View Full Version : Touring plan/game plan for seeing HP?

01-14-2011, 07:27 AM
Can anyone suggest the best time to visit? We will be there Easter week and I checked out the Express Pass info. It looks like Monday or Friday will see fewer crowds but not by much.

Should we go to Harry Potter first or is that what the crowds do? The last time we went we did Seuss Landing first and had every character and ride to ourselves. However, our main reason for going back this year is to see Harry Potter so I want to time it right.

What about buying Express Pass for my husband and sons? Does that give us any advantage or are we just put in a line with all the hotel guests?


Metro West
01-14-2011, 07:32 AM
Express Plus passes do not work on Forbidden but you would be able to ride Dragon Challenge and Flight of the Hippogriff through the Express line. There is only one Express line so you would be it with hotel guests as well as others who purchased the EP.

Since you're going during a busy time, purchasing EPs would be to your advantage since all of the other attractions will be busy. I would wait until you arrive to see what the lines are like before spending the money.

I think you should try to get into WWoHP as early as possible since it will be a madhouse that week.

01-14-2011, 09:41 PM
I would do the math first on the express passes. The price for the express passes changes depending on which day you're purchasing it for. Here are links to the 1 park per day express pass pricing calendars:

Universal Studios: https://secure.universalstudios.com/webstore/shop/ViewItems.aspx?CG=UO&C=UUEP

IoA: https://secure.universalstudios.com/webstore/shop/ViewItems.aspx?CG=UO&C=IUEP

And remember that those passes only give you express line access once per attraction.

You can buy an unlimited express pass + ticket as well. Here's the pricing for those tickets:


I would compare how much extra you're paying for the express passes for everyone each day, then add that to what you're paying for your hotel room daily. If it's more than what it costs to get a room at Universal, I would suggest booking yourselves a room there, which will give you the unlimited express pass privileges.

Also good to note is that one night at a Universal resort gives you TWO days of express pass privileges. If you get there early in the morning on your check-in day, your room might not be ready, but they will give you your passes and store your luggage. (When your room is available, they will bring your luggage there for you.)

I know this is complicated, but something worth thinking about!