View Full Version : Upgrade to DXDP in 2011?

01-02-2011, 12:28 PM
We've been lucky the past few years by getting the reg DP free with the bounceback offer, and upgrading to DXDP. We're big eaters and usually go to WDW annually, so its been a no-brainer. This year, $ is tighter and the "free" DP is costing more in 2011 (have to pay to upgrade to reg DP and buy 2 day tickets when we may get APs). We don't mind counter service, especially since the free dining was offered for so much of 2011, places should be less crowded in Sept. Dilemma is that DP is not enough food, so we'd pay OOP for all breakfasts, refillable mugs, and possibly HDD. I'm guesstimating that we'll pay about 435 OOP (HDD 2nd tier+Cape May brkfast+mugs+9 CS bkfasts @20), over 10 nights for DH,DD8 and me. If I'm calculating correctly, it would be 760 (plus tax/tips) to upgrade to DXDP. Thats a difference of 325+tips to upgrade instead of paying OOP. Am I calculating correctly? Most of our credits would be used on buffet dinners (Ohana, CP, H&V FDP, Akerhaus, CM, Boma), so no benefit of appetizers there. DD8 is still good with pizza and nuggets, so no benefit there. At an extra 325, I'd probably still seriously consider upgrading, as we'd do all TS and use leftover snack credits to take home fudge. Am I missing something mathwise? DD8 is very distracting now, so its a big possibility!

01-10-2011, 03:36 PM
I think you are looking at it right. No doubt that free dining is the single best "sale" out there. Its a discount of ~$130/day for you. Upgrading to deluxe though is steep, especially for a 10 day trip. The tipping point is the counter service meals. If you are not sure you would want to sit down for three meals a day (or two if one is a signature), then you'd be better off paying OOP for the difference.

We like to do a few signature meals on our trip, but upgrading is way to pricey. We just pay the freight for those three or four signature meals and it ends up still being cheaper than upgrading to deluxe by a lot.

01-10-2011, 04:57 PM
Are you figuring in the tax on the breakfasts? The dining plans include tax.

Also, would the loss of the second snack credit effect you? Buying sodas or water for our family of 5 can easily be $15, or we can use snack credits. I prefer snack credits. :goodvibes

01-11-2011, 10:47 PM
With the DXDP you get an appetizer and dessert with TS. If I were paying OOP at a TS, I wouldn't get dessert and probably wouldn't get an app. That's an added value, all things considered.