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01-16-2011, 03:06 PM
Hello...we just got our room assignment and we have a handicap room. We are not handicap so we are unsure about the room. Any advice?

01-16-2011, 03:11 PM
This has happened to us....
the only difference is that the bathrooms are bigger, doors are wider, handles in bathrooms, more room in the living area.
We did enjoy the room....

hopw this helps

Robin & Angel "D" :thumbsup2

01-16-2011, 03:20 PM
My DD and I were assigned to one; after looking at it, we were able to get it changed to a "regular" cabin (talked to Guest Services after boarding). A year or so later, I stayed in one while traveling with a friend who uses a wheelchair.

The one we were "assigned" was an oceanview room far forward on the Magic. Our biggest concern was that the room had no couch (although I'm having trouble picturing it now, our concern at GS was that DD and I wanted separate beds; they asked us to wait a few minutes, but said that if they couldn't move us, they could bring in a roll away bed.) You'll have only a single bath with a roll-in shower (no tub). There is no chair or sitting device at the desk, nor is there a drawer. It's designed to allow a wheelchair to roll up to the desk. The stuff that is normally in the drawer was on top of the desk. We were much happier that we were able to be moved to a cabin that another guest had obviously been able to upgrade from (we knew because their child and DD were both Stack age; we kept getting his Stack reminders in our fish).

The one we booked was a verandah cabin on the Wonder. This was a "have to" because my friend needs the HA facilities. While she was very pleased with the way DCL had done things, they were a bit of a pain if you didn't need them. The room was HUGE, as was the balcony. However, only the small ramp area constructed for the wheelchair was dry; the rest of the balcony got wet from washing the ship, dripping off of the deck above, etc. The drains in the shower/bathroom are well done so that the bathroom does stay dry when the shower is in use (a common problem with HA showers is a wet bathroom floor!) This stateroom did have a couch, and we had the large bed divided into twins. Again, the desk was HA.

While the size of the room was delightful, I'd prefer the increased storage, double bathroom, etc. of the "normal" cabin.