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04-29-2011, 05:59 PM
At the end of May we are visiting BLT for the first time. Our first day there we will be at the resort, we plan on enjoying the resorts amenities. Can any of you that have visited BLT fill me in on any fun things to do or look for while we are there?

04-29-2011, 07:22 PM
Knowing the ages & make up of those in the party (adults? kids? kids ages? boys? girls?) would be helpful but in general, pool, boat rentals, dive-in movies, community hall...

04-29-2011, 07:37 PM
What is the Dive-in movies? I will be staying at my home for the first time in Nov.


04-29-2011, 08:04 PM
They don't really have the dive in movies at BLT or CR. There is a movie screen between the two with chairs to sit in. Still nice though. Don't forget the marshmellow roast by Bay Lake in the evenings. Of course there is the view of Wishes from the rooftop if you are a DVC member. There is also shuffle board and the pool is great too.

04-29-2011, 08:32 PM
They do a movie outdoors every night on a big inflatable screen between Blt and the contemporary.

CR Resort Fan 4 Life
04-29-2011, 08:59 PM
Even though it's located on the 4th floor of the Contemporary in my opinion their arcade is the best among the ones located in the Deluxe Resorts, so that could be something to think about.

04-30-2011, 09:44 AM
My kids had a great time in the community hall. Arts and crafts, video games and movies, etc.

04-30-2011, 10:30 AM
What is the Dive-in movies? I will be staying at my home for the first time in Nov.


"Dive-in Movies" are where they set up a giant inflatable movie screen by the pool at night so you can watch & swim. There is a different movie every night.

In the early days of BLT it was set up more in the courtyard area outside of community hall (inside the "C"). Since then, it has been set up in the area between BLT & CR. SSR, for example, sets theirs up at the High Rock Spring pool at the base of the stairs that lead to the slide/Artist Palette.

You will receive an activities guide in your welcome packet that lists days/times for differnt events at the resort during your stay.

05-03-2011, 10:35 AM
We had fun watching the water pageant at night.

05-03-2011, 06:32 PM
One of the coolest things we did when we were at BLT 2 weeks ago was rent Sea Raycers from the Contemporary marina. We got 2, one for me and DS5 and one for DH and DD7. We had a blast zipping around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon. Also, as DVC members we got 10% off, which was nice. Have fun! :goodvibes