View Full Version : Question about varying lengths of stay in your group

05-19-2011, 03:21 PM
What do you do if not everyone in your party is staying the same amount of time, but you are all in the same room? Can you still book a package vacation? Not sure how this would work. Has anyone done this? Any/all input welcome!

Thank you!!

05-19-2011, 03:54 PM
Everyone in the room has to have the same tickets on your package (but it doesn't have to be the same as your length of stay) and if you have the dining plan, everyone must have the same dining plan for the entire length of the stay, even if some are leaving earlier.

[Additionally, if you have more than 2 adults in one room, you will most likely be charged the additional adults fees for that - I think it is $10 (value), $15 (mod), $25 (deluxe) for each night per person. Not related to your question but it sounded like you might be talking about adults.]

Depending on your situation, you might do better to skip a package and book a room-only reservation and separate tickets, but then you cannot add the dining plan.

05-19-2011, 03:58 PM
Thank you for your response. It would be an adult that has to depart early. I appreciate your help!

05-20-2011, 05:16 AM
Thank you for your response. It would be an adult that has to depart early. I appreciate your help!

You could buy one day tickets for everyone in the room, then once you get down there just go to guest services (either at your resort or at any park or DTD) and upgrade your park tickets to what each person needs. As far as the DDP you would have to pay for the DDP for everyone in the room for the whole stay, as it is based on the length of the resort stay, not park tickets, and everyone must have the same DDP. However, since meal credits are based on the room you could use his credits after he left for yourselves for some Signature restaurant or extra meals. You couldn't order a child an adult meal at a TS though. You can schedule DME for however you want it. Each person is entitled to a round trip with DME and it doesn't matter if some arrive or leave at different times. If more than two adults are in the room you would have to pay the extra adult fee for him.

If he doesn't need DME to get from MCO to the resort, another option would be to just wait and add him at check in. He coudn't get the DDP and would also have to buy his park tickets seperately, nor could he share your DDP credits. When you add someone at check in, you may or may not have to pay the extra person fee. It just depends on if the CM decides to charge you or not. After arriving at the resort, you could call DME and add him for the trip back to the airport if he needs it.