks. That was a funny coincidence.

We saw these 2 guys somewhere outside after the FOTLK show.


After FOLTK we attempted to go over to Kali but we got halfway through the line and they closed it for "Technical difficulties" Looking at our schedule we saw we could get into an earlier showing of Nemo if we hurried so we did. the line stretched out way down the walkway but that theater is huge and there were still tons of seats. We were put in the front row of the second section against the rail but way to the right side of the stage. It is a great show but I personally prefer the Lion King. My Dad likes Nemo better. After Nemo we headed towards Dinosaur and everyone except Rose Anne and Tim went on it, even my Dad and Amy. It was fun and scary, I screamed and laughed my head off through the whole thing, When we got off Dave said he definitely has to take me with him on more thrill rides just to hear me scream, LOL

Here is a ride pic:


Dave, Amy, and Raymond are in front and My dad and I are behind them to the right.

After we came out we used snack credits to get some ice cream from one of the carts, I got a pineapple bar, it was yummy. We headed out towards the exit and into a couple stores on the way out to the busses. We got on a bus to the Boardwalk for our dinner ADR at Kouzzina. I have to run so I will have to do the Kouzzina report later, I did get food pics here!

Con't next post- Kouzzna

06-09-2011, 02:01 AM
We waited a while for the bus to Boardwalk but we had just missed one so we had to wait for the next one. The 2 scooters were loaded first but we were at the front of the line anyway. It became a game to see which of them could get in their spot on the bus without crashing or running over anyone. I tell you though, I read a lot of posts about people in scooters and with big strollers, etc hitting people but wow, people would just cut right in front of them, it was crazy. Although they would do it to me when I was walking, too so I guess people just like to cut each other off, LOL

On thing that baffled me, though. People pay $$$ to stay at the BW and YC, BC, Swolphin etc, why do these resorts all share a bus ?? :confused3

We arrived at the Boardwalk and went through the Lobby, Amy and Dave wanted to get their picture taken on the big couch in the vestibule there (they stayed there on their HM and had their pics taken there then, too) Tim and I decided to have a pic taken too, here they are, along with a few other pics from the lobby there.




Lucy the Elephant!!


A few pics from out on the Boardwalk, it was so sunny and hot that day.



We rented one of these a couple years ago, they are not fun to drive with 5 people and only 2 sometimes 3 of you are driving... I was taking a pic of our group but the bike went in front of me. You can see my Dad to the right.






We were headed here for dinner:


I thought these light fixtures were neat


We really liked our meal here (well, most of us did...) After we were seated and ordered drinks, we were looking at the menu and Raymond said he didn't know what to get, this food is too fancy for me, etc, we were making suggestions (I mean there was a Ny Strip on the menu and it was pretty basic and not unusually spiced/seasoned, etc) but he just said, "well I don't really see anything I want so I'll just be going" and just put his hat on and left! Poor Dave's jaw just dropped in shock. He really didn't give it a chance, you all know how accomodating disney chefs are but we didn't get much of a chance to tell him that. Dave was going to follow him but Amy said to just let him go, he called his cell a little while later to remind him he had to go to a park or DTD to get back to our hotel and make sure he was ok.

I would definitely eat here again. Tim and I got the Saganaki (the seared cheese) Oh wow, this was good! I LOVE cheese in almost all forms so the fact that I could get a dish at a restaurant that was basically a big ol' slab of melted cheese, I was in heaven! LOL It came with 2 long pieces of toast that had a light seasoning and also some capers and a half of a roasted lemon.



My Dad got the Spanikopita (spinach turnover type thing) that would have been my choice if the saganaki wasn't on the menu (I just couldn't turn down cheese!)


Rose Anne had the Greek Salad:


I didn't get a pic of it, but Amy and Dave split the Calamari and lemon, the lemon was breaded, like deep fried and she gave me a piece of it and that was pretty good, I won't go near Calamari, though :sick:

For our Entrees, Amy, Dave and I all got the Oak-fired Pork Tenderloin, this was really good, I asked for mine well done and Amy medium well and Dave wanted Medium, after we both cut into it, we realized they switched mine and Daves because mine was pretty pink. We both got too much into it to switch anf I just dealt with it, We didn't bring it to the waitress' attention. It was still good. Tim and my Dad had the NY Strip andRose Anne had the Kouzzina Trio (it was a mini lamb burger, a cup of the greek Lasagne and some of the Cinnamon-Stewed chicken, she Really liked the chicken, liked the rest too but the chicken was her fave.

Here are pics:

The Trio:



The pork:


Tim and my Dad's NY Strip:


For Dessert, we mostly got the Baklava, Dave got the Lava Cake and Rose got the Custard (Galaktoboureko). I really wanted to try the Greek Donuts but we were in a little hurry and the server said they take time to make and I didn't want to hold everyone else up.

Dessert Pics



The baklava was pretty good, a little "nutty" for me, I like my Baklava with more honey and more layers of the phyllo.

We were in a hurry as we were leaving because we wanted to try to see Wishes tonight and it was at 9:00, I think it was sometime around 8:15 or so as we were leaving the restaurant. We did get on a bus to MK fairly quickly after getting to the bus stop but of course it had to make all the other stops... We were off loading Rose Anne from the bus at MK when Wishes started. the park was closing at 9p that night anyway so we just watched it from outside the gate, I was disappointed, it was nice and you could hear the music and all but it wasn't the same. Amy, Dave and Rose Anne hadn't seen the full effect so it didn't make any difference to them, they still liked it. After Wishes we went right back to the bus stop and back to the Resort. It was almost a wasted trip all the way to the MK but we had to go to a park to transfer anyway so we might as well see fireworks when we did it, right? That's what we told ourselves. This was the only chance we had to see it that week anyway so at least I did. We headed back to the resort and Tim and I went and spent some time in the pool and hot tub before we went to bed.

Next post: Day 5 MK

06-09-2011, 07:18 AM
I've always wanted to see FOTLK - it looks so great! I've seen Nemo, and while the songs are pretty catchy, it's not my favorite.

Ahhh the Boardwalk, I love it in that area! I'm glad you enjoyed Kouzzina, my DBF can't turn down the Saganaki either! :laughing: The donuts were okay-the last time we had them, they were pretty stale and deflated, so I'd say you probably weren't missing much!

06-09-2011, 10:03 PM
I've always wanted to see FOTLK - it looks so great! I've seen Nemo, and while the songs are pretty catchy, it's not my favorite.

Ahhh the Boardwalk, I love it in that area! I'm glad you enjoyed Kouzzina, my DBF can't turn down the Saganaki either! :laughing: The donuts were okay-the last time we had them, they were pretty stale and deflated, so I'd say you probably weren't missing much!

I would love to stay at the Boardwalk someday, my brother is a big Disney fan, too and it is his fave resort. Glad to hear I wasn't missing out by not getting the donuts!

06-10-2011, 07:39 PM
When left to choose between delicious bbq and air conditioning, I would choose delicious bbq, too! :thumbsup2

I have never seen FOTLK or Nemo. I somehow don't spend much time in AK, but next trip, these are definitely on my to-do list. Especially since I will be traveling with 2 people with neck issues and can't go on Dinosaur, EE, etc. And I hear you about Dinosaur being really scary. In the picture from my first ride, my head is literally between my legs and my arms over my head, like I was really being attacked by a dinosaur.

Sorry you didn't get to see Wishes from inside the park! At least you got to see it from the gate. Definitely not a wasted trip, especially if you had to transfer anyway!

06-21-2011, 10:37 PM
Day 5, Thursday, May 19th Magic Kingdom

I am back for a long overdue update, sorry it has been so long. We were finally going to Magic Kingdom today, I can't believe it was Thursday before we got here but that's how it worked out. We planned to try to make it for rope drop, I really wanted to see the opening show but of course that didn't happen. :rolleyes1 We did get there shortly after 9 though. A couple of entrance pics, the first one is from last night when we went to see Wishes:



Does anyone know if these pictures change now and then?





We took some time with getting park maps, coffee and bathroom breaks when we got there but headed up Main Street and saw a few performers.






We headed to Tomorrowland and then Dave, Ray and I wanted to go on:


The wait time was 20 minutes, I think we only waited about 10 or 15. It was fun, I hadn't been on since the refurb and while I didn't notice it being smoother as I had heard it was, it was definitely Darker! I was in the back of the first car. While we were on this we had given our tickets to my Dad and he got these:


While we waited for it to be time for the FP's we went to see Laugh floor, I love that show, it is so cute and funny. The couple sitting in front of me were both spotlighted during the show. After Laugh Floor we went to Stitch. It was OK, not something I need to see again but at least I saw it once. I was sitting near the wheelchair section, in a regular seat but nothing was in front of me so maybe I didn't get all the effects, I never did smell the "Chili Dog." After we came out of Stitch, it was time for or FP's for Buzz. I roe with Tim and I think I got about 12 or 13,000, tim got about 103,000. I tried a pic of the score but it didn't turn out. I did get a couple pics before and after the ride:


Me and Tim, sorry if these are Blurry


My Dad:


This is the M&G area off to the side, there was a little boy that came up just after I took this pic, I think he had Down's or something, he had a "Stroller as wheelchair" tag on his stroller and was taken in from the exit. it was so sweet, Buzz got down on his knee to hug him, my MIl got a pic of it, I may try to find and then post it later.


After Buzz, we went to COP. I love that ride/show. It was nice and cool in there, too. Some idiot must have gotten up in one of the other rooms because they stopped the show and made many loud announcements about not getting up. We had to watch the scene we were in 3 times total, once for the show, once while they made the announcements and then when they reset the show, we saw that scene once again, it was in the 40's room. After COP, it was time for lunch, my Dad and Tim and I were talking about Cosmic Ray's but Dave wanted Casey's so we headed all the way back to Main Street for that, among other things....

Next post, MK/Day 5 Cont'd, Lunch, a parade and a special moment for Dave...

07-01-2011, 07:17 PM
Day 5 cont'd...

We headed towards Main Street and Casey's and the bridge from Tomorrowland was blocked by the Parade at the hub. Luckily the lower bridge near the Tomorrowland Terrace was fairly clear so we went that way. as we got to Main St. it was about 12:45 and Dave looked at the show schedule that the Dapper Dans were going to perform at 1 and he had been hoping to see them while we were there so we waited. While we waited we wandered down main Street and I got a couple pics:



These were in the Emporium Shop windows, sorry if there is a glare:




The Barber Shop:


The "Move it, shake it, Celebrate it Street Party" was headed back down Main St. So I sat on the curb and got a couple pics of it:







I was sitting by this hanging basket, I have always liked these tiny white flowers, I think they are called bacopa:


After the parade passed by, we went to the other side to the cinema and waited for the Dans to start, here are a couple pics I took:



This is a video

http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab48/rndmr2/WDW%202011/th_WDWtripMay2011352.jpg (http://s848.photobucket.com/albums/ab48/rndmr2/WDW%202011/?action=view&current=WDWtripMay2011352.mp4)

Then after they were done Dave wanted his pic with them. as he was posing they got to talking and he told them he was in a barbershop quartet and chorus back home and they asked him to sing with them and of course he said yes!




They asked what part he sang and the guy that usually does that part (Purple) stepped out and Dave joined in. I got a video:

http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab48/rndmr2/WDW%202011/th_WDWtripMay2011356.jpg (http://s848.photobucket.com/albums/ab48/rndmr2/WDW%202011/?action=view&current=WDWtripMay2011356.mp4)

It was cool to see all the other people who stopped to watch and a couple people even took pics. He is not a person who gets nervous, he is not shy and very outgoing and after they were done they said he did great and the lead guy gave him a card saying he was an honorary Dapper Dan. He was shaking, it was so sweet. Now I had heard that they did this occasionally but it was neat to see and know the person doing it. He said he could go home at that moment since nothing was going to top that!

After the excitement, we went to Casey's which was pretty crowded by that time and there is very limited seating there. Amy sat outside to stake out a table while the rest of us got in line. Tim and I were done in line forst and when we got outside Amy had just sat down at a small table, the next one out was my Dad and then Dave, by the time they came out the table behind us opened up so we had enough room for all of us to sit. Lunch was pretty good, I didn't get any pics, but I had the corn dog nuggets meal and they were very good. I don't remember what everyone else had but they were all happy with their meals.

Next up: Adventureland

07-01-2011, 09:47 PM
How cool that Dave got to sing with the Dapper Dans! He did a great job! :goodvibes I love how Disney really does make magical moments for everyone.

Oh man you're lucky you didn't have to smell the chili dog...that's all I'm gonna say...:laughing:

07-02-2011, 06:53 PM
How cool that Dave got to sing with the Dapper Dans! He did a great job! :goodvibes I love how Disney really does make magical moments for everyone.

Oh man you're lucky you didn't have to smell the chili dog...that's all I'm gonna say...:laughing:

We were so glad Dave got to sing with them, he loves to sing, and he would just burst into song at random times throughout the week.

I'll take your word about the chili dog, LOL :rotfl2:

07-03-2011, 01:04 AM
We left Casey's and headed to Adventureland to see what the line for POTC was like, Jack Sparrow was outside doing his thing, I thought I took a pic but I can't find it. The line was about 25 minutes, it felt longer but it really wasn't. Great ride as always.


Went on Jungle cruise next, Had a pretty good skipper, her name was Stephanie. She had the usual spiel but there were a few I hadn't heard before, too. I got a few pics here.


The lions are watching the "sleeping" Zebra...



I love this pic of "the back of water"




After the JC, Dave, Ray and I went to Big Thunder, I was surprised that Tim and my Dad didn't want to go on it since they both usually go. We went to the Wheelchair entrance because of Raymond with his scooter, he would have had a hard time in the line with the steps and all. Let me tell you it was HOT in that line, they have you wait for a good amount of the time off to the right side of the line near where the exit is and there was one small square of shade there. We waited about 10-15 minutes in this area and then another 10 inside while we waited to put us on a train. We were in the last 2 rows. It was a fun ride, I haven't been in the back before, it's neat back there, I didn't get any pics on the ride.

When we came off, we found out that Tim and Amy went on Splash Mountain. I was disappointed because I had wanted to go on it too. Dave was surprised that Amy would go as she never would before but it turns out she took the "Chicken exit" and Tim rode by himself, he didn't get too wet. My Dad got a pic of Tim coming around the front but He didn't upload it, I don't know why. While we waited for them to come out we waited by the steps where the exit is, I looked around in that little store some and Rose Anne called home to talk to my SIL's Mom (her friend) and she said it had been cold and rainy all week that we have been gone, so I guess we picked a great time to be away! By now it was about 3 or 3:30 and Amy and Dave had to leave to go back to the resort to change for their special anniversary dinner at Victoria and Albert's. :love:

After Amy and Dave left, the rest of us went towards Liberty Square to the Hall of Presidents and then the Haunted Mansion. We did have a pit stop on the way too and I took these pics as I waited since I was the only one who didn't have to go.



We went to the HOP first, we got in right as a show was starting. Rose Anne and Raymond really enjoyed it. I love it too.

I took this from outside the HM:


I took a few pics (not flash) inside (I had found a "museum" setting on my camera that I found worked well for inside and night pics and this was one of the first times I tried it) but this was the only one to turn out.


After exiting:



I had thought Mr Toad was in this cemetary but I guess they moved him. We didn't get to see the interactive cue because the line was so much longer but I hope to see it next time. I really did like the new effects at the end and everyone else did, too. the Hitch-hiking ghost switched my head with his, that was cool to see! My dad didn't know they made the change so it was a pleasant surprise for him too. The wait time was posted at 20 minutes but we only waited about 10-15. After this we headed towards the exit since we had to get to DTD for our ADR at Fulton's. My Dad took this of Tim and I on the way out.


We decided to go to the Contemporary and take their bus to DTD, Tim, Rose Anne and Raymond took the Monorail and my Dad and I walked so we could find our Brick. My parents had gotten a brick back in 1995 when they were being offered and I have actually never seen it in person, only in pictures, my Dad was pretty sure where it was but wasn't positive of the number. We walked along the walkway and looked and looked but never did find it, we finally had to give up because it was getting late and we thought they would be there waiting for us by then but it turned out that we got there first. I was hurting pretty bad by then, my Dad was concerned. My feet just were killing me. I sat on a bench at the bus stop and my dad went in to look for them at the monorail station, just after he went in a bus to DTD came and I called his cell, luckily they were just coming off the monorail at that point. They got held up at one of the stops.

There was a large school group on the bus, Rose Anne was talking to one of them for the whole bus ride, (she met a lot of people on the bus rides, we teased her that she met a friend everywhere she went! LOL) they were so polite and well behaved. They were actually from Bensalem, Pa which is near where my Dad lives and actually I used to live there before I moved away in 2002, so that was cool. The bus driver was a little cranky, though. We got to meet a lot of the bus drivers due to the scooters and most of them were nice but this one wasn't, hopefully she was just having a bad day.

At DTD we high tailed it to Fulton's because by now we were going to be late for our ADR, it turned out it wasn't a big deal since they weren't too busy. Here are a couple pics I took on the way there.

I really wanted to get on this but never did.




We waited a couple minutes for a table and were seated at a nice table by a window. I forget the name of our waitress but she was from Buffalo, so we had a nice talk about that. She was very nice and friendly, a little weird at times, flirty with my Dad and Raymond, but it was a fun dinner. It was interesting to explain how we were all related and Rose Anne said that they were all 3 widowed and "our kids took us to Disney" (hence my TR title!), the waitress said she lost her Husband a couple years ago too.

Here's a pic of the 2 of us at dinner.


I did get a couple of food pics:

My dinner, I got the fried combo (popcorn shrimp and black cod) with mashed Potatoes instead of fries, just to not have quite so much fried. I had strawberry Lemonade to drink which was very good.


MIL got the Trio, it was a crab cake, shrimp and a piece of fish, I think it was Wahoo, she said it was the best crab cake she ever had and the rest was good too.


Tim had a Caesar Salad and the NY Strip, my Dad had the Lobster bisque and the NY Strip (I was surprised he didn't get seafood with his entree) and Raymond got the NY Strip with a lobster tail. It was a very good dinner, we all enjoyed it, I would definitely go back there. We were too full for dessert. Here is a pic of all of us:


Fultons at night:


We went through the marketplace to catch the bus at the first stop so there wouldn't be an issue with the scooters. I took this at the Lego Store:


We headed back to the room, Tim and I went in the pool and spa for about 1/2 hour or so before bed. Amy and Dave were not back yet when we got to the room.

Next post: Friday, Day 6 Blizzard Beach

07-05-2011, 11:12 AM
I love COP, too! I remember it from when I was a kid and still love it today!

This is a great picture... is it a photopass pic?


Great pics of the parade and Main Street, too!

Hope Amy and Dave had a great anniversary dinner at Victoria and Albert's!

07-06-2011, 05:05 PM
I love COP, too! I remember it from when I was a kid and still love it today!

This is a great picture... is it a photopass pic?

The Photopass photographer took it with my camera.

07-30-2011, 08:13 PM
Dave and Amy had a great Anniversary dinner the night before at Victoria and Albert's and when I got up Dave was explaining the menu to his dad and telling about their dinner. I don't remember what they had but here are a couple pics of the Personalized menu that they were given, it is a little blurry but you can make out most of the items.





Amy also got this:


We decided to go to a water park today and had some discussion as to which one to go to. I kind of preferred Typhoon Lagoon since I hadn't been there in years and I really wanted to try the crush 'n gusher. Everyone was agreeable to that but then we talked about Mini Golf too so we decided to do BB since there is mini golf there. My dad didn't want to go to the water park so he decided to go out on his own that day.

We arrived at BB and went over to:


We waited a few minutes for a Tee Time, we played on the Winter side. Tim and I had played this side before a few years ago when we were here but that was ok. It was Tim, Rose Anne and I in one group and Amy, Dave and Ray in the other.

Here are a few pics from Golf and the front of the water park.




Amy, Dave, and Raymond







Rose Anne


I think this is where we paid to rent the lockers


Summitt Plummitt


I love this cute little snow family


After we got good and hot playing mini golf we headed into the park. It was real hot this day mid 90's. We rented the lockers and stowed all our stuff in them, I left my camera in it since it wasn't waterproof. So these are the last pics I have from the day. We went in and found some chairs near Meltaway Bay. It was a little shaded area off to the side and there were only a couple people there. There were lots of little beach chairs stacked up along the sides and a few lounge type chairs.

We went in the wave pool first for a little while. The waves were pretty rough but not as bad as I know TL's waves are. Too rough for Rose Anne. I eventually got a free inner tube and got in it (arms through) and it was fun bobbing in the waves for a while. The water was COLD, I thought the water was heated. I know it was hot and it was refreshing but I thought they would heat it enough to take the chill off. The next stop was the lazy river (Cross Country Creek) and we went once around which took about 30-45 minutes. This water was much more comfortable and it was so relaxing. I went about half way in the tube with my arms through and the other half sitting in it.

We got out and sat in our chairs to dry off some. I didn't feel too bad about saving chairs because there weren't many people anyway, the crowds were pretty low. We had lunch at the Lottawatta Lodge. It was pretty good, Amy and I had the chicken Wraps, Ray had the Deli Sandwich and the rest had burgers. We couldn't get a table in the shade, (there weren't many) so we had to sit out in the direct sun and it was really hot.

After lunch Amy, Rose and Ray went back to Cross Country Creek and Tim and Dave went over to the water slides, I wanted to go too but not the ones they were headed to (the Toboggan Racers) I don't like the ones that you have to go down on your belly. They tried to talk me into going with them but I gave up about half way up the stairs, I wasn't going to kill myself on those steps in the heat for a slide I didn't want to go on. Unfortunately we never made a meeting spot so I never did catch up to them, I waited where I thought it let out but it was the wrong place. I gave up and just went to the lazy river so at least I would be in the water and cool. The others were too far ahead of my to catch them so I just went alone. I wanted to go on other ones but we never did make it, it was getting time to leave by the time we got off. We sat and dried off then went to the lockers to get our things and then headed back to the resort. I think it was about 3p by this time and we had ADR's for the Spirit of Aloha at 8p.

Next Up: To the Poly for Dinner

07-30-2011, 08:37 PM
Sounds like Winter/Summerland and BB were lots of fun! I can't remember having gone to W/S, but I've been to Fantasia Gardens a LONG time ago. Disney mini-golf is a nice fun treat, isn't it?

I know this sounds kind of weird, but I've never been to any of the water parks! I know, I know...but I'm just really not a water park person! They look fun though!

07-31-2011, 12:46 AM
Sounds like Winter/Summerland and BB were lots of fun! I can't remember having gone to W/S, but I've been to Fantasia Gardens a LONG time ago. Disney mini-golf is a nice fun treat, isn't it?

I know this sounds kind of weird, but I've never been to any of the water parks! I know, I know...but I'm just really not a water park person! They look fun though!

Mini Golf was fun, I lost as usual but only by a couple points since it was only the 3 of us. If we combined all 6 of us I would have been 5th! This was Tim's first trip to one, too and this is his 3rd trip. It was actually his first time in a water park ever, he's never even been to one outside of WDW.

09-30-2011, 11:07 PM
Day 6 continued, Spirit of Aloha Dinner

Sorry it's been so long since I updated, I've been busy and then I misplaced my notes from the trip but I recently found them so I will be able to continue the TR. I just hope I still have readers, LOL. :)

When I left off we had just finished our day at Blizzard Beach and were headed back to the resort. While we were on the bus I called my dad to see where he was, he was back at his room and said he had a pretty good day. I said I would knock on his door when we got to the room. We got off at the main building to look in the store since we hadn't really had much of a chance to see it. I looked around for one of the 40 year Anniversary T-shirts but they didn't have my size. I had also been looking for a watch but I didn't see one I liked. We all walked the pretty good distance to our building.

I went to my Dad's room for a couple minutes before getting ready, he said he went out driving around, he thought about going golfing but didn't end up doing that. He went to the MK and walked the walkway to the CR again to make another go at finding our Brick and he did find it, he took a couple pics. Then he went to the Poly and had lunch at Captain Cooks ( I'll admit I was jealous when he said he had a Dole Whip for dessert, LOL). He looked around at the Poly to find out where to go for the Luau that night and then he walked to the TTC to see how long that walk would be. This is the towel animal that he found in his room when he got back, we had to LOL at it though, he said "What does this mean, I'm here in the room by myself!" :confused3


After we were all ready we walked to DTD and caught the bus to the Poly from there, we figured it would be so much easier than any of the other options. We got the obligatory pic taken and were eventually lead into the room. We were in the second level but almost in the center and right up against the rail so we had fairly good view, there was a pole that made it sometimes hard to see around for the ones on my side of the table so I didn't get that many good pics of the show, Amy had a better view (and a much better camera) I want to try to post some of them if I can get them to show up, (they are on snapfish) for now, here are my pics:






After dinner we took the Monorail to the MK and then the bus back to SSR. I liked the SOA show for the most part, the food was pretty good, too, but if I had to make a choice, I prefer the HDDR.

Next up: Day 7 Saturday, MK and Epcot, Coral Reef dinner

10-02-2011, 02:30 PM
I'm still here!!! :goodvibes Out of curiosity, how long was the walk from SOA to the TTC?

Those little volcano desserts look so cute (and tasty too!)!

10-03-2011, 02:25 PM
I'm still here!!! :goodvibes Out of curiosity, how long was the walk from SOA to the TTC?

Those little volcano desserts look so cute (and tasty too!)!

If I recall, he said it wasn't that far, (although it is farther than it looks on a map) but the distance from where you enter the resort to where the Luau Cove is located is far. And I forgot to mention that when he got back to the resort he took the walkway to DTD and figured that would be easier since the bus to the Poly is the first stop you come to from SSR, then from the bus stop to Luau Cove is short.

The little Volcanoes were tasty, they were chocolate Mousse with fruity sauces, I think the red was raspberry and the orangey/yellow one underneath/in the dish was I think Passionfruit or pineapple. There was also a graham crackery crust on the bottom.

10-03-2011, 04:20 PM
Here are a couple of Amy's pics of the Spirit of aloha show that I was able to upload:





10-16-2011, 06:09 PM
I'm here and all caught up! Love your pics - they are all great :thumbsup2

Thanks for sharing the photos of Saratoga Springs - we get deals for this place and OKW in the UK and I have always wondered about them but never plucked up the courage to book them.

I love your matching shirts.

Mmm love the food pics - Strawberry Shortcake, Karamelle Kuche and Starring Rolls = MAJOR DROOLING!! :lmao:

Teppan Edo and Kouzzina both look like great dining places. I think the draw for the Epcot resorts is being able to walk/take the boat so the buses don't get that busy. That's my reasoning anyway.

Yay on Dan getting to sing with Dapper's Dan and great SOA pics. Looking forward to reading more :goodvibes

10-17-2011, 12:52 AM
I'm here and all caught up! Love your pics - they are all great :thumbsup2

Thanks for sharing the photos of Saratoga Springs - we get deals for this place and OKW in the UK and I have always wondered about them but never plucked up the courage to book them.

I love your matching shirts.

Mmm love the food pics - Strawberry Shortcake, Karamelle Kuche and Starring Rolls = MAJOR DROOLING!! :lmao:

Teppan Edo and Kouzzina both look like great dining places. I think the draw for the Epcot resorts is being able to walk/take the boat so the buses don't get that busy. That's my reasoning anyway.

Yay on Dan getting to sing with Dapper's Dan and great SOA pics. Looking forward to reading more :goodvibes

Thanks for reading! :yay:

I really wanted to try more at the Karamel Kuche, I can't wait to go back someday and do that.

We really liked Kouzzina and Teppan Edo was pretty good too.

My brother loves those Epcot resorts because you can walk to both Epcot and DHS.

We were all so happy Dave got to sing with them! My dad was still talking about it weeks afterward.

Hope to be able to update soon! :)

10-21-2011, 11:04 PM
Day 7 Saturday May 21 MK Part 1

Today was our last full day. :sad2: We decided to split up for the morning and early afternoon and then meet up at Epcot at about 3 or so. Amy and Rose Anne decided to hang out at the Resort to rest and swim, Dave went to DHS to try to audition for American Idol, Raymond went off alone to explore and Tim, my Dad and I went to MK. There were a few things I wanted to see that we hadn't gotten to on our MK day.

We got a late start, we got off the bus at MK at about 11am. We went down the walkway to the Contemporary so I could finally see the Brick that my dad had located yesterday.

Here are pics of it:



We headed up Main Street, planning to go to Fantasyland but got detoured by the Block party Parade so we went to Tomorrowland instead. We went on the Peoplemover, which I had actually missed the other day so I was glad to ride it. It was cool, space Mountain was down so we got to see it with the lights on. I had heard of this happening sometimes but I had never seen it for myself until this day.

Here we are on the ride



A couple more pics:





Here are the SM pics:



We headed into Tomorrowland and saw this little Meet and Greet:


Me and Tim with Tigger and Pooh (this is the extent of Character photos that Tim will consent to...:rolleyes1 )


I had really wanted to go on Winnie the Pooh but the stand by line was 40 minutes (FP's were for later this afternoon, when we planned to be gone) and Snow White was 15 so we went for that one. I was glad to get to ride it one last time before it goes away...


Wave Good bye!! :sad1:


After Snow White we headed to Small World, the line was longer than it looked but only about 10 minutes, it was weird to enter the boats from the other side, I guess that was one of the changes from the latest refurb. I took a couple pics while we were in lind and one on the ride:




Next we went to Cosmic Ray's For lunch. I had the Chicken mashed potatoes and Beans combo and Tim and my Dad had burgers. It was pretty crowded but I got us a table fairly easily. There were CM's helping people find tables, here are a couple food pics:



Here is a pic of Sunny Eclipse:


10-21-2011, 11:34 PM
Part 2

Our next goal was Splash Mountain, on the way there we took a look at some of the signs for the new Fantasyland and a took couple construction pics over the wall.





A Random flower pic:


At Splash, Tim got in line with me, it was about 20 minutes I think, he ended up having to take a detour at the end to the restroom and wasn't going to be able to get back in line. I tried to talk him into waiting until we got off but he didn't think he would make it. It turned out to be a smart thing because there were a couple of ride stoppages one about 7-8 minutes.

Here are a couple pics I took in line and on the ride, sorry they are a little blurry





My "redneck" ride pic--I am in the back row. Right as the log was going down, the strap on my camera broke! I spent the next couple minutes trying to get it and keep it from getting drenched. (luckily I did)


My Dad took this of me on the ride


Sorry, have to continue this in the next post, too many pics...

10-22-2011, 12:12 AM
Part 3

After I got off I met up with My Dad and Tim and we headed to the Railroad station to take the train to the front of the park so we could head out. I got a few pics of the Train ride and the "Water stop" in the old Toontown Station before arriving at Main Street USA.

I thought this hat was funny:




















After the parade, we used a snack credit for a couple bottles of soda and headed for the Monorail to go to Epcot, Look at what we got to ride!!!



When we pulled into the station, I called Rose Anne's cell and they were just getting off the bus at Epcot (what timing!! )


It was HOT!!


Our goal here was also to cover things we haven't done yet and the 1st stop was Universe of Energy, It turns out Rose Anne and Amy ended up leaving from the pre-show part, Amy was having GI issues earlier that day and she was afraid to be 45 minutes from a bathroom, so My dad, Tim and I stayed in.


By the time we came out, Amy had heard from Dave and he was getting off the bus and his Dad was on his way to where we were in the park, having just gotten there.
We met up and Dave had a new embellishment...


He made it through the 1st round but not the 2nd round. It was later in the day when he was there and they already had most of the shows filled, they only had one spot left and he wasn't "what they were looking for" to fill that spot. They gave him the button and a pack of special fast passes ( I think it was about 5 or 6 of them) and he basically did a Rock N Roller coaster marathon and went on it one time after the other, using the fast passes and a couple times the single rider, he said he thinks he went about 8 times!! I didn't even think to try to call him at some point during the day to remind him about Star Tours (it had the opening the day before) so he could try that one, as he knew it had been closed but didn't realize that it had reopened. Oh Well.

Raymond went exploring the resort and Downtown Disney, he also did a DVC tour and went on the Characters in Flight balloon (Jealous!! )

We went to World Showcase next. We wanted to take some pics and go in a couple shops and Dave and Amy wanted to ride the Mexico and Norway rides and see the movies in China, and Canada before we headed to our 8:30p ADR. I will continue this in part 4 (picture number again )

10-22-2011, 01:43 AM
Day 7 Part 4, World Showcase









I love this garden


We made it to our ADR right on time, where was it, you ask?


Cont'd next post...

10-22-2011, 01:59 AM
At the Coral Reef, they took us right in but the table they had for us was ridiculous, it was in the back row along the wall in those booths but they had us in one of the half booths that look like they would be for like 4 people, and we were 7!! (and all but 2 of us are pooh sized) So, yeah, that wasn't going to work. The CM said if we wanted to wait a little longer, they could find us another table and we said that would be fine. We went back to the waiting area and only waited a few minutes and they led us to a big table right in front, floor level but the 2nd row from the windows, it was 2 tables with the one long curved booth seat. Here is an empty one I took as we were leaving that was like ours:


Here are a couple pics of the things we saw swimming by, sorry, they are a little blurry but I will post them anyway:






We really enjoyed this meal. I had the seasonal soup, It was a Garlic potato soup that was really tasty. My Dad, Tim and Rose Anne I think had Caesar Salad, Raymond may have had that too. I'm pretty sure Amy and Dave got the "Appetizer for two" but I don't have any pics of the App's.

For the main course, Dave had the Lobster Ravioli, Ray had the Pork, I had the Seared chicken, Amy had the Mushroom Phylo, Tim had the NY Strip and Dad and Rose had the Mahi Mahi.

Amy's Mushroom Phylo:


My Chicken:


This was really good but I will say it wasn't quite as good as it was last year. The skin wasn't as crispy and the seasoning was not as strong, if that's the word. Although it was a little more "brothy" than it was last year and I remember thinking last time that it wasn't as much broth as I thought it would be.

Tim's steak


Rose and my Dad's Mahi Mahi


For dessert, Ray had the Jack and Bailey's Mousse, Amy had the Cheesecake Napoleon, Rose had Key Lime mousse, I believe it was, and the rest of us had the Chocolate Wave (MMMM)





We headed out of the deserted park, I had hoped that Mouse Gears would still be open but it wasn't :sad1: and we started for the bus stop. Our original plan was to go to MK to try and see the MSEP and I really, really wanted to do this but everyone was so tired they all opted out, Tim offered to go with me if I wanted to but I was hurting pretty good at that point too, I had been having a lot of trouble with my feet hurting and blisters, etc the whole trip so sadly we missed the MSEP this trip :sad1::sad1::sad1:

We went back to the rooms and said good bye to my dad, he took the things from our fridge that we wouldn't use in the AM so he could take them home in the cooler (we still had milk, butter, etc) as he was leaving in the morning, most likely very early.

Next up, Last day, my DTD shopping trip, lunch, trip home.

10-22-2011, 08:54 PM
Bumping to first page as I made the updates pretty late last night, and a couple edits today.

10-23-2011, 11:44 AM
Yay on finding the brick your dad had located! :thumbsup2

Love the pics from Tomorrowland esp of Space Mountain with the lights on.

Oh no on the camera situation on Splash - I'm glad you managed to recover it.

Great pics of the parade and WS. I'm happy to read you enjoyed your meal at Coral Reef as this is another one that I am a bit unsure of and the dining reviews haven't always been great.

10-24-2011, 12:58 AM
Yay on finding the brick your dad had located! :thumbsup2

Love the pics from Tomorrowland esp of Space Mountain with the lights on.

Oh no on the camera situation on Splash - I'm glad you managed to recover it.

Great pics of the parade and WS. I'm happy to read you enjoyed your meal at Coral Reef as this is another one that I am a bit unsure of and the dining reviews haven't always been great.

My Dad had seen Space Mountain with the lights on before and told me about it, so it was neat to see it for myself

I was glad to see the parade, I usually don't take the time to see the parades, we are usually too busy doing other things so I was glad to have the chance to see the different ones on this trip.

11-13-2011, 10:09 PM
Day 8, Sunday May 22, Last day, trip home

We got everything packed last night except the toiletries which we got ready this morning. We didn't have to be ready for the ME bus until about 2:30-3p for our 5:20 flight so we had time to kill. Amy and Dave'e flight was earlier than ours so they had to leave by noon, I think it was. I didn't take notes this day so this is by memory rather than notes. My Dad had left at about 6am from what he had said he planned (and what he told me when he called me later in the day) and Raymond left about 7am or so on ME for his flight home to VA.

These were Rose Anne and Amy's deserts from their lunch yesterday:


I took a pic of this balloon, Rose Anne is making a scrapbook and she plans to put this into it. (I confess, I found it out in the hall with the laundry and trash from Housekeeping):


We headed out but 11am check out time. I drove Ray's scooter to the main building for check out and we went to the airline check in and baggage check desk. There was a little bit of a line, but it moved fast. there were a few CM's there asking questions and taking mini surveys about our stay and the service, etc. Tim and I answered some questions and the CM put them right into a small laptop computer.

The airline check in was quick and painless and they printed out the boarding passes. We then headed over to the Artist's Palate to have lunch with Amy and Dave before they left. This was the only time Tim, Dave and I ate here the whole trip. Amy and Rose had eaten lunch here on their free day yesterday and really liked it.

I had the chicken and artichoke flatbread, Tim had the Buffalo flatbread. Rose Anne had the Asian chicken Salad and Amy had a sandwich, it was some kind of a veggie sandwich that was a special (I don't see it on the allears menu), Dave may have gotten this as well, I'm not sure. I had "worms and dirt" pudding for dessert, I don't know what everyone else had. We all enjoyed our Lunch and said goodbye to Amy and Dave.

Tim and Rose Anne wanted to go swimming in the main pool for a little while before we left so they did that and I decided to head over to DTD for a couple hours before we had to meet the bus. I had originally planned to swim, too but I decided I wanted to shop instead, there was still a few things I wanted to look at and I hadn't done much shopping and I actually had a gift card that I wanted to spend.

I was still having issues with my feet so I drove Raymond's scooter over to DTD so I could get there and back quickly. It is actually a nice little ride/walk there along the river. I parked the scooter outside and walked to the stores. I went into the Christmas store and got 2 /Christmas ornaments, one was a 40th anniversary and one was Goofy, Mickey and Minnie on a sled. Here are a couple pics I took of them:




I forget which order I went to the other places but I know I went into Basin and bought a set of shampoo and conditioner bars (I loved the shampoo one not so much the conditioner one) I went into "Little Mis-matched" to look around, it is cute but I'm not a huge fan of patterned socks, I did take a couple pics, though:



I took these pics as well as I was walking around

I love this little statue of Pooh!



I went into Goofy's to use up some of our leftover snack credits and check out the other goodies. I probably could have gotten more but I worried about carrying it all on the plane. They did pack it all in a nice box for me. I got some cookies, a few pretzel logs (the premade ones, but they did have more than just chocolate on them, they had mini reeces pieces, M&M's, etc. ) and a couple other things too but I forget, used a total of 10 snack credits, there were 7 of us on the plan and we had about 15 snack credits left, I was surprised, I thought we had been using them all along but I guess we didn't every day. I wish I had taken pics in here but I didn't for some reason.

I went into the World of Disney store to get what was next on my list. I had wanted some of the Blue Mickey themed things for the kitchen. I got 2 dish towels and a couple pot holders. I looked for a 40th anniversary shirt but they didn't have any Pooh-sized ones, I guess I could have gotten a 2011 or regular Character themed one but I wasn't thinking of that, I was stuck on the 40th Anniv stuff. I also looked for a watch but I couldn't find anything I liked. By this time it was getting late and Tim actually had called to see where I was and my ETA to get back to the resort so I wrapped it up and headed back. I took a few more pics of DTD and the resort on the way back






Nice pics of the walkway



Our pool (Congress Park pool) from the walkway





I got back to the Hotel and Tim and Rose Anne told me about their day, they had a nice time in the pool and relaxed in the shade afterwards. They had just gotten changed out of their suits when I got there. We turned in the scooters - we just had to leave them with Bell Services and Rose Anne called the company she rented from (Randy's Mobility) to let him know they would be there. Then we went to sit on a bench to wait for the saddest bus ride ever!

Our flights home were uneventful, we had a stop-over in Baltimore. One funny thing is that I called my Dad when we got off the plane there and he said he was making good time in his drive home, he had just passed through Baltimore about 20 minutes before I called! LOL

Well I guess that's it, the end of our trip. I really hope I can get there again soon, for now it looks like it won't be until 2013 or 2014 (so sad!! :sad1: ) but at least the new Fantasyland should be completed by the time I get back there.

11-21-2011, 10:56 PM
I am subbing!!!! Skimmed through you TR, but really need to come back and read in detail.

You got some great pics, especially of SSR (my home resort).

Coral Reef looks yummy.

Congrats to Dave for making it through the first round of AI. That's definitely farther than I got when I tried out. :rotfl:

11-22-2011, 01:35 AM
I am subbing!!!! Skimmed through you TR, but really need to come back and read in detail.

You got some great pics, especially of SSR (my home resort).

Coral Reef looks yummy.

Congrats to Dave for making it through the first round of AI. That's definitely farther than I got when I tried out. :rotfl:

:wave: Thanks for reading! I am just about finished, just have some recapping to do.

11-26-2011, 07:19 AM
Last days are always sad :sad2:

Yay on going shopping! Love the Christmas ornaments :thumbsup2

Wow at having 10 Snack credits left - think we had used all ours pretty early on :laughing: Hope you enjoyed all the yummy snacks.

I'm looking forward to the Fantasyland expansion being completed for our next trip as well.

11-26-2011, 09:22 AM
I just caught up on all your pictures and you are so many that are really great! Such beautiful vibrant pictures of all the parades. Really good!

I can't even remember everything I wanted to comment on.

I love the group shots. I think I am skipping photopass in December, but I still want the photographer to take my pic!

The miniature golf course looks like fun. Maybe I will try that in December. I never want to try it went its hot out.

I never realized that the water lilies in LWTL are edible.

The show at the poly looks super cool and, again, you got some stellar pictures of that.

Food, glorious food porn. You had some really scrumptious meals!

Fun TR. Looking forward to the recap!

11-28-2011, 06:28 PM
Last days are always sad :sad2:

Yay on going shopping! Love the Christmas ornaments :thumbsup2

Wow at having 10 Snack credits left - think we had used all ours pretty early on :laughing: Hope you enjoyed all the yummy snacks.

I'm looking forward to the Fantasyland expansion being completed for our next trip as well.

I was glad to have the time to go to DTD. I never thought I could do a solo trip but that time alone made me think I could someday (maybe someday if DH decides he doesn't want to go...)

There were 6 of us on our dining package so it worked out to about 1-2 each leftover so to look at it that way it's not so bad. Last year we had CS credits left too. There were a few other snacks I wanted to try so I will make sure I do that next time.

11-28-2011, 06:37 PM
Responses in purple

I just caught up on all your pictures and you are so many that are really great! Such beautiful vibrant pictures of all the parades. Really good!

I was so glad to get to see the parades this time, we never seemed to have time on other trips

I can't even remember everything I wanted to comment on.

I love the group shots. I think I am skipping photopass in December, but I still want the photographer to take my pic!

I love that the PP photographer will take pics with your camera, too, I definitely take advantage of that, we usually don't get enough pics to make the disc worth getting so this way we still get the pics.

The miniature golf course looks like fun. Maybe I will try that in December. I never want to try it went its hot out.

It was pretty hot that day, luckily we went right into the water park after we were done and cooled off

I never realized that the water lilies in LWTL are edible.

The show at the poly looks super cool and, again, you got some stellar pictures of that.

Food, glorious food porn. You had some really scrumptious meals!

It was funny, my family thought I was nutty for taking food pics but by the end they were tekling me to take them and offering their plates for pics! And yesterday my SIL posted a food pic on Facebook of sushi from a restaurant near her home! (maybe I converted her! LOL)

Fun TR. Looking forward to the recap!

Thanks for reading! Hope to get the Recaps up soon! :yay:

12-03-2011, 12:19 AM
I have decided to do a little recap of our trip by going back to the PTR and finding the "to do" list for each park and see how well we did. I'll start with MK. I copy/pasted the list here--

Magic Kingdom

Hall of Presidents

Haunted Mansion (ok, they did this but the new special effects weren't there yet)

Swiss Family Treehouse
(she shows interest in seeing this, not sure if her knees can handle the steps or not, we'll see how she feels when she sees it)

Country Bears (we sometimes skip this but I think she would like it, and everyone should see it at least once IMO)

Jungle cruise and POTC she saw but will definitely be done, we won't get her on Splash or BTMR but the rest of us will go.

All of Fantasyland (granted SIL/BIL and her sister's family took the kids on arirval/EMH night and most likely saw those rides, so it's not like they didn't do them)
--she doesn't really need to see Dumbo or the Teacups

Carousel of Progress

Monster's Inc show

People Mover

--we won't get her on Space Mountain, and we have no desire to see Stitch

she did go on Buzz(a couple times) and really liked it!

--actually going through the list again she only saw 6 things at the MK!! and she says the lines weren't too bad so that's not why.

--I really would like to have my Dad do the Flag Retreat, I plan to try to make this happen, I really think he would like that. He is retired Army (20 years) and a Vietnam vet. If he can't do it, I would like to at least see it. I talked to MIL about it and she thinks it would be a great idea, too.


We really only spent about 3/4 of a day here, we had to leave by about 5 that day to get to our ADR and didn't make it back as a group, although if you remember DH, my Dad and I did go for a few hours on our last day.

Rose Anne still didn't see the attractions in Fantasyland but DH, my Dad and I did get to see some of it on the partial day we spent there (IASW, Snow White, Philharmagic)

We did not do the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse or the Country Bears which doesn't surprise me but we actually did see Stitch, which we hadn't planned to see (and I don't feel the need to see it again). We did miss the Flag retreat, and that is probably the main thing that I am disappointed in (Besides Pooh and Peter Pan, LOL).

We did everything else on the list so I feel we did fairly well here and we had the bonus of seeing both Parades and the Dapper Dans, as well as Dave getting the opportunity to sing with them! :cheer2:.

12-03-2011, 12:40 AM
Recap of EPCOT

We did well in Epcot, The first few days we were there the crowds were Very Low so we accomplished a lot in the first day at Epcot. Rose still hasn't seen Imagination or Ellen but we did go to Ellen, if you remember from the report, She and Amy opted out of Ellen after the preshow because Amy wasn't feeling well.

We did not do the "Behind the Seeds" tour but that was OK. She did mention that she was able to see a lot more of the displays in the Living Seas and didn't feel as rushed there as she did the last time. I finally got myself on Mission: Space :thumbsup2 (although it was the Green side, My next goal is to try the Orange side!)

We did great in World showcase. :woohoo: We got to see at least some of each country (spent the least amount of time in UK) and saw the Movies in China and Canada, shopped and/or took pics in the other countries. We saw the Drummers in Japan, although I would have liked to go into Mitsukoshi we didn't have time.

I did reach my personal goal of getting into the caramel shop in Germany!! :cool1: :banana: next trip I need to try some of the Caramel corn!

I did learn that Dave's dad is a major thrill ride fan, he did a lot that I never expected him to want to do at all the parks. :)

12-03-2011, 07:11 AM
It's always fun to see what we want to accomplish and what we actually do. I think I may need to put the caramel corn in Germany on my what list! Sounds delish! :goodvibes

12-04-2011, 12:33 PM
It's nice to recap and see what you accomplished and what needs adding to a future list :thumbsup2

I love that you got loads done at Epcot and got to visit each country. I still have to try that caramel corn as well! popcorn::

12-18-2011, 06:46 PM
Here's the list I had done for:
Hollywood Studios

They did very few things here, too.

They did get on TSM a couple times, they saw the Little Mermaid show, Indiana Jones, and Fantasmic and that's it.

Things we definitely need/want her to see:

-The Great Movie Ride-I know it gets a bum rap sometimes but I love it, it does need an update but I hope it stays around for a long time.

-Muppetvision 3D--LOVE this one

-I really would like to see Lights, Motors, Action, we missed this one last year and I really wanted to see it, I think everyone else will like it too. I never asked my dad if he ever saw it (hmmm, note to self...ask Dad about LMA show)

-One Man's dream, I liked this the first time I saw it, I know they refurbed it so I was curious if they added anything new.

-Magic of Animation--I really would like to try the Animation Academy

-Beauty and the Beast Show, I know she would love this (the rest of us do to)

- We do have plans to try to see Fantasmic, she really wants to see it again and thinks Raymond will like it too. (I should add that he is a newbie too so these all apply too him too)

-We may try the new Star tours if it is open when we are there (supposed to be the 20th but you never know, I don't think MIL (Rose Anne) will like this.

-I'm pretty sure Dave will probably want to do ToT and/or RnR. I, for one, have no desire to go on ToT (did once, never again). There is a Very small possibility I may consider RnR but that decision will be made at the last minute. I know DH (Tim) and Rose, and most likely Amy and Raymond won't go. I know my Dad won't go on ToT (same as me did once, and that was enough) but not sure about RnR.

-I would like to see the new Pixar parade if we have the time, but it's not a must-do.

We did fairly well here for really only coming one day and leaving at 4-5pm.

We did TSM x 2

We were able to see the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast

Most of us went on the Great Movie Ride

We saw the Muppets! (yay! :yay: )

We were even able to see the Pixar Parade!

Dave and his dad went on ToT and RnR

Some of us caught Fantasmic! (Dh and I and My Dad and Rose)

We missed:

One Man's Dream, Magic of Animation, Lights Motors, action!, and Star Tours but we did accomplish most of what I wanted to do here.

12-20-2011, 02:48 PM
Yay on getting through most of your goals for DHS! I never got to visit One Man's Dream either but there's always next time ;)

I have to admit Lights, Motors, Action wasn't the best show I witnessed so maybe it's a good thing you never got to see it.

02-24-2012, 02:30 PM
Wow! It's been a long time!

I figured I better get this TR completed, I only have one more recap to do and that is AK. How did we do??

Animal Kingdom

Copied/edited from my PTR:

Must see list:

These are the attractions that my MIL did in March:

It's Tough to be a Bug,
the Safari (they even saw the lions up and walking around!!)
Kali River Rapids,
The Boneyard while everyone else did Dinosaur

We will, of course, repeat these, but it looks like the only things they didn't see that are must see are:

-Festival of the Lion King-- :love:
-My Dad for some reason doesn't care for this but I will get him to see it with us anyway.

-the Maharajah Trek and Pangani Trail- I really hope to see these, especially for the Tigers and Gorillas (I really want to see that baby)

-Flights of Wonder show-- saw this a few years ago, usually skip it but I have heard they changed it some and I think MIL (and everyone else) would like it.

-Rafiki's Planet watch/Wildlife Express- I have always found this interesting, we don't spend a lot of time here but it's nice to see.

-I really want to go on EE this time. DH would have nothing to do with this ride last year and I didn't want to go by myself. They were building it when I was there in 2004, so this is my chance! I will have at least one person to go on it with me

Wow, I thought we did well here but looking at this list we really didn't do much more than she did on March

We did see FOTLK (My Dad waited in line with us but left as we got seated, I don't know why he doesn't like it :confused3 )

We did get to see ITTBAB, Nemo and the Safari (but we didn't see the lions :sad1: )

We did not do either Trek/Trail

We did not get to Rafiki's

We actually were in line for Kali but it had technical difficulties and we had to get out of line.

We did not see Flights of Wonder

One thing on the list that I did accomplish was I FINALLY got on Everest!! I was so looking forward to it and I am glad I did it but I'm not sure I will be in any hurry to go back on it :scared1: I probably will if others are going but I won't go by myself or try to talk anyone else into it if they are reluctant.

Well, if there is a reason for another trip, it is to accomplish the things that we missed on this one! I really hope to get to go back soon but it doesn't look like we will get back before 2014! :sad2: We have tentative cruise plans on Celebrity in November and actual reservations for another cruise (with friends) on NCL in Nov 2013, and although I would do both in one year, Tim doesn't really want to.

I guess there's always hope I will win a OMDD trip, right?? :rotfl:

Well, I think that's all for my 2011 TR! Thanks for reading along with me and hope to see you soon on the DIS!

02-24-2012, 11:24 PM
Sounds like you have a great time in both HS and AK. So glad you got to ride EE! Isn't it great? Sorry you missed both the trails. We finally did both in December (thanks to the cooler weather) and they were so great.

Congrats on having not one, but two cruises booked! Nice!

02-25-2012, 07:29 AM
Glad you got through some of the AK list - hope you get to do the others on a future trip :goodvibes

02-25-2012, 11:32 AM
Sounds like you have a great time in both HS and AK. So glad you got to ride EE! Isn't it great? Sorry you missed both the trails. We finally did both in December (thanks to the cooler weather) and they were so great.

Congrats on having not one, but two cruises booked! Nice!

EE was fun! But a little scary too, it was a lot faster than I really thought it would be.

I can't wait! We are going from NY to San Juan, St Martin, St Thomas, and Samana, DR on the 2013 one, there will be a group of us, our friend and her family are going with a group (Kopeling Society, have you ever heard of it? I don't know too much) and she invited DH and I and our other friend to go. That is about a month after our 10 year anniv so we are using the trip to celebrate that.

The one this year is S. Caribbean and we are looking at a couple itineraries but we have every intention of booking soon.

Thanks for reading!

Glad you got through some of the AK list - hope you get to do the others on a future trip :goodvibes

I hope that future trip is sooner rather than later.
Thanks for reading!

04-23-2012, 10:19 PM
I just read through your completely entertaining TR- and WOW!! That Dave can sing!! That was just soooo cool, I had tears in my eyes- what a wonderful, magical memory. And thank goodness for video!:goodvibes

I love SSR- it is so peaceful and quiet- it was where I stayed on my first ever DVC trip, and I think I'm sentimental about it because of that. :lovestruc Maybe next year.....:goodvibes

Sorry you won't return to WDW for a few years, but it sounds like you have some great things planned in its place- when you go on Celebrity, will it be out of Bayonne? Which ship? That new one, Silhouette, looks amazing- I would love to go on it, but the cruises are a little too long to take without our kids. But someday....we will! :goodvibes


04-24-2012, 11:22 PM
I just read through your completely entertaining TR- and WOW!! That Dave can sing!! That was just soooo cool, I had tears in my eyes- what a wonderful, magical memory. And thank goodness for video!:goodvibes

I love SSR- it is so peaceful and quiet- it was where I stayed on my first ever DVC trip, and I think I'm sentimental about it because of that. :lovestruc Maybe next year.....:goodvibes

Sorry you won't return to WDW for a few years, but it sounds like you have some great things planned in its place- when you go on Celebrity, will it be out of Bayonne? Which ship? That new one, Silhouette, looks amazing- I would love to go on it, but the cruises are a little too long to take without our kids. But someday....we will! :goodvibes


Thanks for reading! :yay:

That was awesome that he got to sing with the Dapper Dans! My dad still talks about it sometimes.

Yes he is quite the singer! He directs a church choir and Cantors at another church, I think he is a director of the Barbershop chorus he belongs to also. His family is very Musical, he and his dad would both just randomly burst into song at various times during the trip, it can be fun and a little weird too, LOL

I really enjoyed SSR. I would probably want to stay in The Springs next time, that was closer to the food court area. This was before the reg DP included the mugs but if we had them it wouldn't have been worth it because the food court area wasn't convenient to get to.

We were looking at the Summitt out of San Juan, although I definitely want to try one of the Solstice Class ships someday. We probably will be putting that one on hold though because Hubby and I have both been out of work on Worker's comp. I am back to work but was out 3/11 to 4/16 with a broken knuckle-I fell on the one patch of ice we had in March, LOL and he went out 3/28- (he broke his ankle at work) and is not back yet. So even though financially we can swing it, I can't see asking for vacation time at this point after missing so much time. I could get the time but I don't think he will be able to.

04-25-2012, 08:22 AM
I just read through your completely entertaining TR- and WOW!! That Dave can sing!! That was just soooo cool, I had tears in my eyes- what a wonderful, magical memory. And thank goodness for video!:goodvibes

I have to go back and watch this because I can not see the link right now in my no picture zone!