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03-10-2011, 07:23 PM
Can we start a thread so I can get some different ideas for little gifts for dd's for Easter..

They're 8 and 10 yrs old and for several years now, I've set up a scavenger hunt on Easter morning for them to find all the stuff that goes into their basket (leave the basket empty on couch with 1st clue in it).

I don't like getting them a whole bunch of candy, so each year I try to come up with different little gifts at each "station".

Just having a hard time coming up with stuff this year.. so far, i've gotten them their choc. bunny (only candy they get each year), parachute bunnies, soda pop bubbles, puzzles, aerobies (like frisbees), card games, and bunny bowling.

Would like about 4 more things to get.. try to make about 10 stations for them with something for each of them at each station.

We're going to be doing a lot of camping this year, so was trying to think of something they could take along/do during the trips.. but so far haven't really come up with anything.

Neither of them are really "girly" girls... older dd likes sports, boy-type toys, etc... younger dd is the more girly one, but she's got a ton of purses/jewelry/etc, so probably gonna stay away from that type of thing.

Any ideas? Thanks, :goodvibes

03-10-2011, 07:29 PM
Jump rope
some sort of craft kit
kite (I got one for my kids each year for years and they loved them)
soap crayolas
sidewalk chalk
seeds to plant in a garden or pot
super ball

03-10-2011, 07:38 PM
Thanks for the ideas!

Love the seed/pot idea! Also, kites would be wonderful!

And forgot, I did get them a book each already, that reminded me, lol.. bought them couple wks ago at the school book fair (had to smuggle them while dd's weren't looking, :))

03-10-2011, 07:38 PM
Tangled movie (comes out March 29)
Kingdom Keepers 4 book (if they like the series) - comes out April 5
iTunes cards if they have iPods
earrings or nail polish for the girly one
LED flashlights for camping (or reading under the covers at night ;))

03-10-2011, 09:12 PM
We do a lot of stuff they are going to need anyway but just a little special:

-a cute summer t-shirt
-bathing suit
-flip flops
-water bottle
-sun glasses
-pool toy
-beach towel

A few non candy food treats:
packs of gold fish, trail mix, whatever is their favorite.
-juice boxes

Small amount gift cards: fast food, ice cream, movie, build-a-bear or whatever!

03-10-2011, 09:33 PM
I always buy "special" things that I can put in their lunchboxes that I don't usually buy because they are pricey like the pre-packaged cookies and treats.

03-10-2011, 10:36 PM
When is Easter? I know, 39 days.

03-11-2011, 12:23 AM
You said camping and I immediatley thought of glow sticks and glow bracelets and stuff. I always take glow things camping with us because the kids love them and it helps me see them at night. They think it's great and I love the pratical side of it;) Also: visors, beach balls, flip flops, packs of cards.

03-11-2011, 06:50 AM
my kids Easter baskets always get overfilled... I like the fun visual of it...DD's (15) will have flip flops, socks (i roll each pair and tie with ribbon), tank tops (rolled and tied), swimsuits, nail polish, candy... and DS's (5) will have a dvd, wii game, lego's, flip flops, t-shirt, socks, candy... they both get plastic eggs with money in them (not much, mabye $5).. lots of easter grass too!
i do 4 baskets, my two kids, my neice and my dd's "boyfriend" this year..

03-11-2011, 10:49 AM
I'm thinking camping...
water bottle
flash light
day bag
s'mores kit?
mad libs
card games

03-11-2011, 10:55 AM
sidewalk chalk
caribeaner clips
glow bracelets
coloring book/crayons
word search book
new kickball/playground ball

Have fun!

03-11-2011, 10:56 AM
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas everyone!!

Keep 'em coming, :)

03-11-2011, 10:59 AM
I got a really cute disney princess flashlight at walmart last fall for camping. How about a couple compasses or whistles? Maybe inexpensive binoculars (the cheap kid kind) for seeing birds while you are out there. I've actually seen children's binoculars with build in compass, whistle and flashlight before. :laughing:

03-11-2011, 11:36 AM
This year instead of a big basket I got both my dd's4 and 8 chamilla kids bracelets with a Minnie mouse charm and each have a half of a best friends charm.

03-11-2011, 12:14 PM
Thanks for the ideas!

Love the seed/pot idea! Also, kites would be wonderful!

Target has seeds in pots in the Dollar section. I got a couple of sunflowers and strawberries.

My boys always liked the bug catchers and nets you can get at the Dollar Store.

03-11-2011, 01:18 PM
How about -
-- A small guidebook on something like identifying animal tracks or plants or birds. That might be neat. You could also tuck in a small journal for keeping notes on their adventures.
-- Some chapstick with sunscreen
-- Craft supplies - my DD loves the stickers in different shapes and colors and textures to decorate her binders and bags and anything else that will hold still.:rotfl:
-- Disposable cameras
-- A new light rain jacket or poncho that folds up and stows away into its own little pocket
-- Scrapbooks and supplies for memories of their trips - some stuff especially themed to camping would be fun.

03-11-2011, 09:50 PM
These are great ideas guys. I am having a c section in 3 weeks and want to have everything done before the baby comes, so these ideas are wonderful! :)

03-11-2011, 11:52 PM
Something that we did last year was a lego set. For the egg hunt we put a few lego pieces inside each of the plastic eggs. I think we put the directions in the baskets with a few other things and then they had a lego set to put together after ward. My son and nephew really liked it.

03-12-2011, 01:11 AM
We went camping one year for Spring Break and left the day after Easter so the kids got a smores kit (marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, and sticks). I used large sand buckets instead of baskets and the supplies took up a good bit. I added a kite, dollar store glow sticks, and bubbles plus our usual new beach towel and flip flops (bought for baskets every year and great for the budget because I'd buy them anyway)

The extendable roasting sticks were a huge hit. I bought them at Walmart and the kids love them.


03-12-2011, 11:17 AM
my mom got DD this last year for easter b/c she loves to play "campout"
its actually pretty bright, its very cute and small, perfect for little hands. She loves it.
DD is into American girl so I usually hit a thrift shop and look for a few outfits for cheap.
I ordered her Junie B Jones, the first book in the series so we could start on that. I think she'll like it b/c she'll be able to identify with Junie, same age, same grade, etc.
Not sure what else I'll get her this year. GL

03-12-2011, 12:20 PM
My kids liked the elf so much this christmas, so I think a magical bunny is going to visit us in a few weeks. He will give most of the little treats, so far I have little Lego sets and some LPS sets from last Easter's clearance. Then he will do some silly bunnyish things. For the basket, I don't go all out... And I will probably have a LPS egg hunt with stuff I picked up during Target's toy clearance and some leftover Vday cards. Should be fun!

03-12-2011, 12:54 PM
I will tell you the thing my kids ADORE when we go camping-head lamps!!! My DH had one and they were always fighting over it so we ended up getting each one if us one to use.

I got cheap TOTES brand ones around Christmas, but you can find them on Amazon as well.

Other things we take camping that would be good:

*colored pencils/sketch book (get a pencil sharpener as well)
*glow sticks
*a "shower bucket" that they can use to carry personal items back and forth (hairbrush, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, etc.). You can get paint markers and decorate them yourself or let them do it
*hand-crank flashlight or ones you squeeze to get them to work

03-12-2011, 01:06 PM
Not camping related but I love the little toy section Target has for each holiday. They had little stuocking stuffers at xmas and little toys at easter, a lot already in eggs. DS loved the CARS that came in the eggs so I will be getting him those again this year. And he loves his Easter Mr. Potatoe head that they had. Not sure what they have this year but the price always seem resonable.

03-12-2011, 04:19 PM
I second the headlamp idea. My youngest loves the one we have. They can be a lot of fun for playing outside at night. Cute flashlights would be another alternative......or the little lanterns - great for reading the books while they are camping ;)

I love, love, love the bracelet idea someone had for their daughters. My DD has a Bauble Lulu (she has, up to this point, been to hard on jewelry to try anything expensive) and she enjoys it.

I'm going to look into those roasting sticks, myself. My kids love a "campfire" even though we aren't campers. Those would be awesome!

I'll add what I have set back or picked out so far:

YDS is done. He is getting the little LED alien toy story game, 3 leap frog books for his TAG reader, a LEGO buzz lightyear watch

DD is done. Already on hand: AG Sugar dog, 2 AG fashion scrapbooks (Samantha and Felicity), AG Coconut joke book.

ODS....yeah. He is 11 going on 21 LOL I *think* I will get him some comic books, an iTunes card (but would need to give DD one as well... I might get the 3 pack and use the third myself :rolleyes1), and XBOX points.

All 3 will get candy and money filled eggs - I usually buy a couple of small bags of candy, some $1 bills, and fill eggs myself. Sometimes we hide them in my mother's yard and let them hunt while we sit on the porch and talk. If the weather is disgusting the Bunny will probably just drop them off in the basket LOL

Almost everything I've bought I've gotten either on sale or in the post-Christmas clearances. The only item I bought at full price was the LED game and it was $10 so I'm kind of tickeled!!

03-12-2011, 07:55 PM
I just found some cute Disney stuff at various dollar stores:

At the Dollar Tree I got "Magic Towels". Apparently they are compressed wash clothes. You put them in water and they expand. They had them in various Disney Princesses, Tinker Bell, Cars, Toy Story, and Sponge Bob. All a dollar each.

At Family Dollar I bought snack plates, bowls, and containers. They also had cups and water bottles in Disneys Princesses, Tinker Bell, Cars, and Toy Story. All were a dollar each as well. I also got a princess night light for 2 bucks. I saw Disney socks, plastic chairs, slippers, and various toys.
Hope this helps!:goodvibes

03-13-2011, 09:12 AM
My kiddos are each getting a mini pillow pet (around $10 each at Target). They love their regular pillow pets and want to take them on the plane, but I think the mini ones will be much easier to shove in their backpacks. Other than that, just a few small candy items and maybe a book for each of them.

03-13-2011, 09:36 AM
We are just doing a small pail each of candy. Then I'm going to build a bear and each getting them the hop bunny and outfit. I use to fill a basket but in the end that ends up costing more. I did get Tangled but I think I'm just going to give the girls that one.