View Full Version : Power Snorkling on Excursions?

01-15-2011, 10:01 AM
This question I am posing for my aunt, so pardon me if I don't know all the scuba lingo. :rotfl:

We are leaving in 34 days :banana: on the Dream. It's just a girl's trip, 8 of us total. One of my aunts was asking if there were excursions where she could power snorkel. She also has her own equipment (she and my uncle have done this quite a bit) and she was wondering if it would be Nassau or Castaway Cay that she could do that. I looked on the Excursions on the DCL website this morning and couldn't get a good idea if that was available. I can also call DCL and talk to them, but I though I would start with the experts first. :worship:

Thanks, everyone!