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01-13-2011, 12:48 PM
Can anyone offer some feedback regarding their experiences with Disney manicures & pedicures? Initially I was planning to take my girls somewhere off property for this. I had a manicure at the Beach Club about two years ago and it was the worst manicure I've ever had - sloppy polish, started chipping almost immediately, etc. It also cost three times what I pay at home for a GREAT manicure.

But I don't know, lately going somewhere on property sounds a little more magical and, to be honest, easier to coordinate. Has anyone had a good experience they can share? Is there somewhere I should steer clear of? Would somewhere like the Grand Floridian spa do a better job than the Beach Club did? Also, I've searched the Disney site but can't find anywhere that lists prices for a manicure/pedicure. Does anyone have this information??

I thought about just doing OPI Axxium here with the girls before we fly down, but I just did a trial run a few weeks ago and I kind of hated it.

TIA for any help!

01-13-2011, 08:05 PM
This July my MOH and I went to the GF Spa. I knew it was more expensive, but to be on property was a blessing as my DF at the time had the car and we could get to the GF through Disney Transportation.
I'm trying to remember the price - it was about $100 each for the mani/pedi plus tip. It was a long appointment and you get all the leg and hand massages and the girl did a good job. It wasn't anything spectacular and the girl was from Columbia but she was very difficult to understand, so we didn't chat too much.
The GF Spa split up my MOH and I into different rooms. I would ask if you can have back to back appointments so that at least one of your girls can be in the room with you as they are all single rooms. I had just pictured a row of pedicure chairs like most salons but I guess the GF is trying to be fancy with private rooms, but then you lose the fun of being with your girls :sad2:
They gave me the nail polish bottle so if a nail chipped I could fix it, but none of them did. I decided on having a colour as opposed to the french manicure as I had a black nail from pinching it in a door a month before the wedding, so I thought it would stand out too much with the french manicure.
Hope this helps :goodvibes

01-13-2011, 08:47 PM
i've only been to the GF salon/spa and that was 4 years ago. let me just say this, i was not impressed. at all. and the mani/pedi area was seriously like it was the combo laundry room area and small. mind you, i think they upgraded that part and i've read some very positve reviews. i had a pedicure and it was very bad. and reallllly over priced. that said, location location location does matter!

if i were to go on property, i would check out the spa at the swolphin (mandara?), i've heard the most good things about that one.

i finally decided that i am getting some version of the gel/shellac manicure before i leave and hope it lasts for 6 days! :scared1:

what didn't you like about the product you tried?

01-13-2011, 09:20 PM
I've not used the on site spas myself but the price lists can be found at http://www.relaxedyet.com. I've heard good things about the spa at Saratoga Springs, I think it might be one of those hidden gems that gets overlooked because of it's location. But as I've not tried it out myself I wouldn't like to say for sure.

01-14-2011, 12:25 PM
I had mine at the mandara spa and they were great, the 3 of us could also have our nails done together. I dont have costs as my bridesmaid paid for it all as part of a gift from my friends.

My nails lasted for over 10 days.

01-15-2011, 12:25 PM
I was looking into Disney Spa's but I found the Woodhouse and im so glad that I went there. I just had a mani and it was a total of $50 each. I don't know what "good prices are" as I don't usually have it done. But the girls we had were awesome, and I was able to chat with my sisters as they were in rooms next to me but the sliders were open. The nails lasted long and only started to chip because I was playing with it.

01-17-2011, 04:24 PM
Thanks everyone! After reading your replies I am thinking of booking the Manara at the Dolphin. I never even thought of the Swan & Dolphin hotels, but this would be so much easier for our group transportation wise, than the Grand Floridian. (I'm staying at the Beach Club. and some of the girls are staying at the BoardWalk, so I could have everyone meet me outside the BoardWalk and we could walk over.)

The only thing that kind of puts me off is I called them a few days ago and asked about a group discount - the girl I spoke with transferred me to someone's voicemail - and I left a message but haven't received a call back. So we'll see!

My issue with the OPI Axxium is that my nails got WRECKED when it came off, and I hate that thin, peely feeling. Another thing I wasn't crazy about is they made my nails feel thick, a bit like acrylics. I will say one thing though - if you can get past these issues, go for it, because these things WILL NOT CHIP. You'll be removing them due to growth, not chipping. I never had a single chip in 3 weeks and I'm hard on my nails. (The growth is another problem for me, because my nails grow really fast and I don't want to waste time on my honeymoon getting them removed, which I will want to do as soon as I can see growth.)