View Full Version : Bell hop services to self park POLY?

04-27-2011, 06:04 PM
Is this okay, or should I valet? Family plans on using WDW transportation thur 5 night stay.

04-27-2011, 06:31 PM
Do you mean can you pull up and unload your bags with Bell Services then move the car? Yes, we always do that if we're not going to use the valet. There's no reason to pay for the valet if your car is going to sit in the parking lot all week, unless it makes you feel better for some reason. We only use valet for convenience, when we are going to be using the car frequently.

04-27-2011, 06:36 PM
Thanks, I was just ensuring that was the norm.

CR Resort Fan 4 Life
04-27-2011, 07:44 PM
Whenever we have stayed at the Contemporary and Boardwalk Inn we always had a Bell Service Cast Member unload our luggage, however since we weren't going to valet we parked the car ourselves and then checked-in.