View Full Version : Do you still get a Refillable Mug with the dining plan??

12-28-2010, 08:42 PM
Do you still receive the refillable mug with the regular dining plan for 2011? I know we received one before, a few years ago when we were on the dining plan, but didn't notice it listed under the package details. My guess is no?

12-28-2010, 08:43 PM
We've never gotten one with the regular dining plan, only the quick service plan.

12-28-2010, 08:58 PM
No mug with the DDP (reg. dining plan). The mug does come with the Quick Service plan and the Deluxe plan.

12-28-2010, 09:11 PM
Sorry, I am totally wrong. I just dug mine out and the date is on it - 2007 and now I remember we weren't on the dining plan that year and just purchased them. Thanks again.

TDC Nala
12-29-2010, 01:42 PM
Yep - mugs have never been included with what is now the regular or basic dining plan, even prior to 2008 when it was the only dining plan offered.