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The players –
Carol (41, British) – dangerously Disney obsessed.
Roland (36, German) – puts up with me somehow.

I wrote a WDW trip report called Mickey & US – if you missed it you might have trouble with some of the references!

27 August 2002

Part 8

I admit it, I have a problem with German `castles´. As a Brit, the word castle conjures up something along the lines of Edinburgh Castle – a dark foreboding fortress, full of the ghosts of knights of old. Most German castles aren’t like that. They are some great ones around – there’s the wonderful Neuschwanstein and the Rhine’s lined with impressive ruins – but on the whole, German `castles´ are just large residences.
Europa Park’s castle is one of those – but at least it’s genuine! The whole park is built in a real castle’s grounds and the castle itself is now a restaurant – Cindy’s it ain’t but judging by the menu, the food’s a touch more gourmet.
The area round the castle was one of our favourite bits. We’d been impressed by the floral displays and landscaping all day but the Zaubergarten (Magical Garden) was just lovely. All sorts of plants and flowers were arranged around little pathways, resulting in a riot of colour. Each pot or plot had a large sign in it with info on the plants and tips for anyone interested. We particularly liked a large wheelbarrow with an imaginative display of herbs – I just wish I'd taken more time to find out which one was the one they said was 40 times sweeter than sugar but contained no calories. Didn’t seem important on my birthday…
And then we were back at the beginning! We’d done our full circle, seen almost everything we'd wanted to (if you don’t count the shows) and still had two and a half hours to go – great! Time for a little meandering now.
Back into Germany first. We thought we’d walk down one side, ride the monorail round in a circle and then do the other side. So we did!
The first shop was full of specialities from the Black Forest (especially the ham), not really what we were interested in so we just glanced through the door. The next shop was just like being in Downtown Disney – merchandising, merchandising, merchandising. I found a sweatshirt I liked but it wasn’t long enough (I like certain bits of me to be completely concealed) and when I saw the price I was quite pleased I didn’t like it. 50 Euros is a lot of money to pay for a sweatshirt when the mouse isn’t even Mickey!
Which brings me round to the mouse in the title (it only took me till part 8!). EP’s mascot is also a mouse – I can’t think who’s brilliant idea that was as I'm sure that part of the reason why he’s the ugliest mouse on the planet was that they’re trying to keep him from looking anything like Mickey. We’re talking grey fur, buck teeth and over large ears. And no dress style at all. Anyone as old as me might remember Topo Gigigio (or then again, they might not!). If you do remember him, EP’s mouse was his ugly younger brother. EP mouse's friends were a jumbo and a cockerel – slightly more attractive but still not very appealing. The characters greets had non-existent queues and none of them needed a minder CM. But we didn’t catch the piece de resistance until we came out of the shops – EP mouse's girlfriend. She was even uglier than him! (I'm sorry if this sounds b****y but she WAS!). She was him in a frock but her neck was massive – Frankenstein eat your heart out! I swear it was as wide as her shoulders. People were gawping at her – I think you’d have to be a very thick-skinned CM to wear that costume.
Monorail next. Getting up the steps was interesting: they were covered in bandsmen looking bored. Strange.
If you’ve read M & US – no, I didn’t throw a strop. No point. Although the driver had a whole carriage to himself, nobody was allowed in there. Shame. The carriages were very small, no standing room at all. The funniest thing was that when they stopped, everyone on the platform would rush to get in the carriages and then stare in disbelief when they were full. There were never any CMs on the platforms and we felt very sorry for the driver as he had to get out at every station and look to make sure everyone was in safely before he could close the doors and set off. But there was always someone rushing along the platform so he would wait till they got on, then someone else would come… You get the picture. Not an easy job!
We had a nice view from the monorail, not as nice as the one from the Chocoland Express, but the monorail covered more ground. We were surprised how close to the hotel rooms we went. There was a man on a balcony smoking a cigarette – we could have shaken hands, we were so close. I definitely wouldn’t want to stay on that side of the hotels. I tried peering through the curtains but to no avail so I still don’t know what the rooms look like.
When we got off the monorail the bandsmen had disappeared but the mice were on a pedestal with a TV camera. We found the bandsmen – they were round the corner, blocking the entrance to Italy. They now looked even more bored and most were chain smoking. Very strange.
There was two rides in Germany and France I still wanted to do (note the lack of Roland in there), the Elves Ride and the Marionettes Boat Ride: we found the latter first. Roland breathed a huge sigh of relief – I changed my mind. It sounded on paper (or computer screen) just like Small World but it wasn't. The boats went past large glass cabinets with clowns and pierrots and things – it looked very cheesy. Unfortunately for Roland, his luck didn’t hold for the Elves Ride but he bore it manfully. This one had elves and fairies sitting in trees and in clumps of grass. The best thing was that they’d taped littlies giggling and then played it back as if it were the elves – a brilliant idea! I defy anyone to ride and not join in!
We’d got the munchies again now – must have been all of an hour since we’d last eaten something. Roland fancied waffles, so waffles it was! Except that I had a vanilla doughnut. I'm not a big doughnut fan but Nancy and I had been talking about them at length and it had put me in the mood for one. We ignored the exorbitant cost (worse than the water!), it was my birthday… There was just one snag – the doughnuts had a brown stripe across them. Could it be that they’d been dredged with the dreaded cinnamon? (Guess what I don’t like) That was a good question so we asked it. Remember how I said EP was close to France? Lot of French people working there. And the ones in the waffle stand didn’t speak German!!! I think that’s silly, putting only non-German speakers in a retail unit, in a theme park in Germany. Luckily the chef understood the word cinnamon and could say the word cocoa. So I got my doughnut.
We walked back through France, taking lots of photos as we went. I tried twice more to get a picture of the bistro. More people standing drinking outside the first time (!) but success the second time. Good job too, it was my last chance!
Then we walked back round the back way to Switzerland – I knew where to hold my breathe this time! The line for the Bobsleigh was 25 mins – oh goody! We did it again, it only took 15 mins and it was even better second time round!
We walked round the outside of Poseidon in Greece next. You can walk next to large parts of the track, giving you some great views of people getting drenched. And there’s an area in the middle where you can stand called Poseidon’s Shower – it catches the splashes from both sides so you get absolutely soaked to the skin if you stand there. Surprisingly enough, all the drowned rats were teenagers. Must be something in the hormones.
It was beginning to get dark now and time was moving on. We decided we’d do Austria and then probably call it a day. There were two rides in Austria we hadn’t done – the Tyrolean White Water Ride and the Alpine Express/BTM. Roland surprised me (read shocked here!) by seriously considering the water ride. But he decided yes, you really did get wet. I don’t know why he thought you wouldn’t with a name like that…
The train queue was 15 mins but we were at the front in 10. Just in time to witness a near punch up. I'll try and explain why. The main problem was that the train didn’t start and stop in the same places and it certainly didn’t stop with the seats parallel to the queues. So when the train before ours stopped, the large man in the next queue found himself without a carriage to step into. He was just getting nasty with the two girls he reckoned had pinched his seat when the CM caught what was happening and sent the train on its merry way. Phew, crisis avoided! The man now had a very determined look on his face so I prayed he wasn’t going to try throwing me out of his way in order to get a seat. But the train stopped perfectly this time and we all got on – thank heavens for that!
The seats were a lot smaller than BTM – they were miniscule! If we didn’t breathe, Roland and I just about squished into one seat and we’re not that big! But being squished turned out to be perfect – the train whizzed twice round the track, up and down, in and out of the diamond mines it hurtled and I loved it! What I don’t like about BTM is being thrown about and there was none of that with this train, there wasn’t room – I'd have gone on again if Roland had agreed but he was getting tired now so home it was.
We had one last treat before we left – we saw the best characters I've ever seen anywhere, any time. They were standing under a tree, one on stilts, two on foot. They looked just like they’d stepped out of the pages of Lord of the Rings – sorry Mickey, I think I've lost my heart to the trolls!
By the time we walked through the gate it was twenty past seven and we’d been in the park for nine and a half hours. We’d done a lot, but there was still a lot to be done and quite a bit to redo. As we looked up at the screamers on the Silver Star and shook our heads again in disbelief, we made a unanimous decision. We’re going back next spring!

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Originally posted by Poohshoney

EP mouse's friends were a jumbo and a cockerel

My last question (aren't you relieved LOL) what are these (an elephant & a dog?!?!)

I loved your reports & am looking forward to more next year!

I so wish you could post pictures (of at least you & Roland)!

Thanks ever so much for sharing with us;)

09-12-2002, 10:28 AM
:( It's over already? I have been enjoying your report so much! It seems like your birthday trip was great fun. A family friend of ours just returned from Germany where he was an exchange student for a year. After the school year, he traveled all around Germany and Europe for three weeks. I'll have to ask him if he went to this park. Thanks so much for this report :) ! I really loved reading it (and your Mickey & Us too). You have a great knack for story-telling! Thanks again and I hope there is a new trip report for us to read soon ;) !

09-12-2002, 10:45 AM
Yepod, I promise you, I shall miss your questions!
Almost got it - it's an elephant and a rooster - we don't say rooster. That's mentioned in that book I recommended! I think it's better if you don't know what we look like. Think of how disappointing it is when they film books - the characters NEVER look like they should! If it helps, I'm smallish, roundish, with piggy little green eyes and brown/grey frizzy/curly hair. Roland's divine! Tall, dark blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and cheekbones I'd kill for. I can guarantee his description would be completely different!
Vald 1977 you made me laugh with `It's over already?´ I reckon eight parts for a one day trip has to be a new record! I hope your friend had a nice time here - Germany has such a lot to offer, so much to see and do. Strangely enough, I've lived in more bits of it than Roland has!
Thankyou both for your kind comments, it makes it all worthwhile!

09-12-2002, 11:25 AM
Originally posted by Poohshoney
I think it's better if you don't know what we look like. Think of how disappointing it is when they film books - the characters NEVER look like they should! If it helps, I'm smallish, roundish, with piggy little green eyes and brown/grey frizzy/curly hair. Roland's divine! Tall, dark blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and cheekbones I'd kill for. I can guarantee his description would be completely different!

Carol, You are too modest :)
You and Roland are both cuties!!
(I have some pictures to prove it ;))

09-12-2002, 11:42 AM
Enjoyed the reports again, I'll look for a new report in the spring! Thanks again for sharing with us! Oh, yeah, we might be sisters seperated at birth! Except for the eyes, it sounds like we look alike! :p

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Hi Nancy! I thought you said you'd got new glasses?

Hi Jennifer - I'll be thinking of you - don't forget the report!

:wave: :wave: :wave:

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Originally posted by Poohshoney
Hi Nancy! I thought you said you'd got new glasses?
:wave: :wave: :wave:

Oh hohoho...don't start with me missy, or I will find a way to post your picture ;)

09-13-2002, 09:19 AM
Carol, I bought the book, but haven't read it yet!

And Meriweather, if you have a way of getting the images digital (scanner) let me know, I can post via imagestation for free:eek: :eek: ;)

And by the way, Meriweather, have YOU been seen on the DIS?:eek: :eek: ;)

After being plastered all over the community board at least 4 times now myself at DIS meets, I WANT PICTURES:jester:

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Well, the ultimate decision for posting a picture of Carol, is up to her (since the pictures I have are ones she sent me).

I think she should get the one of her, Mickey (of Mickey and Me fame), Roland and "big" Mickey up for everyone to see.

Okay...now I got to go looking for your picture yepod LOL.....

09-13-2002, 11:02 AM
Nancy, I'll give you a hint. I went to Chicago in June, Columbus in July, Battle Creek in August & Kalamazoo in September!

I'm one of those DIS meet addicts LOL

Or you can wait till after tommorrow when I go to Novi, or next month back to Chicago!

My only chance at a WA meet is when we visit my mom (spring time) in the Seattle area!

Sorry Carol, this is what's known as hijacking a thread LOL

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LOL....Carol said YES!!
So tell me where to send a picture and it will be done!! :D

I could be DIS meet addicted....but there are none close to me ....how sad.