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01-15-2011, 03:07 PM
I am an overpacker.

Does anyone have a packing list that they could share? I hate to bring too much stuff. It is just for meas I am traveling solo for my "mom" vacation this year.


01-27-2011, 06:16 PM
Just saw this so I thought I would bump it since I am being to panic on the packing for this trip!! Hopefully someone will have some ideas. I need to pack for myself and DS (4).

01-27-2011, 06:20 PM
This is a list I copied a couple of years back...of course I crossed out what didn't work for us and added clothing...my idea..pack for the trip and take out 1/2...1st cruise took way too much! A dress/pants for dinners..shorts/tanks/swimsuit..toothbrush..I'm good...oh ya..sunscreen! Have fun!!

$1 or $ 2 bills (room service grat) Room service gratuities are not included in your cruise gratuities paid.; be sure to have lots for ports
Address Labels-Luggage Tags Pre-addressed labels with your name and address for disembarkation tags
Address Labels-Postcards Save time addressing postcards for family & friends
Air Freshner/Room Scent/Pillow scent
Anti-bacterial Wipes or Gel You may want to check the ship's CDC rating before departure.
Aspirin or other medicine
Backpack May come in handy off-ship
Batteries (camera batteries also)
Beach toys
Binoculars Do not leave home without these - you never know what you'll see from deck/verandah
Books If you think you'll have time to read
Bubblewrap For breakables purchased
Bungee cord/rope For connecting cabins
Business Cards
Button Hole Extenders
Cameras Digital, waterproof, and/or disposables. Buy waterproof before leaving - they're expensive on board!
Candy Bring your own for the shows or movies
Carry-on with wheels Easier if you board before staterooms open (around 1 p.m. on most ships)
CD player/CDs/iPod
Clothspins & clothesline You may be able to hang a clothesline on your verandah
Coffeemaker This is only if you are desperate for coffee all the time.
Cooler (soft-sided) To store sandwiches for shore excursions and airplane ride
Corkscrew If you bring on your own wine
Cutting knife For fruit you bring back to the room
Dishwash Detergent or Cloths
Dramamine Or get the patch from your doctor before the trip
Dry erase board To communicate with your family
Dryer Sheets Multiple uses
Duct tape (flat pack)
Duffle bag (spare) For space for your souvenirs and purchases
Earplugs In case you have noisy neighbors
Extension Cord or Power Strip There are few outlets in the cabin (possibly only one).
Eyewash and/or eyecup In case sand gets in the eyes
Fan - hand-held Be sure to have batteries that fit the fan
Fanny pack
Feminine needs
Film/Memory Card (spare)
Folder or Large Envelope Store the daily newsletters and other papers
Glow necklaces For Pirate Night
Hairdryer Cabin hairdryers are weak if you are particular about this.
Hamper - collapsable
Highlighters Have a different color for each family member
ID holder/dry box One for each family member - or at least kids
Insect Repellent packets Surprisingly necessary if going on some shore excursions.
Keep cool or "migraine ice" strips Cool down instantly
Laptop & cords Wireless internet access, daily journal, and to post quicker to boards (copy and paste daily reports)
Laundry Detergent (Disney)
Laxative, correctal/gentle
List of these tips
Luggage Bag Pack a foldable extra luggage bag for the souvenirs and laundry.
Magnetic door sign or photo holder Helps kids find their stateroom easily
Moisturizer/Lotion Be prepared for dry atmosphere.
Night Light Plug this in your cabin bathroom
Notebook/Journal, Pens Be sure to record all of your fabulous memories on a daily basis in a journal or on a laptop
Notebook/Memo Pad To organize your daily schedules
Over-the-door Shoe Holder Alternative: sweater holder with shelves and closet hooks
Papaya Enzyme Tablet or Beano Helps digest food that doesn't agree with you.
Pen - laundry pen For autographs
Permanent Marker (Sharpie)
Phone Cards (staff grats) Though cash is preferred, phone cards are nice ways to say thank you.
Pillowcases & colored Sharpies (Disney - for characters to sign)
Post-it Pad Good for leaving notes for one another or your cabin steward.
Quarters - a roll or two Especially if need to do laundry (Disney)
Reading Glasses
Safety Pins
Scrapbook/Autograph Book Save a page opposite the autograph for the photo
Sense of humor
Sewing Kit
Shaving Kit
Sippy Cups
Snorkeling Gear Including prescription goggles - many places do not have these available; also your vest may be better
Sports bottle/water bottle/mug
Stain Stick or Packet
Suction cups/hooks Use for hanging wet suits or on the porthole to hang lights
Sunglasses Don't forget these…the glare off the ocean can be strong.
Sunscreen/Sunscreen spray Spray for the scalp
Swiss Army knife Do not put this in your carry-on - must be in your checked luggage.
Thank You Cards You will receive tip envelopes but these will let you leave a special message if desired.
Tissues Stateroom tissues are thin
Tote Bag/Beach Bag/Day Bag
Trash bags For dirty laundry
Travel clock/alarm clock
Travel Iron, Steamer, or Wrinkle Spray Save on dry cleaning charges; Disney has laundry room with iron/iron board
Two-way Radios
Umbrella (Alaskan cruise)
Watch - recommend waterproof
Windex wipes To clean your verandah glass
Zip straps Use for luggage that's placed in the hallway on the last night
Ziploc Bags

01-27-2011, 06:23 PM
Another list I found...

To Pack or Not to Pack
Ziploc bags (for wet suits, keeping items dry, etc.)
Clothes pin or hair clip to keep window curtains shut in the morning.
Nightlight for bathroom…or just leave the door cracked.
Hi-lite marker for highlighting what you want to do on your Navigator.
A pillowcase or matte for the Disney characters to sign…leave this at guest service desk on first day. They will return to room.
Beach bag for Castaway Cay...put a few Ziplocs in there too…you might need them.
Return address labels to put on your postcards and luggage tags for the return.
Hang your swimsuits on the verandah chairs…they will dry quicker than in the room.
I hang my camera and a lanyard with the KTTW cards on the door knob as not to forget them when I leave. Some people bring magnetic hooks or suction cup hangars.
Batteries (extras for the camera or charger if you recharge)
Take the bath products home…they’ll remind you of being there! And they are SPA!
Autograph album for daughter or just wait for the pillowcase/frame and just take photos….that’s what I did…it was easier than worrying about the album.
Sunscreen…of course…and if your daughter gets cornrows..spray between braids

01-27-2011, 06:29 PM
Sunscreen, bathing suit. What else do you need;) I don't know how long of a cruise you are taking or where you are going. That will play into it.

Generally speaking, I take half the number of shorts and skirts(I like to dress up for dinner) as long as the cruise. 7 day cruise I take 4 pairs. I can always rewear those items provided I am not to messy. I shirt for each day(either a t-shirt or dressy). One bathing suit cover up. One nightie and plenty of undergarments. I take 1 pair of flip flops and 1 pair of dressy shoes. Lots of sunscreen cause I'm white and will burn if I think about going out in the sun:scared1::laughing:

For kids: I'll bring a few more shorts and causual items because they are more messy, at least my kids are. They do live in thier bathing suits on the boat.

Hope it helps:thumbsup2

01-27-2011, 06:37 PM
Here's a link to a packing list that has been around a while. It's dated (list has film and Walkmans on it) Just tweak it for your own use.:thumbsup2


He has a cold one as well

01-27-2011, 06:40 PM
I sailed both trans-Atlantics last year, and I look at those lists and laugh. First, you have to be able to fly home.

MANY of the things on the lists are available free on the ship from Guest Services. For example, single doses of aspirin, acetomenophen, etc. are available, as are bandaids. Bonine is free outside the medical center.

My suggestion--think about your clothing. I plan on doing laundry once; thus plan casual clothing for a week. I still bring too much. Thing about how you can minimize your formal wear--plan to wear the same dress twice or bring black skirt or pants and a couple dressy tops. Shoes are a pain. Can you wear black sandals with your formal wear?

Then think about what you use every day--cosmetics, personal care items, etc. I'm honestly not bring my normal complement of Castaaway stuff (snorkel gear, etc). I won't need ziplocks for swimsuits as they won't be wet at the end. The snorkel stuff just takes too much space for this trip.

I understand--I always take too much! DO toss in a jacket or sweater!

01-27-2011, 06:58 PM
Thanks for all the great ideas. We will be doing laundry at least once during the 14 days and I will be encouraging my DS not to spill on his dinner clothing so he can wear it again:rotfl2:
Need to try and keep the shoe packing to a minimum!

01-27-2011, 07:10 PM
If anyone like to use spread sheets ... I list the day, what we are doing, and recomended evening attire. I list possible outfits on the side column(s). Then I start filling in what I think I will wear. When it is on the screen in front of me I can see what outfits will take the least shoes and other accessories. I also wear some outfits to dinner and then in the day time later. This will not work with all personalities.