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05-02-2011, 12:47 AM
I've seen several references to people switching hotels after one or two nights. Is this to be close to the park you're going to that day, or just to experience a nicer hotel for one night? Is it worth it? I'd hate to unpack and repack. Plus, where do you put your bags for those lost 4 or more hours between checkout and checkin?

Just curious and may consider for the future. Thanks.

05-02-2011, 01:22 AM
We are staying moderate for the first 2 nights and then switching to deluxe for the last 5 because the first two are peak rates and then change to regular season rates. As far as what happens to the bags we will have a car and will drive over to the new hotel and give our bags to the front desk to hold until our room is ready, sometimes it is ready right away.

It's also a good way to see some different hotels. We are looking fwd to it!

05-02-2011, 01:33 AM
Our reason is to experience downtime at Dlx hotels during days we won't be at the parks. Plus we don't want to pay Dlx prices our entire trip which last anywhere from 9-11 nights. The switch is fairly easy; we use bell services and don't unpack.

4 The Love Of Disney
05-02-2011, 01:42 AM
we did all 3 All Star ( Movies, Music and Sports ) in a 12 night trip. Gave us a chance to compare all 3 from what they offered for kids programming, ambience, etc.

It was kind of fun - and the kids loved it. It wasn't all that bad either from a packing and unpacking type thing. The moving of the suitcases was easy too

This time we are doing Port Orleans Riverside and Boardwalk Inn ( but this time we have a cruise trip on the Dream in the middle )

05-02-2011, 05:50 AM
Some people like to try different resorts and would be ok packing and moving. Some people as PP's, for special rates or certain perks of a hotels location might change for a couple of days.

For DVC members, all the above still apply (lower point costs, trying new things) and also add in that they might need different room sizes. Our last trip was 10 days I think...and we stayed in three different resorts. But, we also went down early stayed in a studio and then a friend and her family joined us so we moved to a Treehouse Villa....then we had a work schedule change that allowed us to stay a few days after so we moved to a one bedroom. Since we were going to move rooms anyway, trying a new resort just made sense.

05-02-2011, 06:28 AM
The first time we did it was because airfare was higher than we expected, and it was the only way to stay within our budget without decreasing the length of the trip. Now we do it for a couple of different reasons. Sometimes the kids and I go down a couple of days before DH arrives, and when it's just the three of us, a moderate or value room is fine. This year we are splitting our time between WDW and US/IoA, so we are moving to RPR after a week at WDW to take advantage of FOTL and the extra hour at WWoHP.

We always rent a car so the move isn't a big deal. I don't mind repacking, since I don't have to do it well enough to check it onto a plane, just well enough that it will fit in the car until our new room is ready.

05-02-2011, 07:09 AM
The first time we did a split stay it was because FD came out and I couldn't make up my mind about which resort to stay at - so we did three. :rotfl:

Now I do them so we can stay at an old favorite and try a new one, or because finances dictate that we stay in a value before staying in a mod or a deluxe, or because we're on DVC points and need another resort for the beginning or end of the trip. :)

Last trip I flew, didn't have a car, and it was super easy to let Bell Services know that I was transferring to another resort. I had a day bag packed, and went to DTD before checking into my next resort. Once it was past 3:00 I called and my luggage was delivered to my new room. It's very easy to do. :thumbsup2

05-02-2011, 07:40 AM
We had originally booked 8 nights at Pop then I got a 40% off deluxe pin in the mail and decided to change our last 3 nights to AKL. For us, we had been talking about staying at AKL but didn't want to pay for deluxe the entire stay - especially the first 5 days when we're really focused on the parks. We'll be ready for some pool time and a hot tub by day 6!

As for packing/unpacking, we usually hang a few things but mostly we live out of our suitcases so that won't be an issue for us. We have a car to store our bags in on transfer day but I've been told that bell services handles if pretty well if you use them. It's our first split stay so I can't really say if it will be as easy as I hope.

I don't think I'd do a split stay with multiple young children as that would seem like a lot of extra work since young families don't usually travel light and the kids can't help w/ the packing/moving.

05-02-2011, 09:15 AM
I've seen several references to people switching hotels after one or two nights. Is this to be close to the park you're going to that day, or just to experience a nicer hotel for one night? Is it worth it? I'd hate to unpack and repack. Plus, where do you put your bags for those lost 4 or more hours between checkout and checkin?

Just curious and may consider for the future. Thanks.

We typically take longer trips. Part of it is to offset cost. For example I had a 40% off code for the Poly last time.. but it didn't cover all my dates so we stayed 4 nights at a mod with a different discount and moved to the Poly for another 7 nights.

This upcoming trip we rented DVC points for 8 nights. After a month or two we realized we could get some more vacation time and decided to add 4 nights to the start of our trip. Well we can't change our current ressie, so we're exploring other options for the first 4 nights. We'll also likely be spending 2 of those first few days at Universal. So we are in the process of deciding where we want to stay for the start of our trip.. and we will likely be looking to go with a cheaper option.. a value or a mod with our CAA discount.

So for us it comes down to cost and we also really like trying new resorts. I don't find it a pain to move at all. I would if it were a shorter trip because it does require packing up and moving around. That would bother me if I had limited park time.

05-02-2011, 09:33 AM
We did a split stay at Pop/off property

a. to save money
b. to try dxdp but for only 4 days
c. not to have to pay for DISNEY when we went to the beach, and did Orlando stuff.

We have considered doing a split at on site places for the following reasons

a. to try new resorts
b. not to have ddp or dxdp the entire time
c. take advantage of different discounts.
For example the kids play and stay is at rack rate so if you pay upfront to have all the tickets to be 7 days then stay 4 nights on this and do 3 more somewhere else with a % off you are doing much better, do dxdp on the first stay you can try 12 ts places and then qs oop for the rest of the trip.

05-02-2011, 09:38 AM
We do split stays if we add an extra day to our vacation at the last minute or if we can't get the correct number of nights in our preferred hotel through DVC. For instance, we are going for a week in October but could only get 5 nights at the Boardwalk so we are going to AKV for the other 2.

We rent a car so we bring our bags to the second resort ourselves. The packing/unpacking thing doesn't take long since we do move our own stuff and since it's for a short amount of time we don't have to be super neat about it. For our upcoming trip, the 2 AKV nights are first so we'll have one bag that we'll need for those two nights and probably leave everything else packed until we get to the BWV.

05-02-2011, 10:21 AM
We are doing a split stay to take advantage of two different discounts.
We are staying three nights at CSR with the kids play free and getting 7 day tickets, then switching to the Poly for 5 nights using the military 40% off rate.

05-02-2011, 10:21 AM
Our trips are USUALLY only 5-6 nights, so normally we wouldn't do a split stay. Although DH and I did do a 3-night split stay in July (without kids). But that was because it was a last-minute trip, we wanted BWV (we're DVC members) but it was only available 2 nights, so we did 1 night at SSR and 2 nights at BWV. This upcoming trip next month, we're staying 9 nights. First staying 5 nights at BWV (original trip plan). Then we added on 4 more nights but (1) didn't have enough points for BWV and (2) Two people are only staying the first 5 nights, which means we will move from a 2-bedroom (with 7 people) to a 1-bedroom (5 people). We are currently booked at OKW with a wait-list for Kidani. (Kidani, BLT and OKW are the only DVC with 1-bedrooms that accommodate 5 people.)

But it's really easy because Disney will transfer your luggage for you! Just have to keep in mind that (1) You may have up to 5 hours without a room on the day of your switch between check-out and check-in and (2) It could be even later for your luggage to arrive at the new resort. Just plan accordingly, and it's not a big deal.

05-02-2011, 10:23 AM
We are staying in a Family Suite for 6 nights and then switching to the Poly for 3 nights. I would have loved to stay Deluxe the whole time but it just wasn't as budget-friendly.

I guess doing split stays gives you the best of both worlds!

05-02-2011, 10:25 AM
We're doing a double split stay this October. We're using our Starwood Preferred Guest points to stay for 5 nights at the Dolphin but we wanted Magical Express so we rented DVC points to get a night on each end at the BWV. Total cost for 7 nights of lodging on property: $360.

So we thought it is worth it to walk to and from the Boardwalk from the Dolphin right next door.

05-02-2011, 11:12 AM
we're doing a split stay this week. here's why:

- we originally booked may 7-14 akv savannah - one bedroom
- then the morning flight we wanted was sold out
- friday's flights were sky high
- thursdays flights were cheap :wizard:
- since we had to add 2 days, we wanted to stay lower cost than a one br
- akv was sold out by this time
- we got a great deal on points for a studio at saratoga springs for 2 nights

we've never stayed at SS so it will be new to us! we plan on taking a cab over to kidani in the morning.

it's just how it ended up working out for us. it was cheaper to go for 9 nights than 7 nights with travel. it's our longest vacation ever and we're so excited!!

05-02-2011, 11:56 AM
We are doing our first split stay this year. We are DVC and booked 11 months out for BLT. A couple of months later, I decided I wanted to shift the trip, a little, and add couple of nights. BLT was booked, so we got 3 nights at Kidani followed by 8 nights at BLT. I am really excited about it now. I have never stayed at Kidani and can't wait for the savana views!

On check-out day, we will bring our bags to bell services, and they will transport them. We have lunch reservations in Downtown Disney, and then we will go to Disney Quest. After that, we plan to go to BLT and check-in. Then, MNSSHP that night.

05-02-2011, 12:03 PM
we did it this time to take andvantage of both of the recent promotions.

3 days at POFQ using "kids stay free promo"
4 days at beach club using "40% off room only"

we normally stay at deluxe resorts, but never paying full price. This is the first trip where my 3 year old needs a ticket, and the last trip where my 9 year old gets a child ticket. So i wanted to use a kid promo the one time they both qualified.

splitting the stays like this, and using both promos saved us in total arounfd $1,000. The only draw is we have to spend the first 3 days at pofq.

05-02-2011, 01:05 PM
We do it to have 2 different experiences and to have more convenient dining.

In October we are doing a split stay starting at AKV and then moving to BCV. We will do dining at AKL for the first few days and then have dining at Epcot/Epcot resort area for the last half of our stay.

We have done this for several of our most recent trips and prefer moving. We are light packers; we never unpack anyway. It takes 15 minutes in a cab ride to move; 30 minutes max to check in. But the time we save in the evenings for the dining is far greater. Added bonus; we get 2 completely different vacations within one.

05-02-2011, 01:29 PM
We did on our previous trip, as we couldn't get a ressie at POP for the full 17 days. But it's nice with a bit of change, it's almost like 2 holidays in one :goodvibes:wizard:

I've seen several references to people switching hotels after one or two nights. Is this to be close to the park you're going to that day, or just to experience a nicer hotel for one night? Is it worth it? I'd hate to unpack and repack. Plus, where do you put your bags for those lost 4 or more hours between checkout and checkin?

Just curious and may consider for the future. Thanks.

05-02-2011, 01:33 PM
We are staying our last night at Csr to save $200. Having a rental car makes it much easier for resort switching as well.

05-02-2011, 01:45 PM
Sometimes I have to book another resorts when I add extra days because our other resort is not available. Sometimes we get a discount for certain days and change over because of price.

05-02-2011, 02:32 PM
I am choosing to switch hotels because I want to experience all the Disney hotels at least once and well, frankly I can't afford that many trips. I work hard for my dollars and I can't justify the cost of a deluxe for a week's stay as compared to the cost of a value resort. So why not spend a night or two in a deluxe just to experience it and enjoy the splurge and then I can have a longer trip? Also great if you are torn between two favored choices, why not both?

05-02-2011, 02:58 PM
During our first trip, we were there early to sleep through jetlag and didn't want to use the DVC points on that, so we stayed at CBR for 2 nights.

Then we had 5 family members with us, so we stayed at a 2 bedroom at OKW.

Family then left and we didn't need the 2 bedroom, so we moved to a 1 bedroom.

Time came to visit Universal so we switched to one of their resorts.

We wanted to finish our trip back at WDW so then we moved back to use more DVC points.

So that's why we did it!

We're going again in September. 1 night...somewhere...2 nights for jetlag was too much, so we'll just do one night for that. 4 nights with the same family in a 2 bedroom.

The points worked out so we needed to move to a studio at Boardwalk (we *could have* stayed at OKW but that sounded boring) for one night, so we'll do that.

Then we move back to OKW for a 1 bedroom.

And now that we've experienced Universal, we want to end our trip there, so we'll move over there!

I do unpack, because it makes each part of the stay feel longer somehow. The short time it took was negligible and it was well worth it.

We had a rental car and we would put our bags with bell services, either at the resort we were leaving (if we didn't have enough time) or at the one we were going to.

For us, the main thing it messed with was our budget, because it increased the tips to bell services.

It's a fun way to see other resorts for me! :goodvibes

Oh, one more thing. When planning our first trip I had intended that our moving days be resort/pool/relaxation days. My hubby and son had requested such days and that's the way I could work them in. Once we got there, however, hubby and son changed their minds, so we did parks on those days as well. But my intentions were good! :)

Princess Mindy
05-02-2011, 03:20 PM
I did a split stay 5 years ago with WDW Swan the first half and AKL the second. I decided upon it not only to experience different resorts, but also wanted to include the Disney-ness of one of their hotels at the end of my vacation for a little extra pixie dust. I loved the contrast between the quiet elegance of the Swan and the ethnic charm of AKL. I'm glad I chose a split stay. I never would for short trips but for vacations of a week or more I see no problem with it.

Tigger's ally
05-02-2011, 03:36 PM
We have done many split stays in the past, and enjoyed all of them. The move is never a hassle for us because we drive. The morning of the move, we have bell services take our luggage, the wife and kids head to the park of choice, I drive the van over to the new hotel and then head to the park to meet up. We always schedule an early dinner at the new hotel and come back for the reservation, then get our room (where the luggage is always waiting) and spend the evening at the new pool.

Also, we usually plan our schedules around the split stay. We stay WL first and do MK and AK while staying there (AK is bus from any hotel). Then we move to BW/BC to spend time at Epcot and the studios.

05-02-2011, 06:10 PM
I switch because I can't ever decide between AKL and Poly. I love them both and want to stay at both of them whenever we're at disney. We always enjoy a "resort day" mid-stay so switching resorts is never an issue.

We usually sleep in; then head over to the second resort around Noon. If we can get into our room - great. If not, we just relax by the pool.

05-02-2011, 06:50 PM
We were originally booked for 3 nights preferred value room and 4 nights Contemporary. After learning about the pixar event (which we found out about inside of our 45 day mark) that ends the day before we were due to arrive, we are now arriving a day early and doing 1 night at the Swan, 3 nights preferred value and 3 nights contemporary. We then head to treasure island for 6 nights and I am contemplating an additional 2 night stay at Disney after.

We did 3 nights at a value because it was so cheap with the kids free deal. We are doing 1 room with 1A/3C on that promo and 1 room with 1A/2 'under 3' with a 35% off PIN. We are then doing 3 nights Contemporary with a 40% off PIN. 6 nights deluxe at rack rate with 2 adult tickets is too expensive and using the 40% off for all 6 nights means we would have to pay for all 3 kids tickets.

Not sure where we would do our additional 2 nights after the beach, but I'd like to do WL or Poly since we will be spending those days at MK.

As far as moving with 5 little kids, we did a lot of offsite moving last trip (3 orlando locations and a beach location) and it wasn't bad.

ETA: Our main reason for wanting a deluxe is for the monorail since car or bus travel is hectic with several small children and a double stroller, but that perk does us no good on the 3 days that we will be at DHS and AK.

05-02-2011, 07:02 PM
Its a great way to experience another resort that may not be in your budget otherwise. My DH and I stayed at AKL for only 4 nights. In the summer we are going with our daughter and her friend, they have to pay for themselves. If they want the AKL experience they could purchase one night there and maybe even skip the parks that day in order to enjoy watcching the animals and spending time at the resort. But if they are planning to be in the parks all day, they don't need more than a clean place to shower and sleep. This way they can experience both in a more affordable way.

05-02-2011, 09:12 PM
We are DVC members. We did it last October and are doing it again this year. Both times are because family asked to join us so I had to book a 2 BR instead of a smaller unit. I could not get BWV for the entire stay, so we had to switch resorts. I feel that the location of BWV is ideal for Food & Wine, so we will concentrate on that when staying at BWV. When we are elsewhere we can visit the other parks.

05-03-2011, 08:21 AM
We are DVC members also. We wanted to stay at the BCV this trip, but it was not available for our entire trip. So we are at the BC for three nights and then at the WL for seven. Moving is simple. You leave your bags with bell services and they transfer everything for you. I pack with the move in mind, with the clothes each kid needs for the first three days at the top of their suitcase.
We have done this one other trip. We were booked at BLT, then DH was all bummed because he wanted to stay at the WL, so I split the trip in half and did half at each resort. Then flights worked out that it was so much cheaper to fly in a day earlier, so we did a one night stay at Pop.

05-03-2011, 09:05 AM
I've seen several references to people switching hotels after one or two nights. Is this to be close to the park you're going to that day, or just to experience a nicer hotel for one night? Generally, to spend some time in a hotel they couldn't afford for the entire trip. Is it worth it? Not in my opinion. It's a major pain in the neck. I'd hate to unpack and repack. Plus, where do you put your bags for those lost 4 or more hours between checkout and checkin? The new hotel will hold your stuff.

The packing and unpacking things is SO much worse when you're there than it sounds like it will be when you're at home.

My advice is always to pick a hotel you can afford and just stick with it. The only reason I ever switch is to go to a Uni hotel (if I'm not spending my whole vacation in the Uni hotel.)

05-03-2011, 10:08 AM
We enjoy switching hotels when we stay longer than 7 nights. We have already done 4 nights at the CR and enjoyed the convience of the MK right at our doorstep, followed by 5 nights at the YC/BC resorts where we were close to Epcot and HS. It kind of makes us feels like we are getting two vacations instead of just one. :woohoo:

05-03-2011, 10:55 AM
For us, it's usually because of adding on days later in the planning process.

Often, we book a stay with our DVC points, then decide to add days on either end using cash. That's what we're doing with our upcoming trip in June.

We originally booked our 5 night stay at OKW on points. We don't have any more points beyond that, as we're saving the rest to go towards next year's Grand Gathering trip.

But we wanted to drive down a night early, so we added a night at BWV at the beginning of the trip with our AP discount. But then we thought we'd like to add a day at the end of the trip too - so for that we're also staying on cash with the AP discount at VWL. This'll be our first triple split stay - all of our others have been double stays.

We've never had a problem with bell services taking care of our luggage. Sometimes we have a car, sometimes we don't. But the resort is great at taking care of it.

We don't fully unpack ever, so moving resorts is not really an inconvenience.

05-03-2011, 11:17 AM
We have done it both ways... stayed at one place and split stays... The fun for us, since we are DVC and not on any packages that we can check out different resorts. For our upcoming trip we have 5 nights at Boardwalk and 5 nights at Bay Lake booked.. I cannot wait!! We are trying something new (to us) BWV then returning home to BLT to end our vacation.

05-03-2011, 03:58 PM
I love split stays and am doing one next week. It used to be only about the cost-- staying at POP for say, the first two nights makes me feel better about staying at a more expensive resort the rest of the time. Also, I used to rent DVC points to stay at deluxe villa resorts without breaking the bank, but could only do so when it was cheaper on Sun-Thursday-- so I would book POP on the weekend days. Split stays make even more sense now that I am a S/D fan who also loves the Magical Express. Next week I am doing 2 nights POP/5 nights Dolphin. The pros are:

-I get ME on arrival, which I LOVE (I don't care about it so much going back to the airport because it would make me kind of sad-- I actually prefer a towncar at the end of the trip)

-I got those first 2 nights at POP super-cheap with a pin code and if offsets the nights at the Dolphin

-the Dolphin seems AMAZING after 2 nights on the beds at POP (a resort I also love, don't get me wrong)

-Two "beginning of vacation" moments

The cons are not important to me. I don't have kids, don't unpack, and Disney takes the luggage (or I take a cab). I'm so excited!

05-03-2011, 04:31 PM
I actually enjoying doing a split stay. We planned for moving day to be a pool day/relaxing day. It worked perfectly.

We totally unpack each day. However each person has their own suitcase and drawer so it's easy to put everything back in a suitcase, call bell services and get going. The only bad part for me is packing toiletries.

I wouldn't do it if I were only staying 2 days or less in a hotel. That's just me. It takes me that long to settle in and get comfy.

05-03-2011, 04:39 PM
The first time we did this was because we were staying there during the holidays and my DD had always wanted to stay # the Poly which is $$ so Christmas morning her box my DD and Niece got was a box with a note in the bottom surprise we are going to the Poly....
In 10 days we are going and staying @ All Star Sports for the 1st half because my DS, wife and 2 grandsons are going for the first time and we will spend the 1st part of our trip with them.
It is so easy that after the first time we now switch just to try different hotels. Our goal is to stay at them all.