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10-03-2002, 09:33 AM
As we try to get some insight into the philosophy of the new guy any comments on these observations by Andrea Monti? article (http://www.jimhillmedia.com/guest/amonti2.html) In visiting the DLP website from time to time it never struck me as a Disney apologist forum, but seemed fairly balanced. Although, I'm sure some sense of nationalism comes into play.

There is the implication that he at least sees value in doing things in a quality way, and that he really enjoys the park experience. Jay is also the man credited for having pretty much returned the Disneyland Park to its 1992 beauty! During his 2-year tenure as CEO of the company he refurbished practically every spot of the park, and added theming elements to the Walt Disney studios (which had been designed prior to his appointment as CEO! He was also the executive who decided to buy a set of Country bears from Disneyland’s closed show…no matter where to place them; Jay knew Europeans had to one day see these Marc Davis creatures in action...even in a distant future (and yes the bears will one day pop upin DLRP)! but I honestly wish you could have all seen Jay standing on that red carpet on the night of March 15th…I swear I saw a tear role down his cheek WDS attraction where cancelled (the sound lab housed between Cinemagique and the TV tour and another animation building) for the mean time in order to add theming elements Jay is the right man to do al this, balancing his love for Disney with huge business capabilities, he surely knows how to stand on his feet, and in some occasions I’m sure he will even be able to face Eisner’s decisions and reply as needed!
Using the domestic parks as the proving ground for new attractions that would later be exported is fine with me. Maybe, this would allow for some higher level of investment than the traditional spreadsheets would support, under the “it’s strategic” banner.

popping HKDL type parks in South America, Australia and Russia…possibly between 2010 and 2020, as well as turning its already existing theme parks into the “Imagineering think tank” which can allow for low cost expansion wherever a Disneyland is needed! What does this mean for us lovers of existing parks? Well, an educated guess, knowing Jay (a bit), and having some fairly reliable information makes me think Jay will use the existing parks as the first copies and then have to play nice in the others by coping already existing-or well tried- rides! These reported “Disneyland lites” will feature rides, shows and/or technology already in place in other parks…which for us visitors to existing parks might not actually turn out as a bad thing! In the end Disney will build new rides and try new technology where its financial results are sure…like in Orlando and Anaheim…and therefore will have to try new solutions and provide us with new experiences in order to “feed” the franchised parks!

10-03-2002, 05:56 PM
[/"I'm certainly not going to be able to turn around a fundamental world trend. Maybe we tilted the balance a little bit toward seeking efficiencies and cost reductions."

People keep pointing to this Rasulo quote as if it means he is somewhat against cost cutting...I think that is reading into it..maybe I am too paranoid and jaded at this point but to me it says, "I can't change the terrible economy in the world but MAYBE I can improve our economic lot a little bit by cutting costs and being more efficient." It is a statement in FAVOR of cost cutting as a means of tilting the balance against the fundamental world trend of a bad economy...