View Full Version : arrival date 9/7

04-13-2011, 12:47 PM
Hi guys! So i just accepted my invitation!! I am so excited about this opportunity. When they asked which date, I chose september 7th because I figured more time with my boyfriend and cat will be great! :) However, I am realizing that by choosing a late arrival date I may not be in the housing complex I hope to be in. I do not want to in vista... at all. I hope to be in Chatham. And Patterson isn't really an option because it's too expensive for my taste and I would like to come home with some money.

Do they leave rooms open for late arrivals? i know it's a first come first served basis but will I be stuck with patterson if both chatham and vista are filled up? Do I even have a chance? hahah thanks for anyone who answers me or helps out!

Is anyone else arriving on this date??