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01-14-2011, 10:01 PM
What experience do others have with shore excursions that you would like to do that show as booked on-line? Have they ever opened up on-line? Have you been able to book them once you got on board? Any/all insight would be appreciated. Thanks

01-16-2011, 10:19 AM

01-16-2011, 10:37 AM
Keep checking daily, since sometimes more times open up and people cancel. Especially as you get closer to the cancellation date (3 days before the cruise). If no luck that way, when you board go right to the port adventures desk and ask there and get on the waitlist or pick something else.

Another thing to consider is seeing if you can book it through on your own through a vendor.

01-16-2011, 02:34 PM
Thanks for your thoughts ... I was kind of thinking along the same lines. We hadn't encountered ever this before and appreciate your insight.