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05-04-2001, 02:40 PM
I'm soooooo excited!! :bounce: I just booked my airfare for December. No, I did not get some amazing rate...but I've got tickets and I'm going to Walt Disney World!!!!!!:bounce:

Just had to share my excitement with those that would understand...:p

Now for my question....Yes, I really do have a point ..... has anyone stayed at the Marriott near Detroit Metro? I've booked a park and fly deal with them where we get a room for one night, parking for the week, and shuttle service to and from the airport. Just hoping I picked the right hotel and that it's nice. Some of those hotels down there are...shall we say, not so nice!:confused: :confused:

TIA for any advice.

05-05-2001, 07:00 AM
I've stayed at the Marriott which is inside the terminal at DTW. It was rather nice. There isn't a restaurant, per se, but I feel that the Innkeeper restaurant, right under the hotel, is the best place for prime rib in Detroit area.

05-05-2001, 11:56 AM
Thanks for the info. We are going down early on Saturday so we have lots of time to find our hotel. Maybe once we find it we can check in and then head out to Innkeeper for steaks...DH loves a good steak!:)

Thanks again!!:bounce:

05-05-2001, 02:28 PM
I know just how you feel TerriP, I just got off the telephone with USAir and have finally purchased two more tickets to go with our two award tickets, so the whole family can now fly together. After e-mailing customer service I even got our seats together. This was not an easy feat as the outbound flight is already overbooked.:) :) I don't think I got the best rate possible either, but at least I can sleep at night now:bounce: