View Full Version : gift bags and VD

01-05-2011, 09:39 PM
bet i got your attention, RIGHT?!?! :lmao:

just like how it took me a long time to think of STDs as Save The Dates and not..... welll....:eek:

all you crafty people have probably already thought of this, but, in looking for stuff for our gift bags this weekend, i saw all the valentines day candy! so, if you are have an event within the next few months, well there is TONS of heart shaped goodies out there!

i bought some hershey kisses and we thought boxes of the candy message hearts are perfect - and those are frequently on sale between now and march even! and you KNOW those candy hearts were already made like 3 years ago, so it isn't like they will be "bad" - even if you are getting married next october!! :)

just a thought!:banana: