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03-09-2011, 11:13 AM
Hello everyone!!!

I have been lurking on the boards for weeks trying to gather info for our first trip to Universal. (Did the same for our first trip to WDW!) My head is spinning from all the information.

We are probably going to purchase the Orlando Flex Ticket from Undercover Tourist using my MouseSavers link. It is less than the cost of 2 days at Universal, 1 day at SW, and one day at Magic Kingdom, which was my initial plan and would give us 14 days access even though we would only use 6 (if we went on both travel days, which we probably won't).

This revised plan means we'll miss MK which is a little dissapointing since my girls are 8 and 5 and LOVE everything princess, but it's a better price with more flexibility, and we can do a short WDW trip in September using a AAA deal we just saw (if we want).

Question #1: On which location do we focus on hotel search? At the entrance to Universal, or more centrally located to all the parks on the Flex Ticket? I have looked at the Country Inn because my girls like the waffles there (for free!), but the trolley that you can catch doesn't go all the way into the park (problem if it rains, or we're there late) and the shuttle doesn't leave until 30 minutes after the park opens. (why???)

Question #2: Can anyone recommend an offsite hotel that is your "go to" choice? What are their shuttle times like for US and IOA? I would prefer something that is recently refurbished, has a free breakfast, and is around $100/night with parking included if such a hotel exists. :)

Question #3: If we stay offsite, I can get a better deal by booking through a non-Universal site, but we lose the Early Park Admission. Is that a big deal the 2nd week of May?

Question #4: Has anyone been to Aquatica? Any insight as to what it's like would be appreciated.

Question #5: Has anyone used the I-Ride Trolley? Thoughts...opinions???


03-11-2011, 09:34 AM
wow. not a single response.

Metro West
03-11-2011, 09:54 AM
I think I'll move this over to the Orlando Hotels and Attractions board.

Your questions aren't specific to Universal and you'll probably get more responses. :thumbsup2

03-11-2011, 03:14 PM
Try the Hypatt Place at US. I think t he doubletree that really close to US to. I would try go US board on disboards and post over there. They should be able to guide to where stay off site for US.