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We get in to Orlando at 11:30, then get a rental car and drive to Kennedy space center. We got free tickets from our congress person. How long should we plan to spend there? What are the must sees? I see some people only spend a couple hours, while other people spend the day. We have 2 dds who will be 7 and 10 and not really interested in space.

Then, where to stay that night. If we spend time at the space center, I am more apt to find someplace cheap. I have heard that La Quinta is great, but if we are not spending much time there, would rather not spend the money. ANy suggestions? We will still have the rental car--same price for 1 day as 2 so we don't need the shuttle.

THanks for any help~

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Not any help, but we will also be interested in going to the space center in October. Hope somebody responds! :)

May I ask, can anybody get free tickets to the space center from their congressperson?

01-17-2011, 10:41 AM
We did just that...We stayed at Country Inn and Suites at the port and felt it was very nice, the drive over to KSC is very short. I would recommend CI&S.

We could have spent longer at KSC if we were not so tired. Lots of things to see and for those of us that grew up in the "Space age" it was very fascinating.

Do the bus tour of the launch sites... That will take about 2 hours of your time. The Apollo area is great and really enjoyed this area. Then back at the main site, there are lots of buildings to go through and plus a couple of imax shows that are generally included in the prices. If you still have time, your admission also includes the Astronaut hall of fame, which is a short drive away, we did not have time for this.

The one downside of the whole experience at KSC is the food and how they manage the food lines. We spent too much time waiting in line for lunch, more that we spend inline for any other attraction.

01-17-2011, 10:52 AM
Heres my input: we went to the Space Center last August on our own, and are attempting to get tickets fromour congressman this August because we LOVED the Space Center. I believe the ticket was $42. for an adult and it gave you access to the shuttle that took you to i believe 4 or 5 places that you can not otherwise get to. We ended up running out of time and missed the last stop, so i HIGHLY recommmend you go on the bus tour first. AT the SPace Center itself is different movies, interactions and a rocket garden with a hige play area for kids, my DD6 loved it. We got off the ship took the hotel shuttle to our hotel Radisson (that we got from priceline for $77 a night which included transportation TO the port and FROM the port and FREE parking for our car while on the cruise) the shuttle dropped us right at our car, and immediately went to the space center, we left at 7 that night ONLY because it closed, we still had plenty to see. I am not a huge space person but still found it VERY interesting, especially if you do the movies and we had a info session with an astronaut and got our pic taken with him, stuff likethat and the bus trip is REALLY neat cause you can see the laundhing pads and its very informative on the way to the different places. We are hoping to get tickets free this year and will do the same thing, leave the port and go straight to the space center, the first thing we will do is go on the bus trip...WARING though, we ate dinner at the space center and after being on the cruise and not paying for meals, it was FRIGHTENING haha, its very expensive of course, but if you are there and you have to eat, well what can you do?? :confused3 Anyhow, i HIGHLY recommend going, especially if its free, i also highly recommend the Radisson, esp if you can get a great deal like we did, the hotel is nice and the pool area is amazing, if you wont have much "free" time at the hotel then i wouldnt worry too much about the radisson, we drove from va to fla last year so we had planned an extra day so we used the pool, if you dont have time to use the pool it could be dissapointing to SEE it haha. Anyhow, if anyone has any other questions, just PM me, sorry this is so long and its only MY 2 cents!!:cool1:

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Not any help, but we will also be interested in going to the space center in October. Hope somebody responds! :)

May I ask, can anybody get free tickets to the space center from their congressperson?

If you contact your local congressman they will try and get you tickets, mine has been awesome in responding, i have heard that some dont return emails very regularly but I get a response within a day. We are also trying to get tickets to see stuff in DC since we only live 2-3 hrs from there and they offer tickets to lots of attractions,

you need to contact your congress person 6 months in advance (thats what ours told us) so we will emai lher in Feb for our tickets to space center in August (after the cruise)...hope that helps:woohoo:

01-17-2011, 11:22 AM
OP here. We emailed our congress person about 6 months ahead, but didn't hear anything for awhile. Right after christmas, I emailed again and got a response that we got the tickets. We will not have all day. Probably 1-1:30 til close (6:00). So we just want to hit the highlights.

Thanks for the tip on priceline for the raddison. I will have to check in to that.

01-17-2011, 02:08 PM
Thanks for the tips about contacting your congressperson! Awesome!! :cool1:

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Places to stay....Country Inn and Suites, Renaissance Inn are near port and include breakfast. (good breakfast) Best Western Cocoa Beach also has decent breakfast, but is farther (a couple miles) to the port.

Quality Suites--basic breakfast free; hotel is nicer inside than out; STAFF was great.

01-17-2011, 02:37 PM
2 little princesses.....if you want to see the "best" part of Kennedy I would HIGHLY recommend you FIRST take the earliest bus trip and do that, its a few hours but it takes you the closest you can go to the launch pads and its very interesting. ALSO, we bought a refillable big rocket drink, and shared it and everytime you stop on the bus there is a little concession stand (or some stops have large ones with gift shops etc.) and can get your cup refilled (free), it was WAY worth it because its a few hours trip and this way you have a drink with you if its hot out...also in case anyone needs to know there are strollers at the stops to borrow while at that stop, my dd6 fell asleep so we took one to let her ride in until she woke up more, so its big enough for a regular sized 6 yr old..just an fyi~~ we hopefully will go again in August and will do the bus tour first thing~~ for those with little ones the HUGE play area int he rocket garden is tons of fun and shaded for kids to get some energy out.


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We are staying at the Radisson. We will be there in October and we found an AWESOME rate (friends and family discount promo code - I have the code if you'd like it, just PM me).

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We are staying at the Radisson. We will be there in October and we found an AWESOME rate (friends and family discount promo code - I have the code if you'd like it, just PM me).

Hi rachel looking for Radisson code can u help

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I did see that CI&S has the port shuttle and free parking also. Would this mean you would have to stay the night before and the night returning? We would only want the night prior. To those that have done this, is there a place for dinner nearby that we could all gather to or order food from? We are going to be 12-20 people who are going on a cruise together.