View Full Version : Roommates for Non-Disney Housing Fall 2011

04-02-2011, 12:29 PM
I know there's another thread, but that thread is mainly aimed at people in the College Program who wish to live in the Disney sponsored housing. I personally would rather live elsewhere because I think $550 a month to share a room is too high.

Here's a list of the questions that would help get to know each other.

1. Your name?:
2. Male or female?:
3. Gay, straight, bi (optional):
4. Where do you live?:
5: Your college:
6: Your major:
7. What role will you have at Disney?:
8. What is your arrival date?
9. Are you legal (over 21)?:
10. Which apartment complex would you prefer? wellness or non-wellness (if over 21)?:
11. How many roommates/rooms would you like? (1-7 roommates, 1-4 rooms)?:
12. Are you messy/tidy?:
13. Do you drink?
14. Do you like to party? Will you be hosting parties in your apartment?:
15. Do you smoke, and if so, inside or outside?:
16. Are you a night person or a morning person?:
17. Are you driving or flying down?:
18. What's your favorite food, and can you cook well?:
19. If your friends could describe you in three words what would they be?:
20. What kind of music/movies do you like?:
21. What do you do for fun?:
22. What is your favorite quote?:
23. What are you most excited about in being in the WDWCP?:
24: On the disney fan-o-meter, where do you rank:
25. Name one good quality about yourself:
26. Name one bad quality about yourself:
27. Any medical conditions (optional):
28: What is your favorite Disney movie:
29: Do you like to eat out a lot:
30:Will you be in a relationship during the program:


04-02-2011, 06:43 PM
Have you searched to see how much other apartment complexes in the area are?

Wondering what you've found :) If I get into the program, I haven't 100% decided if I'll be living in the Disney apts or not.