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09-29-2002, 07:48 PM
Ok, at this point everything is still fine and
we are having a good time. Sat night (1st night)
we went to Beaches and Cream and used 2 Connection vouchers. We ordered double cheeseburgers and onion rings on one, fries on the
other and 2 drinks. What can I say, the food was
good and we shared because it was so much. I just
had to try the kitchen sink. The announcement
when they brought it out was fun and the table
next to us was shocked when they made a mistake
and took it to them. Confusion for a minute, but
they got it to us and we dug in. LOL This thing
is huge and it was a wonderful experience trying
to eat what we could. I got some good pictures to
remember this event. We couldn't even try to eat
very much of it because of all the other food. It
was one of the most enjoyable things that we did,
and I recommend trying it if you have vouchers.
Just make sure that you share because it is way
too much food.
Like I said in the first post we mostly stayed
around the AKL because we couldn't break away
from all there was to do there. We finally went
to MK on Mon afternoon and it was very crowded
for late Sept. We did use fast pass for SM and
GTMR, 1 hour wait with FP. It started raining
around 4PM and then the bottom fell out. We
decided to leave when it slacked for a minute.
I went to get the car and then it rained really
hard, like a flood. DS was pushing the stroller
and he didn't have the seat belt on DGD. He was
going downhill and didn't make it through the
flood water. DGD flipped out and landed in the
flood water and was soaked, but not hurt. This
is the point where things started to get a little
rough. We were all soaked, tired and the kids
were crying and screaming (in unison) all the
way back to the hotel. Granny had to try to stay calm on that drive, but it was a test to my
nerves. Ok, we made it back, dried out and
dressed to go eat. Well, DS and DDIL decided
that they would wait and go out for the evening
to eat. My better judgement told them that it
was not a good idea since they didn't know how
to get around in Orlando. DS is a taxi driver
so he said they would be fine. Off they go with
the rental car and a few maps. Granny is watching
the kids and they were all fine and sleeping so
good. OK, granny is an early riser and up at 6
AM, no DS or DDIL in sight. At 7AM they make it
back. They had parked the car at 10PM in a bank
parking lot, lots of other cars there, no signs
about not parking there. They get back and the
car is gone. They walk around to the front of the
parking lot and see a small sign on a tree that
has a phone # to call if your car is missing. Ok,
3 hours later and $100 shorter they have the car
back. Got lost, no sleep and no parks for them
that day. Granny is having thoughts about who
won't be making the next trip. LOL to be cont.

09-29-2002, 07:57 PM
Oh my goodness:eek: Sounds like somebody messed up!! HOpe tomorrow goes better.