View Full Version : Disneyland Water Park-Confirmed by Birnbaum's

09-24-2002, 11:08 AM
I was looking at the description of the Birnbaum's Disneyland Resort 2003 book over on amazon.co.uk and it says

''and an exclusive preview of the Disneyland Water Park''

has anyone got the guide who can confirm what theme it will be


09-24-2002, 11:49 AM
Wow - sounds like I'll have to stop by Barnes and Noble on the way home tonight to check this out.

09-24-2002, 12:41 PM
I can look in the guide at work tomorrow, but the last time we were there we saw that they had purchased Strawberry Fields (a pick your own strawberry farm) and the scuttlebutt was that it would be made into a water park. I'm sure someone here knows about it.

09-24-2002, 01:16 PM
I spoke with a friend of mine who lives a few miles from DL yesterday, and he said that everyone that he knows is buzzing about the soon to be built waterpark. I have no idea how reliable that information is, but he seemed to be pretty confident. I have never had him give me false information. Usually what he mentions is confirmed a short time later.

He said that it was going to be built on recently purchased property, as opposed to something that they have held for awhile. Does that make any sense?