View Full Version : Adding days at Universal to front of Disney trip...enough time???

03-09-2011, 01:33 PM
As it stands now we are heading to Disney Aug.10-16th. We have a reservation for Hard Rock Hotel on Aug 9th for one night only to take advantage of the FOTL pass on both days. Our flight won't get into MCO til 10:30 so I'm guessing we won't get to hotel til around noonish. If we head to Universal and also plan on doing IOA will we have enough time to do everything if we have to head over to Disney on the 10th around 4:00pm. We have never been to universal/IOA and I'm afraid that we are not gonna have enough time.

I'm not sure if we add another night at HRH if it's worth the $400 it will cost in hotel and tickets. WWYD??? (I need to decide soon so I can purchase airfare)

03-09-2011, 02:10 PM
The only experience we had with UO was in 2002 and we tried to tack on 3 days AFTER a week at Disney. There were a lot of other factors (kids too young, it was spring break/mardi gras) but we actually headed home early after one day because we were so disappointed.

Sooo......for our 2011 trip, we are doing the same thing as you. Just staying one night onsite, which is our arrival day, and hoping to be able to do USF that day, and IOA the next. We are going when the parks are only open 9-5, so I hope we can do it all. I'm not willing to spend another $300-$400 for another night onsite, either. We'll likely have 3 day passes so if the kids really want to go back, we'll take another day, but we'll have to wait in the regular lines.

03-09-2011, 02:54 PM
it should be enough time - went went in 09 but stayed in Universal 4 nights. We loved Universal - we did it at the end of our trip as recommmended and glad we did - so relaxing! Also stayed at the Hard Rock - what if u say an extra day and stay at the lower price hotel - it is also ver nice - we went for theday to visit! again u will have enough time BUT that means non-stop and check the time the parks close - they are not open as late as disney!

03-10-2011, 09:44 AM
OP here! While looking at airfare I found that adding a day onto Disney at the end of our trip would only cost us about $100 more than our package now because the airfare was gonna be $310 cheaper. So I called and added a day onto Disney!!!

So, Aug 9th, one night at HRH and then off to Disney Aug 10-17.

I suggested to hubby that we cancel our first night at Disney and add that night to HRH. So we will do Aug 9 & 10th at HRH and then we go to BC Aug 11-17th. I think we might actually get to enjoy the hotel and maybe even visit the pool while at Hard Rock Hotel since we will have more breathing time!!!!

03-10-2011, 10:22 AM
Big mistake. Once you get spoiled by the Hard Rock is and see how wonderful FOTL can be your WDW time will seem lame by comparison. Since you are arriving late I would make a list of priorities and head to those first. If you want to see Harry Potter you can either go over about 90 minutes before closing time when the crowds are thinned out or you can get up for Early Entry at 8am the following day. Just about everything else in both parks is covered by FOTL so you just show your room card and stroll on in, so even though you are arriving late you will actually have enough time to hit every major ride except Forbidden Journey and Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit on your first day.

IF you are a WWOHP fan I would use at least a half day to explore the shops and rides. Get in line for Ollivander's first because that is the one that fills up the fastest and stays full the longest, even longer than Forbidden Journey because it moves so much slower. The show is okay to see once and if you've seen the show and just want to look for wands or other merchandise you can go in the back way.

The queue for Forbidden Journey through the castle completely destroys anything WDW has done in the way of themeing. You'll want to take your time even if the line is short. Once you've seen the inside of the castle you can bypass the queue and use the single rider's line if all you want to do is ride multiple times.

Last time we were at the Hard Rock I had my 16-year old neice and 14-year old nephew with us. What really surprised us was the amount of time they spent on poolside activities. The REALLY loved their stay and I hope you have half as much fun as they did.