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01-12-2011, 08:17 PM
Hey everyone! I'm having a dilemma, and I need some help! My wedding colors are dark blue and gold, so my BMs will all be wearing gold jewelry. Here's my issue: I don't know if I should wear silver or gold jewelry. If I wear silver, will that look silly with my girls wearing gold? Will gold even look good with my dress? (pic is below)

Also, I'll be wearing a tiara, so if I wear gold jewelry, should my tiara be gold, or will it look ok if I have a silver one? I prefer my tiara to have all rhinestones and no "metal" showing through if you know what I mean.

Here's my dress:
It's ivory, but the lighting here makes it look darker than it really is. And the dress is at FMIL's house, so I can't get over there right now to look at the beading. But from my memory I don't think it's silver OR gold, it's like, somewhere in between! :confused3

Any advice is appreciated!

01-12-2011, 09:03 PM
I definitely don't think it will look silly if you wear silver jewelry and they wear gold—in fact, it might make you stand out that much more. However, I wonder if gold jewelry would go better with the yellow in the ivory of your gown than silver would.

I do think that it will look nicer if the metal of your tiara matches the metal of the rest of your jewelry, but if you fall in love with a silver tiara, go for silver jewelry and don't worry about the shade of your dress! It really is all about you that day, and you're going to look gorgeous either way. :goodvibes

01-12-2011, 09:05 PM
really its just going to come down to what you like! first off, you look fantastic in your beautiful dress! the color lends itself to gold, which you say is one of your colors and what the BMs are wearing? i LOVE gold jewelry, so i personally would do gold. but, what color is your engagement ring and wedding band? of course you can mix, but if it is white gold or platinum, then you having a different color jewelry is in noway weird because a) YOU are the only one in a white dress and b) i think as long as you carry it through in your other pices, well, you're golden!!


Team Gold!

01-12-2011, 09:52 PM
I think silver or gold jewelry would look gorgeous with your dress! It's beautiful! It's all about what you like. I say do some searching and find what you like and go with it :)

Personally, I would match my jewelry to my tiara. Whether it be gold or silver. And I don't think it would look silly if you wore silver and everyone else wore gold :)

01-13-2011, 01:22 PM
Thank you all soooooooooooo much! You're all so sweet. :lovestruc Right now I'm thinking I will go with all gold. We'll see, I keep changing my mind about everything! :upsidedow

02-11-2011, 02:37 PM
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