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01-14-2011, 06:53 PM
Call me stupid, but I can't figure this out. :laughing: I booked our first DCL cruise few days ago through TA and made deposit. I got my reservation number with which I can see my reservation online. I wanted to make final payment today and now i'm stuck. Can you pay whats left to pay for your cruise online or you need to call DCL? If you can pay online where in the world I can find that? Does it take few days to show up after making reservation? Is it just their page messing up...I'm lost.....:confused::confused::confused:

01-14-2011, 06:59 PM
If you booked with a TA, you need to make your final payment through the TA. You won't be able to do it online or by calling DCL directly, the TA has to submit it to DCL for you.

01-14-2011, 07:05 PM
Oh ok....now I will stop worry and wait till Monday...Thanks!