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09-13-2002, 02:13 PM
Me - Age 38, mom
DH - Age 38, Navy man
DS1 - Age 9
DS2 -Age 7


This was our Animal Kingdom day. We took the bus from the Contemporary and got there before they opened.

We headed directly to the Kiliminjari Safari. We didn't have a wait and we saw a good number of animals. Elephants, giraffes, zebra, ostriches, hippos, gazzelles, etc.

We had no lines at Animal Kingdom for anything except Primeval Whirl, which was only 15 minutes but we still got a Fast Pass because we are now spoiled. With the park only open 9-5, we had to be a bit more commando here in order to see it all, but we ended up seeing all attractions and shows in Animal Kingdom except the bird show and the jungle trek.

On Kali River Rapids, I didn't get wet, so we turned around and got back on. I shouldn't have tempted my fate! I got totally soaked--front and back! It is nice that on this ride they have that little compartment to put your stuff. I was worried about my camera.

We ate a late lunch at Pizzafari, which was a good place to be during the parade. We ate out on the patio and the boys went up to the curb for the parade. We all liked this parade a lot, I think we liked it more than the Share A Dream parade.

We took in the last show of Festival of the Lion King. Great show. DS2 was invited to go dance with the show by a Zebra, but he was scared to death and wouldn't go. But they liked the show a lot.

When out of the show, the park was closed. We did get to see a couple of characters on the way out - Timon, Rafiki, Goofy....

Now we had to decide what to do with the rest of our day. Both DS's wanted to go to EPCOT because they wanted to go back to Innoventions West (or was that East? I don't know!). I wanted to go back to MGM Studios, to play Who Wants To Be A Millinaire.

So we decided to just go separate ways. My bus to MGM came first, so off I went. When I arrived at MGM, there was a WWTBAM showing in 3 minutes, so I hightailed it over there and got it. Once again, I never even got on the top ten board even though I got all the questions right.

After I got out of there, the final show of WWTBAM was going to start again in about 15 minutes. At this point, I couldn't resist my addiction and so I went in again. What happenned there next is probably the most frustrating point of my trip!

I blew it on the Fastest finger question, but after that, the questions that they were asking were all ones that I knew. I saw my seat number, 421, up on the board in eighth place! Yippee. Then the person in the hot seat blew a question about what meteor shower was in November and I had taken my boys out to watch that meteor shower, so I knew it was Leniod. Now I was up to 2nd place! But by this time, they were up to the third player in the hot seat, so I knew they wouldn't put another player in the game. The guy in the hot seat missed a question about which kind of pasta is named for the italian word for Quills. Answer:PENNE! I knew that! and I knew it fast. He didn't know it and answered wrong. BONG! That sound means we are out of time, let's see how you did on the top ten board.

Number 1: SEAT 421!


So after 4 times playing the game, I had reached the #1 spot. Well, I knew my dh wouldn't believe me and so I asked my seatmate, who had been rooting for me, if she would sign my scedule to say that I had been in the number 1 spot, and she did. But alas, it was the last show of the last day of my vacation, so I would never get to experience the hot seat or get my 1000 point hat (which was really what I wanted to get.)

Time to head back over to Epcot to meet the others. My luck was holding out, as I got practically the only standing room left on the bus that was there just as I walked out of the park. Made it to EPCOT in record time. Called DH on the Cell Phone and met at TEST TRACK. We walked onto Test Track but halfway through, it started going really slow through the turns. Then it stopped. We spent about 10 minutes waiting for it to go again, and finally it did. This turned out to be our last ride and it was kind of disappointing that part of it wasn't working right.

Now, since this was our LAST chance to see ILLUMINATIONS and the previous two times, we had less than ideal spots, we decided to just stop and stake out a spot. We had a wonderful view this time, no one was lost and so, it was just a wonderful ending to my three park marathon day.

We arrived at our hotel just in time for the Electrical Water Pageant to pass by the Contemporary. This time, we saw the whole thing and we all really liked this. It was a very nice ending to our vacation.


09-13-2002, 02:36 PM

Sorry your WWTBAM attempts didn;t work out until the last one! How frustrating! I think I was lucky because the theater was only half-full. I didn't have an entire audience to compete with! It really was neat to see your seat number up on the board though wasn't it?

The question I missed was about conversions with bushels and pecks. I "asked a complete stranger." It turned out to be an eight year old boy! He had about as much of a clue as I did, so I went with his guess. It was as good as mine! Well, we were wrong! Oh well, it was fun anyway!

I sure wish they took pictures in the hot seat! It would be neat to have proof, wouldn't it?!

09-13-2002, 02:41 PM
So, how many bushels are in a peck?


09-13-2002, 02:49 PM
The question was: "How many total gallons are in a bushel and a peck?"

The choices were:

A. 6
B. 8
C. 11
D. 14

The eight year old and I guessed B. 8 and the correct answer was C. 11.

09-13-2002, 02:51 PM
Well, that IS a TOUGH one!


09-20-2002, 12:52 PM
Sounds like a great 3 park day! Sorry about WWTBAM tho:(

I've never tried it. Maybe this next trip!

Thanks for your report!

Credit Man
09-20-2002, 02:17 PM
Enjoyed your report. Thanks for posting.