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03-25-2011, 02:48 PM
We just got sudden news my husband was being transferred to the central Florida area. Now we have 3 weeks to move down there from PA! He will be transferring with his current company here in PA but was also just offered a job part time at Disney ( which we would love to accept just for perks alone!) I will post more detail on that once its official. We are pretty excited about it .

I need lots of help with choosing a safe area. I homeschool so schools are not a issue. Just safety and being within 15 minutes of the Disney parks . We want to keep it under 1,500 max so we can save to buy a house . We are looking for a home and not a townhome or condo. We dont care about pools .

Originally I wanted Celebration but you cant much over a townhome / condo and thats if you look really, really hard .

Then we looked at the townhomes in Windermere . Found some great ones on Reams rd behind the MK. I sent my husband to tour a few . In the end the townhomes just didnt appeal to me. I cant see myself in one. We just need more space and have to much stuff to be comfortable. Plus I hate being crammed against another house.

What about Davenport ? I have heard mixed things . I know the schools are bad but I HS so thats a mute point . How is the crime ? When I looked at the stats on here it shows as if its somewhat below the national average . But yet I have heard some bad things so I am confused .

How far would you say it is to the parks / Celebration ?( friends there) Would you say it feels safe ? Where do people that live in Davenport shop ? Are the shopping areas nice ? If not how far to nicer ones?

Most of the homes I have looked at appear to be just under the four corners area . Seems like you get a pretty nice home there for the money . But thats what makes me worry .

Any help or advice please. I am panicked about how fast we have to move so please please post as much detail as you can. Thanks a ton !

03-25-2011, 02:57 PM
Check out the Dr. Philips or Hunter's Creek neighborhoods. Dr. Philips is jsut up I-4 from Disney, near Windermere, and Hunter's Creek is a 15-20 drive away from Disney. I've lived in both areas and they're very safe and family friendly. 32819 is a zipcode for Dr. Philips, look west of Universal Studios. And 32837 contains the Hunter's Creek area, look west of Orange Blossom Trail.

03-25-2011, 06:25 PM
Check out Gotha and MetroWest as well (just make sure it's south of Old Winter Garden Road). Also, anything down Apopka Vineland Road is ideal (takes you straight to Disney).

03-25-2011, 06:29 PM
Woodskeeper and Rahel

Thank you ! I will go check out those areas right now. I am using mostly craigslist and google maps to find and locate things . Are there any good sites out there for rentals ?

03-25-2011, 07:26 PM
Camden World Gateway is a great place to rent, gated entry, fitness center/pool/tot lot, it is between 192 and 535 (14563 global circle, orlando, 32821) 2/2 is +-1100, a lot of cast members live there